Many more Alaska children may soon be able to walk into a school-based health center (SBHC) and receive a litany of medical services and counseling related to sexual relationships, abortion, gender identity, vaccines, mental health and a host of other sensitive issues with little to no parental involvement.

The State of Alaska is prepared to spend an initial $1 million to set the ground game for a massive expansion of these centers in schools across the state. In October, a division of Alaska’s health department – Section of Women’s, Children, and Family Health – issued a formal request for bids from national health organizations that specialize in providing state support for establishing, maintaining, and expanding school-based health centers. A contract is expected to be announced within days.


Controversy surrounding SBHC stems from the fact that the school centers are enthusiastically supported by far-leftist organizations like Planned Parenthood and others who see school sites as a way to advance pro-abortion, contraception and gender identity services with little to no parental involvement.

Despite controversies surrounding school-based clinics, federal and state governments are unleashing millions to implement them.

Plans to grow these centers nationally come at a time when public schools are encouraging LGBTQ identities and increasingly enabling kids to access services for sexual confusion and abortion behind their parents’ backs.

A recent article in LifeSiteNews highlighted the work of Stand for Health Freedom (SHF), a nonprofit that alerts parents to the dangers of school-based health centers.

Executive director of SHF Leah Wilson told LifeSiteNews that the scope of the centers is well beyond what you would find at a traditional school nurse’s office.

“It goes into reproductive counseling, dental care, mental health counseling, behavioral services,” Wilson said. This effectively replaces care that a child would “typically receive from a primary care provider with parental engagement.”


Wilson added that school health centers use a basic, one-page “pre-consent” form that parents sign at the beginning of the school year. This essentially grants permission for a child to see any and all health care providers in the health center, and opens the door for “dynamic encounters” that may occur without additional parental notice, she said.

Despite controversies surrounding school-based clinics, federal and state governments are unleashing millions to implement them. In addition to Alaska’s plan to spend public funds on the project, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently forked over $25 million in grants specifically to establish SBHC throughout the country.

According to the Alaska Health Department’s contract, the successful bidder to implement school-based health centers must be fully trained in SBHC’s “seven core competencies“, which were developed by School Based Health Alliance – the primary organization pushing for these centers across the nation. The nonprofit claims to advance and inform more than 2,500 school-based health care programs across a network of 22 state affiliates and partner organizations.

The group’s seven core competencies include a heavy emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion ideology, aimed at providing so-called “comprehensive services,” including those that address sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as vision, oral, emotional and behavioral health.

If students become pregnant, SBHA’s website adds that the school health centers should provide counseling that includes the “full range of options: continuation of pregnancy, adoption, and elective termination [abortion].”

While the competencies assert that school health centers should obtain consent from parents via a form letter, the organization provides specific training on how educators and school staff can prevent parents from accessing key information, such as their child’s sexual identity or the personal pronouns the school uses to address their children during the academic day.

School Based Health Alliance’s website is clear that the centers should be “advocates for sexual and reproductive health policies that include gender roles, sexual identity, sexual orientation and various forms of sexual behavior.” It also aims to empower school counselors to advise students on these sensitive matters. The organization underlines the importance of providing discrete and confidential sexual and reproductive care for kids, which may entail offering transportation and financial resources.

In the event that students become pregnant, School Based Health Alliance’s website adds that the school health centers should provide counseling that includes the “full range of options: continuation of pregnancy, adoption, and elective termination [abortion].”

In order for school health centers to deliver what it considers “high quality” sexual health services, SBHA’s website states they should ensure minors receive confidential information and guaranteed “the ultimate decision-making authority regarding the selection of a particular contraceptive method.”

In addition to providing health services, the centers are also geared to operate as training sites to enlist youth in becoming spokespersons and activists, SBHA maintains.

While the school health centers may not be able to offer all services, such as surgical abortions and gender reassignment surgeries, SBHA does instruct them to provide outside referrals for “coverage beyond clinical capacity – including oral, reproductive, behavioral, and specialty healthcare.”


Once the Alaska Health Department has spent the initial $1 million to implement school health centers, the state plans to lobby the Alaska Legislature for ongoing funding to maintain and grow the centers.

