For months now, U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) has objected to the illegal military practice of paying service members for abortion-related travel.  Unfortunately, Alaska U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan, who has always been glad to straddle both sides of the abortion issue, is essentially supporting the military’s abortion funding program by resisting Tuberville’s efforts to end the practice.

Abortion funding is prohibited at the federal level and in all branches of the military, meaning military hospitals are specifically prohibited from killing service members’ babies.  If a service member wants to kill her unborn child, she must do so with her own money, and at an abortion business off base.

Military Travel Reimbursements

If you are not familiar with how the military works, service members are not reimbursed for personal travel.  The military doesn’t reimburse for regular leave, convalescent leave, family emergencies, or even for a death in the family.

Likewise, the military does not reimburse travel expenses for any legitimate medical treatments that are not provided/covered by the military’s health plan.  With all that in mind, in a purely logical sense, the military should not be reimbursing members for abortion travel.  In a moral sense, paying for abortion-related travel is essentially the same thing as paying for abortions – especially in light of the other far more legitimate and far less murderous things the military does not pay for.

Here in Alaska, a service member would simply leave JBER and drive to Planned Parenthood in Anchorage, Fairbanks, or Juneau.  In either city, the cost to kill her baby is, let’s say, $1,000 and a weekend at home.

But let’s say she’s stationed in Kodiak, and she chooses Seattle for her abortion destination.  The abortionist’s fees are the same, $1,000 – but now she must pay an additional $2,323 for flights, hotel – and then there’s hotel or restaurant food.  Remember, the only reason she’s incurring any of these expenses is because they’re part of killing her unborn baby.

Since the cost of travel must be included in the cost of obtaining the abortion – killing her unborn baby, then the abortion costs $3,232.

If we take this to a more drastic circumstance, what if a pregnant mother is a member of the Air Force stationed in the Middle East, for example.  Planned Parenthood does not have any abortion facilities for hundreds or even thousands of miles.

Or what about a member of the U.S. Navy serving aboard a ship patrolling the Pacific Ocean?  Pregnant mothers do not serve on ship; they are transferred shoreside.  The pressure to kill her baby in order to preserve her career could be unbearable for some.

Sullivan is now attacking Tuberville for employing the objection tool as a way to pressure the military into ending its illegal abortion funding.

In either of those two more “extreme” examples, what percentage of the total abortion cost is the military now picking up?  How much does it cost to fly home from the middle of the Pacific Ocean or from one of our bases in Saudia Arabia?

When it’s all said and done, who paid for the murder of the service member’s baby?  Her?  Or the military – the taxpayer – you?

Remember, the only reason the military is paying the $2,323 travel expenses is so that the service member can kill her baby.

To fund the abortion-related travel is to fund the abortion itself. The military is enabling and assisting service members to kill their babies, and when the government pays for abortions, more babies die.

Sen. Tuberville’s strategy

The military wants to continue paying service members to kill their babies, and they also want to advance the careers of the high-ranking officers – some of whom – make those decisions regarding abortion funding.

Sen. Tuberville has been fighting to end the illegal practice of the military’s funding of abortion travel for much of 2023. His tool involves mounting a simple procedural objection that effectively blocks wholesale approval of high-level military promotions, all of which must be approved by Congress.

Senators like Sullivan – and ultimately pro-abortion Senate President Chuck Schumer have effectively made Tuberville the most powerful man in the Senate by using the process of avoiding votes on each individual promotion by calling for Unanimous Consent of entire groups of officers – which can be blocked by a single senator’s objection.  Learn more HERE.

Sullivan is now attacking Tuberville for employing the objection tool as a way to pressure the military into ending its illegal abortion funding.

Pro-abortion Schumer could bring this all to an end by requiring a vote on every promotion.  But doing so in light of Tuberville’s stand would essentially make every vote a decision pitting abortion funding against military promotions.

Sullivan, who has been riding both sides of the abortion debate for years, has lined up with pro-abortion Democrats to do Schumer’s dirty work.

