Rep. Kevin McCabe (R-Big Lake)

A 17-month-old ethics complaint filed by State Rep. Kevin McCabe (R-Big Lake) against political rival Rep. David Eastman (R-Wasilla) and former Rep. Christopher Kurka was promptly dismissed by the Alaska Legislature’s Ethics Committee on Nov. 29.

The committee held a nearly two-hour meeting in Juneau to determine the legitimacy of the complaint.

Normally a confidential matter to protect the accused, Eastman and Kurka waived confidentiality in order to let the public to see the details of the complaint, minus the name of the complainant, who wished to remain anonymous to the public.

While the Ethics Committee’s documents blacked out McCabe’s name, the Watchman obtained an unredacted copy of the complaint that clearly shows McCabe was the complainant.

McCabe’s complaint asserts that Alaska Right to Life Director Pat Martin may have improperly used state resources during a visit to the State Capitol on 4/14/22 and 4/15/22 – with the “stated intent to distribute signed petitions to the legislature.” McCabe also alleged that Martin “used the offices of two different legislators as his ‘base of operations,’” spending “more than half a day” in Kurka’s office, and “almost a full day in Representative Eastman’s office.” Additionally, the complaint alleges that Martin spent at least part of a day “visiting other offices to lobby legislators and intimidate staffers.”

State Rep. David Eastman

The assertion of intimidation failed to include any concrete details or specific instances, but does state that “no other lobbyist would be allowed to do this and certainly no activist such as Martin.”

The complaint also states that “it is unknown if [Martin] was allowed to use computers or telephones” while visiting the offices of Eastman and Kurka, and concludes by suggesting that letting Martin use state offices “as his base of operating in the Capitol building is a misuse of State resources.”

Martin kicked off the Nov. 29 public testimony portion of the meeting by immediately accusing McCabe as being the author of the complaint and explaining that McCabe has a history of publicly criticizing his work as Director of Alaska Right to Life and his role with Alaska Gun Rights – both organization which have very publicly and repeatedly decried McCabe for certain stances he has taken on abortion policy and gun rights.

Following Martin’s comments, the Ethics Committee paused public comment to remind everyone that the name of the complainant was still confidential because he had not waived his anonymity. That didn’t stop testifiers from repeatedly calling out McCabe for launching a “frivolous witch hunt” aimed at two fellow Republican lawmakers who frequently do not see eye to eye with him.

Pat Martin 1 e1571987074197
Pat Martin

When contacted via phone and asked whether he was the complainant, McCabe said he couldn’t comment “one way or another.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to,” he said on Nov. 29. “It’s that I can’t. It would be a violation of ethics for me to do so. That’s very clear in our ethics manuals.”

When informed that he could waive his confidentiality, if he was the complainant, McCabe responded: “If it was me, I might have, yeah, but I don’t know much about that.”

During the public hearing, Martin criticized McCabe for attempting to punish Eastman and Kurka because of circumstances surrounding his visit to the State Capitol, which he said is a fundamental right of all citizens.

The fact that a citizen would travel to Juneau to petition representatives regarding certain issues “is not uncommon,” Martin emphasized to the committee. “This is how interest groups work and this is part of the political process.”

He also decried the actual contents of McCabe’s complaint, saying he employed conjecture and hearsay while offering no specific allegations of wrongdoing (see a full copy of the complaint here).

Martin added that McCabe wasn’t even in the building that day.

Furthermore, Martin said he only had one day, not two, to accomplish his goal of meeting with legislators and providing them with signed petitions from pro-life constituents.

After Martin’s opening testimony, another 16 people testified in support of Eastman and Kurka, asking the Ethics Committee to dismiss the vaguely worded complaint, which many characterized as “weaponizing” the committee for political gain.

Mark Chryson, past chairman of the Alaska Independence Party, said the entire hearing was a waste of time, and part of a concerted effort to publicly malign legislators without cause. Like other testifiers, he said the person who filed the complaint should be investigated and sanctioned accordingly.

Several other testifiers said they rely on people like Martin to bring their concerns to legislators in Juneau, a city which is only accessible by plane or boat. Suggesting that Martin’s activities were somehow inappropriate is an affront to all citizens who wish to communicate with elected representatives, they argued.

“It’s completely unjustified,” said Ninilchik resident Waynette Colman. “I believe we have every right to approach our representatives.”

After a brief executive session, the Ethics Committee simply dismissed the case. While the committee did not indicate it was going to take further actions, according to Alaska Statute, a person “commits the crime of false accusation if the person knowingly or intentionally initiates a false complaint with the Select Committee on Legislative Ethics.” This is a Class A misdemeanor crime.

The thrust of the complaint is complaining about protected constitutional activity.

Alaska attorney and former U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller was on the conference call for the meeting, representing both Eastman and Kurka.

He said the complaint was entirely unsubstantiated and failed to identify “any direct action” that is a violation of law or ethics.