The first phase, however, is to onboard a contractor who will conduct training and planning for the implementation and expansion of school-based health services to existing and potentially new centers in schools across Alaska.  Contractors will also evaluate and train staff for these centers, while advocating and seeking additional funding and political support to expand them. This includes reaching out to individual school districts and schools in targeted areas of the state.


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State plan to expand woke school health centers threatens Alaska parental rights

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Is there any questions left about your governor and his evil intentions!???! He is part of the cabal and needs to be prosecuted!

    • Elizabeth Henry says:

      This is legislature. I doubt it has made it to the Governor yet. You can thank the RINO’s warming seats and supporting the leftists though.

      • DaveMaxwell says:

        I do not see the onboarding process in the legislative purview. After the 1 million is spent yes . This needs to be stopped before the onboarding process begins and I believe dunleavy and his ag could do that!
        But just just like Dr Ryan Cole asked “ where is dunleavy right now “? We’re all wondering that same thing???

  • John. J Otness says:

    The tall deceiver was purchased a long time ago down at the crossroads….

  • Tamra Nygaard says:

    Why in hell, literally, would you allow your child to obtain sexual health care at a school? Kids aren’t supposed to be having sex, let alone obsessing about it. If you must send your children to public school, make sure everyone knows that is seriously out of bounds and will result in a lawsuit.

    • DaveMaxwell says:

      Agreed wholeheartedly! Which is why I am demanding Treg Taylor be involved in this immediately! Wake the hell up dunleavy!

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Mat-Su Borough, don’t forget that local elections are going on using a paper ballot system. Early voting is still going on. Give an elder a ride to go vote if needed. Vote conservative. Election Day is November 7th! Get out and vote because your life and our childrens’ lives do count on our votes!
    School Assembly seats up for election: Vote for Kathy McCollum and Ole Larson to keep our library reading material age-appropriate and to have solid representation on all other matters. Assembly district 6: vote for conservative Dmitri Fonov to work hard for our freedoms.

  • Jon and Ruth Ewig says:

    Jon was wondering why this move does not violate the Civll Rights Act which prevents a long list of protected groups including religious discrimination against Christian children. Doesn’t abortion, gender ideology and other ant-igod trash being pushed violate this act which “protects” Christians. Any lawyers out there that can or may have already looked at the possibility of a class action suit nationwide or one statewide? Greater legal minds than ours should be looking into the violations against Christians. Why doesn’t an injunction block this?
    Our prayers are with Matsu in this upcoming election!!! Fairbanks still has the machines that can adjust the algorithms during elections. The machines were put in by Lt. Gov. Mallott and have not been removed. We suspect money was paid to Mallott to accept the machines for Alaska. The election director Lt. Gov. and attorney general should be pressured to remove the machines.
    Reporting from Wisconsin, a judge was elected and it was determined that the amount she won by was done by algorithms because the win was over the top as far as spending and it was allotted in small amounts which had variations in ID. and checks. The Election integrity team in Wisconsin determined that money donated was dishonestly accumulated but the elderly etc. donors were not aware that their name was being used in many, many donations they knew nothing about. The investigation continues….

    • DaveMaxwell says:

      We have an attorney general, a Lt governor ( choice of dunleavy) and the dunce commander himself! Nothing being done is specially because of the dunce! If all eyes were placed on him for his non actions, I would bet things would change , let’s see what happens!

  • Me says:

    Would you rather have your kid contract a serious STI and then die or be hospitalized because you created an environment that made them afraid to tell you? Seems like it

  • John J Otness says:

    AHHH…. the fruition of the AIDS virus that was used as a carrying agent to fool the guards at the brain barrier in the MRNA was just confirmed as rise in AIDS has occurred in Alaska… How sweet turbo cancers myocarditis and AIDS…. The Dunleavy Zinc duo really did their master well…

  • jon says:

    There are some things parents shouldn’t know. Schools should have “woke” health centers.

  • Penny C Johnson says:

    My husband and I are completely against the implementation and development of SBHC in Alaska’s schools. This is just another avenue for the Woke Left to separate parents from children, usurp parental health care provisions for their children and wrest control of all the issues that go along with parenting FROM THE RIGHTFUL DECIDERS: Parents. This state has NO money to support the inevitable mission creep, much less for education (with poor results). Stop the insanity!