By resisting Sen. Tuberville’s efforts, Sen. Sullivan is effectively helping the military attain both of its goals – illegal abortion funding and promotion of the high-ranking officers – some of whom support the pro-abortion policy.

This is incredibly simple: the military should not even have an opinion on the issue.  National defense is their concern.  The military should be focused on warfighting not culture wars.

Moreover, Schumer, a Democrat, doesn’t care about the military, but he loves abortion.

So, if there is a small minority of pro-life Republicans standing for babies against a large majority of “pro-choice” Republicans advancing any other agenda, Schumer is more than happy to give that “pro-choice” Republican gang every opportunity to undermine the right to life for any other issue or cause.

Sullivan, who has been riding both sides of the abortion debate for years, has lined up with pro-abortion Democrats to do Schumer’s dirty work.

Taking his cues from Schumer, Sullivan and his gang waged a four-and-a-half-hour war on Tuberville’s stand for babies by trotting another 61 promotions onto the Senate floor for votes on November 1st.

For every Unanimous Consent call by Sullivan and gang, Tuberville simply responded with, “I object.”

Sullivan recently doubled down on his commitment to military promotions – without ending abortion funding – by blaming the looming downfall of America on Tuberville’s principled objection. He called Tuberville’s blockade a “national security suicide mission.”  Sullivan went on to say that “China is smiling” as we are “putting holds on war heroes.”

In the meantime, Schumer and Sullivan are working behind the scenes to force votes or change the rules that would bypass Tuberville’s blockade.

Tuberville’s efforts have not been unfruitful. They have succeeded in forcing Senate President Schumer to allow votes on several top Pentagon officials.

Alaska Right to Life has opposed Sullivan’s election(s) precisely because he repeatedly fails to stand up for the unborn, while claiming to be pro-life.

More Alaskans are starting to see through his false pro-life stance, but without a solid check on Sullivan by the Alaska Republican Party, we will increasingly see his votes and his behaviors mirror those of pro-abortion Senator Lisa Murkowski.


— Click here to sign the petition to Senator Sullivan.

— Join the Students For Life Action Mobilization Monday, Nov. 13, at Sen. Sullivan’s two Alaska offices from 4-5:30 p.m. The Anchorage office is located at 510 L Street, Suite 750. The Fairbanks office is located at the Federal Building (101 12th Ave, Suite 328).

The views expressed here are those of the author.

OPINION: It’s time for Alaskans to protest Sen. Sullivan’s failure to protect the unborn


  • John J. Otness says:

    The oathbreaking Marine first votes for the communist sec of interior.that. began her destruction on our state thanks to dan now this amongst so many other harmful things
    done to our Republic….. We know Dominion votes for us in this state…. Healing begins in a VOTE that is not endorsed by Stalins.
    Who counts the vote…..

    • Brother in Christ says:

      Remember my brother that through christ all mighty we can beat this, on Election Day I pray loudly in the booth so that all may hear me and that those demonic dominion machines can’t change my vote. I encourage other young men to do the same. You have to say “the power of Christ compels you evil machine” only then can we beat those communist Stalin feminists

  • John J Otness says:

    The eyes are the windows of the soul and to look at Sullivans weak eyes tells the whole story . He is a defeated purchased politician.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Yup time for the boot! Murkowski is a dinosaur. Slithering reptile! Both are hopeless! Dunceleavy has a inkless red pen! Hopeless again! Let the babies die , be happy and eat bugs!

    • Brother in Christ says:

      Dave take refuge in the lord and his word even though infants may die sometimes it is all in his plan “the day of the Lord is coming — a cruel day, with wrath and fierce anger. . . . I will put an end to the arrogance of the haughty. . . . Their infants will be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses will be looted and their wives violated.” (Isaiah 13:9–16 NIV)”

      • DaveMaxwell says:

        Bic I do! For you I would say expand your understanding of scripture. Jeremiah 7, 8, 9 clearly express Gods heart and gives people clear directions towards justice and righteousness! Playing pacifist may accomplish temporary “peace” but it is doubtful it achieves meeting Gods expectations!