Miller noted that state law provides specific carve outs for the very type of activities Martin engaged in while in the Capitol. In particular, legislators are not prohibited from using their offices for “non-legislative purposes if the use does not interfere with the performance of public duties and if there is no cost to the state for the use of the space and equipment, other than utility costs and minimal wear and tear, or the legislator promptly reimburses the state for the cost.”

Former Alaska State Rep. Christopher Kurka

Miller said the complaint – if validated – could serve to undermine citizens’ willingness to petition their government without fear of overstepping ill-defined parameters on time and access to their representatives.

Kurka, who left the Legislature in 2022 to run for governor, told the committee that he was “shocked” by the complaint, and said it undermined his duty to engage constituents. He added that Martin was only in his office for two hours and said the idea that he had to place constituents on some sort of time limit was “ludicrous.”

“The thrust of the complaint is complaining about protected constitutional activity,” he said. “What am I supposed to do? Kick him out to the curb and have our meeting on the legislative steps?”

Eastman echoed these concerns, noting that he was tied up with official meetings for five hours the day Martin showed up at the Capitol, but that Martin – like all constituents – has a guaranteed right to petition his government.

“These are not small things,” he said. “They have an impact.”

The final result of the complaint was an almost immediate dismissal after less than ten minutes of deliberation.

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Rep. McCabe’s ethics complaint dismissed against Rep. Eastman and former Rep. Kurka

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Diana H Graf says:

    Thank you for the full report on this especially the names. Anyone or anything against Eastman I am interested in. He is a good man who has been
    continually harassed. Hopefully this public display will help win the battle against Eastman.

    • Doc Joe C says:

      I have watched Eastman for more than a decade. He is what is known as a helicopter politician, moving around a state and running in races until he wins one. I was really angry when his unethical smear job took out Seekins in a Fairbanks race. Then he moved to the valley and I thought good riddance. Now here he is again, creating hate and discontent. He and Kurka, who is in the process of becoming a helicopter himself, were the ones that cost us all the full PFD at the end of the 22 session, No one else. That all falls on them. That budget also had their signature language which would have prevented state abortion funding. Yet they voted against it. Not so sure about the good man idea.

      • maisy says:

        oh, Joe Carman, most likely….you and your wife are the head honcho RINOs in the Valley and have an insane bias against Eastman who is principled and a true Constitutional Conservative. your hatred for him says all we need to know about both of you! they didn’t cost us the PFD…stop the lies, They voted against an unconstitutional and bloated budget …also do the math, it was three sane legislators voting against that monstrous bill.

  • Neil DeWitt says:

    Well, I’d say someone on that ethics committee had smarts enough to dismiss this witch hunt before it got out of hand. Good move on tgrir part.

    Mr. Eastman has had a bullseye on his back for awhile. I say it’s because he does his job and a mighty fine job it is! They’re after Mr. Eastman just like Mr. Trump. Watch uour backs always.

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    I do not know what McCabe’s problem is. Ever since I watched him, on video, during sessions rolling his eyes and scowling everytime Rep Eastman spoke, I have come to believe that he would launch a complaint against Rep Eastman for anything that he could find to complain about. McCabe has no business serving as a representative of the people. McCabe sold us out on the Carbon Credit and ESG programs and then thinks that he’ll get through the hardships because he lives off-grid and has solar power and a woodstove. Meanwhile many constituents are going to suffer because they are not off-grid and cannot afford or have the facilities to be set up with solar power and a woodstove.
    Rep Eastman and Rep Kurka were the only ones that were truly listening to the people and trying to represent them fairly. Maybe some fine tuning is needed in regard to communication, but having a rep that actually works for the people and not for the globalists is a rep that will help save the world from the attempted globalist take down.
    Taking guidance from Elon Musk, McCabe you are a puppet for the globalists and I hope that you are investigated for your role in attempting to take down Alaska and the country.

  • Doc Joe C. says:

    These complaints go to the committee first. If the committee determines there is enough merit, then it is put forward. MANY of these complaints do not make it though the committee. So, while Mccabe may have initiated the complaint, it is the committee that put it forward for investigation. Pat Martin’s tactics are well known and every legislator should be imune to them by now. It is highly unusual for an activist to be allowed to use a legislators office. Perhaps that is what Mccabe was complaining about. Think about the Montana legislature and the LGBTQ activists. It is also interesting that the video on Martin’s right to life site was taken down. like they have somethign to hide.

    • maisy says:

      you are delusional…..try some facts as per the article you blatant hatred for Eastman, a Godly man, is beyond despicable… you forget that God knows and sees all?
      A constituent is not an activist…..what about lobbyists, they get a free pass…..of course because McCabe is so weak that he has to kiss ass.
      wise up.

      • John J Otness says:

        Amen Sister…. GOD calls whom HE will… glad he called you. GOD Bless you and yours…

    • John J Otness says:

      Yes and I can just see all the weasels huddled up to try and harm Eastman because he has morality and ethics and has GODS guidance..
      That drives the world nuts……GOD WINS …

      • Lucinda says:

        Otness. Who else has god called? How about the Sandy Hook gunman? Did god call him to murder children? Seems odd. And don’t offer the free agency distraction. It’s a weak and ineffective way to have it two ways: god is all loving AND god is ok with evil. Doesn’t work. Poor god. He’s seen what religion has done and hitting Apple Z isn’t working.

