As public schools double down on keeping parents misinformed and in the dark when students start to “socially transition” to a different sex, many teachers are starting to stand up for the integrity of their profession and are refusing to be bullied into lying.

In at least 10 states, laws have been passed preventing public schools from forcing teachers, counselors and administrators into deceiving parents about what is happening with their children.

In Kansas recently, a state actually not included in one of those 10 states with strong parental rights laws on this issue, Fort Riley Middle School officials agreed to pay $95,000 in damages and attorneys’ fees for violating a math teacher’s First Amendment rights when they reprimanded and suspended her for addressing a student by the student’s legal and enrolled name and forced her to conceal the student’s social transition from the student’s parents.

Here in Alaska, it’s time for public school teachers to push back against the absurd and unconstitutional policies that require them to lie to parents.  Alaska Family Council has received firsthand evidence that public schools are pushing this kind of nonsense on teachers who want to remain transparent and honest with the mothers and fathers of the kids they are entrusted to care for.

If you’re a public school teacher, or have a family member or friend who is, and you’re in an environment where you’re being asked to compromise on what is right and true and good…we want to help.

Although at this time, Alaska Family Council does not have in-house legal counsel, we work very closely with an array of public interest law firms across the country including Alliance Defending Freedom as well as with an ever growing list of allied Alaskan attorneys who believe strongly in defending the free speech rights of teachers and the rights of parents to direct their children’s education.

Certainly, this is not an easy decision for a public school teacher to make but it is the right decision. Government-funded schools are possible only through the taxes that are provided by hard working citizens. Ultimately it comes down to public trust, even though, in the area of public education, that has been severely tarnished.

Teachers standing up for the rights of parents to be informed and engaged on such a weighty issue as gender dysphoria are providing an encouraging boost in confidence for those of us who have had great cause for concern of late in this arena.

It’s time for public school teachers to stand up with integrity, boldness and clarity. Right here in Alaska. Please share this far and wide. Let’s create a stir.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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It’s time for Alaska teachers to fight against policies that force them to lie to parents

Jim Minnery
A lifelong Alaskan, Jim Minnery has served as the executive director of Alaska Family Council since its inception in 2006.


  • DaveMaxwell says:

    The irony goes on! Jim let’s have a real conversation about courage and the willingness to risk your well being on behalf of someone else, shall we ?. Remember Chloe cole , your invited guest for your fundraiser? She was a tragedy who heroically spoke to Alaska about public servant mutilators! Did you see dunleavy take advantage of her Jim? I know your aware of what he did ! Pretending to be a leader on her behalf while paying for other children to be mutilated ! Did you risk your reputation confronting dunleavy for his low life act?
    Your credibility has a Biden relative smell to it!
    I suggest you respond to explain yourself before you go on and implore others to risk their livelihoods and reputations!

  • Neil DeWitt says:

    If we know the school district is doing this WHY hasn’t someone stepped up and stopped it? Where is our Attorney General? Where is our elected leaders? Where’s the governor? It’s sounds like it’s past due time to stop this nonsense and get yo teaching our kids what they really need in life to survive. LGBTQ+ isn’t teaching them anything that’s needed. It’s a life style for people that needed mental help. How about we give these kids the help they need and not keep forcing your ways on them?

  • John J Otness says:

    We are either of satan or of GOD…. TRUTH OR LIES… These truly are the days the Saints prayed would come. Wheat from chaff…

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Sorry Neil the attorney general is busy purchasing the inlet hotel in anchorage for his portfolio. And the governor is on another European trip selling his carbon credit crap while our stolen pittance pfd comes out. As far as the elected officials are concerned, that 38% raise they gave themselves is being spent sipping wine dulling their conscience in the Galápagos Islands. Aren’t these throw away kids anyway? If there not our actions as a society sure says different!

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Dave, is Dunleavy really on a trip in Europe to talk carbon credits? The fact that he even allowed this crap to happen is maddening. Other countries are now speaking out against ESG and going green and the United States are pushing forward with ESG and going green. The people who are awake can see the lies. Even though we speak out that we know the truth about the depopulation agenda and how ESG, going green and carbon credits plays into the depopulation agenda, our governor continues to push forward with the agenda.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Berlin look for yourself

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Gov. Dunleavy in Berlin to speak at heavy-hitter conference with David Rubenstein, Kim Kardashian

  • Sis says:

    I have never been asked to lie to anyone, ever. I work with students in credit recovery who are courageously putting their life back together because they are traumatized by their life circumstances, not the school district. There are times when we have to protect kids from the atrocities they go home to. If you really want to tackle the “problem,” direct your attention to the real problem. Schools are not the “big problem,” and no amount of criticizing politicians or school districts will fix it. It’s your platform and I realize you need to make a buck, and I respect that, but our young people need parents who parent. If you can find a way to help heal the wounds in the families, things would be better for kids all the way around. I hate to break it to you, but school is often their safe place – even though you seem to believe that the ENTIRE teaching force is brainwashing them. We do a lot of great work with a lot of love and compassion, often thankless. Christ said to love people, especially the children – and that’s what I do. I love them no matter how they present themselves to me because I super doubt He will ever ask me, who did you hate for me? Anyhow, that’s my two-cents…

    • DaveMaxwell says:

      The safe space with the comfort of gender queer!
      Shut this system down!

      • Tom Sheffield says:

        If the system was shut down, there would be way more people coming out as genderqueer or at least in support of it. Dave, just understand that nothing is going to stop people from being themselves. I truly am sorry that you feel so threatened by someone not reaching your expectations

      • DaveMaxwell says:

        Not threatened Tom , you go right ahead and let your hair down and become your real self. Sodom and Gomorrah had lots of people like you! Really Tom you sound like a good fit!

  • SA says:

    Please provide us with the evidence you claim to have about “schools doubling down” and “teachers being forced to lie to parents.” What schools? Are they in Alaska? Which teachers? Which school districts? What is the actual extent of the “problem” of trans children asking schools to keep secrets from their parents?

    • Disappointed, again says:

      I completely agree! Not every child has a picture perfect Christian family to go home to. Schools are not the problem, schools are the safe place for some! God wants us to love, not hate. The Watchman has a platform, I agree, but extreme isn’t really the way to go. Please, please respect teachers & educators!

      • FreedomAK says:

        Teachers and educators? You obviously missed the class on redundancy. Respect is earned. Not demanded except by tyrants. There are terrible parents in every walk of life. But that does not mean our children are government property or that educators have carte blanc permission to instill their biases, political agendas or values in our kids. Just stop and get back to teaching the basics. That’ll earn some respect.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        The only “extreme” “people” on this topic board are Disappointed, again; SA; and Sis. I know exactly what you guys are doing with the words. You are told to push out certain words to build the narrative against the humanity-loving people. You all have been given talking points to push and, I have to say, you guys make your masters’ proud with your persistence I am sure. In the end, what you pushed will not matter because God Almighty has a plan that nothing can change.

      • DaveMaxwell says:

        And the answer is: school systems that provide potato salad and a series of lessons discovering the possibilities that between my legs there’s been a mistake!
        No actually between your ears there’s been a mistake!

  • TrevorPhelps says:

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