  • Steve P Peterson says:

    For Sullivan the answer for everything is “blowin’ in the wind” (political wind that is). If it is anything threatening to abortion or the homo agenda, he won’t touch it with a ten foot pole. He will, however, gladly vote for any of Biden’s cabinet picks, no matter how egregious or anti-Alaska they may be.
    I always wonder what kind of dirt the FBI or CIA has on these people, or could invent, that keeps them toeing the line as political eunuchs. They promise much and deliver little.

  • Tom J says:

    Thank you Senator Sullivan for your common sense and correct approach. This is not a pro-life issue, but rather one of military readiness and treating our men and women in the military with respect. I disagree with this opinion and am disappointed to see it appear on Veterans Day (thank you for your service by the way).

  • Pro choice says:

    women are speaking thru the voting booth. we will not give up our rights to terminate pregnancies. abortion is health care.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Abortion is an act of destroying Our Heavenly Father’s precious children and his judgement day will not be stopped. Those who keep pushing the narrative that abortion is healthcare are only lying to themselves. You are lying to yourself through ignorance or because you are doing the will of your master the serpent.

    • Anon says:

      Well p.c unless you are on the low end of the single digit IQ, you would know that there are preventative measures that can be used to avoid pregency. Why would you not use them , or insist your mate use them ?

      • Dave Mattison says:

        Haha oops “Pregnancy” the speaker option failed

      • Anon says:

        Gee I wonder why someone who was raped wouldn’t use preventative measures ? It’s almost as if most unwanted pregnancies are a result of someone forcing themselves onto someone else. Like we hear so often of priests with children.

    • Coliseum in the Snow says:

      It’s insulting to women to imply that we will not be successful in this life unless we render ourselves sterile or kill our children. Insisting upon this lie leads us to another: that men who put on make up and/or don a dress and/or have their private parts cut off should be considered women.

      In the end, insisting upon “abortion rights” serves only to eradicate unborn children, as well as our appreciation for womanhood itself.

      We are made to show forth God’s goodness, and we dim that ray of hope and light in the world when we follow the devil’s lies into the darkness of sterility and bloodshed.

      • Brother in Christ says:

        That’s right coliseum, there is nothing more sacred then child birth. As the bible says a women’s sole purpose in this life is to carry a mans seed and through him bring glory to God. You’re right it simply is insulting that women are not having more children and instead more and more pretending that they are like men and focusing on ungodly things like a career and not serving their husbands.

    • Douglas says:

      Interesting “choice” of terms…why is it so hard for EVERY abortion supporter to say what it truly is….murder. As a separate human being located tmeporarily within its mother, an unborn child (fetus = Latin word that means “the bearing, bringing forth, or hatching of young)/ also meaning “little one”) is entitled to life and the pursuit of happiness, period! By the way, when did HEALTH and CARE EVER involve the killing/ murdering of life?

  • Akdale says:

    lost my vote years ago. establishment paid for Washington insider. but, Alaska will keep voting in the likes of him, Murky, Peltola. the voter turn out shows the real issue. people dont care. well not caring will get you Biden, Pelosi, Murky, Peltola. im more angry at the non voting conservatives than any politician.

  • Mary says:

    Abortion is “health care,?”. Exactly whose health care. Certainly not the innocent and helpless baby’s.

    • Brother in Christ says:

      Satan’s healthcare, with every abortion Satan gains a soul that other wise could of gone into being a baptised Christian soldier fighting against his evil wickedness. It’s a shame that more people don’t wake up and see the light. The horrors being put on those young innocent babies is unspeakable. I saw on YouTube that in one case they even shoved a young baby back inside the mother so they could preform an abortion. This evil simply needs to stop !!!

  • Mary Rapp says:

    Sullivan criticizes Senator Tommy Tuberville, and accuses him of hurting our military by preventing officer appointments and promotions. What Sullivan leaves out is the fact that all Tuberville is doing is preventing MASS confirmation of military appointees. That’s it. He is not preventing the regular order of holding votes on each nominee. Tuberville is not affecting the military’s readiness or capability either since all vacant posts are filled by officers serving in on “acting” capacity. The present ruling party just prefers mass confirmation so they can slide in those who will do their bidding. Tuberville’s big sin is his campaign to end DOD’s policy of using taxpayer dollars to accommodate service member’s abortions. It’s just that simple, and Sullivan is a coward.

  • Jen says:

    This extremism as well as its politically unrealistic knowing Alaska could end up replacing Sullivan with a calculating cold hearted democrat. This extremism is politically too early for Alaskans when they don’t even know God’s Word what it says about life. When Conservative voters been increasing the conservative prolife voters when there are more Alaskans following God’s Word and when more Alaskans are staunchly prolife THEN the crowd can turn up the heat up on Leaders whom played the moderate field.

    • Lucinda says:

      Geez Jen. The only time I connect with you is when I chug three quality IPAs after work, settle in with an indica blunt, make a vegetable stir fry and listen to Yes! or CSN. At that point, I totally hear you feel you.

  • Douglas says:

    As I’ve watched Sullivan “serve” his past 2 terms, his shifting positions in step with the winds of the progressive mob shine more clearly now. Disappointing to say the least…think it is time for change right?

  • Lucinda says:

    Douglass and Rapp. You are not patriots, not citizens. You’re closed minded bigots with two camps in your worldview: Christian anti abortion in every restricted way and the rest of the devils and demons that seek to harm you and everyone on this planet.

    Yours is the poison of religion. Religion poisons everything.

    • Douglas says:

      Lucinda, I cannot stop laughing at your repeated discriminatory garbage that permeates here and over many of the articles on this site. I do not follow “religion” for that is a construct of mankind, not God. do some research before you engage in ad hominem attacks. More importantly, in such a dysfunctional state after “chugging 3 IPAs” and smoking mind altering drugs, you should just stop writing because you make little sense at best, and rarely state any facts in your responses (just angry barks from an angry person). There is NO valid argument for murder of an innocent unborn child, period. Sad is your angry, militant, chaotic worldview.

      • Lucinda says:

        Douglas. As an atheist, do-gooder liberal, I am expected to be 1000% pro choice. I’m also a big fan of reason and science.

        The abortion issue rests entirety on when, in the gestation process, the cells are considered human with all the attendant rights. If two cells are considered human with rights the same as you and me, it follows that eliminating the cells is murder. If it’s murder, all existing American laws related to murder should apply. So LOGICALLY, if a family decides to end the pregnancy, they can be convicted.

        If the cell mass only becomes a human after a certain point, then we have created a line between not murder and murder. Of course this begs the question: how do we define that point?

    • Douglas says:

      Huh, the last time I read history…our history…Patriots fought for life, individual freedom from tyranny. As well, citizenship is very much central to protecting life and liberty and defending those who cannot be defended, such as an unborn child whose mother wants to murder him/her.

  • Richard Eide says:

    My patience with Sullivan is exhausted. He’s compromised. Time to select a new conservative who can stand on his own two feet!

  • Molly o Brian says:

    Not a single person can call themselves “pro-life” right now, if they are not calling their congress members and doing everything they can for a ceasefire in Palestine. Premature babies are on the brink of dying if they don’t get electricity. In addition to the over 5,000 babies and children already massacred. If you claim to be “pro-life” and anti-abortion, the best thing you can do is support the dignity and right to human life of everyone.

    • Douglas says:

      Molly, in the midst of your interest in a cease fire, why are you not also demanding HAMAS to throw down its arms and surrender the hostages, allow the Palestinians they hold as human shields and have been killing for their own causes to evacuate safely, and be removed from any and all control of GAZA and the WEST BANK? Also, where are you getting your stats from…HAMAS medical interior ministry (the one falsely reporting so many deaths and events, to include the hospital missile attack by Israel that was proven false even by Al Jazeera)? War is hell, period. Israel is allowing evacuations and has been before they entered GAZA….BUT HAMAS WILL NOT LET THEM EVACUATE AND EVEN BLOCKAGE THEM FROM LEAVING! Blame HAMAS!