      • John J Otness says:

        It’s free will….GOD guides those who seek him…… Sorry you were so hurt that you hate everyone,,,
        Life has so much potential.

    • Keith Rominske says:

      A committee of legislators that investigates other legislators. Maybe this committee should be made up of voting citizens.

  • John J Otness says:

    Not man enough to put your name on your filing then you are not man enough to serve Alaskans.

    • Mb says:

      agreed 100% perfect example of someone we don’t need representing mat-su district 30

    • Doc Joe C. says:

      Name is on there. What am I missing? The committee and statute requires it to be confidential. Says so right at the top of the paper

      • John J. Otness says:

        Apparently you missed reading the article.

      • Keith Rominske says:

        Confidential sounds your all hiding behind your mother’s skirt. The public should have full disclosure on everything going on at the secret island of yours. speaking of secret islands hmm.

    • maisy says:

      I agree 100%
      what a whiny bully he is!
      from the article:
      When informed that he could waive his confidentiality, if he was the complainant, McCabe responded: “If it was me, I might have, yeah, but I don’t know much about that.””

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    We got screwed on our PFD! Take this pathetic fight to the Juneau airport with a one way ticket! Mcabe your not mature enough for office! Back to the janitor room with santos!

  • Jake Libbey says:

    Honestly, I can see both sides of this issue. If say some leftist Senator let the Alaska Director of Planned Parenthood use their office as their lobbying launchpad for the day, make calls and have quick access to all the other legislators to spread their vile claptrap, I would call that an inappropriate use of resources. Good for thee but not for me? I disagree an anonymous ethics complaint was the proper method to handle this, but that IS what the committee exists to adjudicate, and they did, and found it unworthy of further investigation in record time. It’s a nothing burger. This tendency to play team sports in politics is part of the reason the left has some standing when they criticize people who (now) cry foul and gnash their teeth about the national debt, yet were fine when Trump was printing trillions out of thin air. It’s a double standard, and is willing blindness in my opinion. In this case, this petty ongoing feud, the venom and enmity between Eastman and Martin vs McCabe is not one sided. Eastman and Martin are neither one saints, and McCabe is not a Devil. This Republican infighting that the Democrats NEVER endure or tolerate is part of the reason we are so much less effective down in Juneau. Conservatives are sitting on a mountain of their own pride with the word principle spraypainted over the hillside underneath. While the quotes in this story are accurate as to what was said, that doesn’t make the quotes the truth. People make that mistake as they read the news. The language that not letting a lobbyist friend use your office “would have a chilling affect on free speech” is catastrophizing nonsense and hyperbole from Miller. Martin wasn’t there for an all day constituent meeting, he just used their rooms for his purposes, and that is unusual to allow a lobbyist to do which I am compelled to point out, even if Martin was advocating for the precious unborn which is a principle I wholeheartedly share. What is also true is that the person who gave Martin the unredacted complaint DID indeed do something wrong, else they wouldn’t want THEIR OWN anonymity for doing so. “It was McCabe! But don’t tell anyone I showed you.” That is an utter double standard and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to draw a conclusion. This story only exists in this form because the complaint was filed in the first place, so it is a bit McCabe’s bed to lay down in, but let’s stop calling every Republican with which you have a disagreement a coward and a devil… and then go look up the definition of a Pyrrhic victory while the left wins the culture wars.

    • maisy says:

      McCabe is a bully…..he says a lot but never actually does it.
      why would he be wasting time and money of the 2 most principled legislators?

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      I respect what you are saying Mr. Libbey, but I do not agree wholly. My focus is on two things: first, McCabe is very unprofessional when he is on camera during sessions. His unprofessional demeanor while in session and the camera has him in view, speaks loudly of his contempt for Eastman. During one session, on video, I watched him constantly looking at Speaker Tilton and shaking his head or making other expressions. Involving others in this unprofessional manner just seems to be making a hostile environment in the session and that is not right. We the people are watching those sessions; so, without taking sides here, what I see is a guy (McCabe) who cannot control himself in a professional manner and it needs to stop. I have not been to a session in person, I only see what I see on video and what I see is McCabe acting very unprofessional.
      Second, McCabe actively pressed for the whole Carbon thing and ESG even though people were telling him that we do not want this and that it is not good for us. NOW, we are watching other countries that “elected to participate” in these green energy schemes that are back peddling fast trying to provide fuel and heat sources for their people. Countries are getting out of the program because it does not work. Countries are questioning the safety of the wind farms on aquatic, land and air creatures. Solar farms are an expensive setup, expensive on-going maintenance and cannot provide enough energy for everyone. Moreover, we do not have facilities to handle all of the toxic waste that will be produced when these pieces of equipment breakdown or are past their useful life. Now, I see where Enstar is saying that the oil/gas contracts with Hilcorp are going to be ending in ten years (or less?) with no committments for future contracts. Where does that leave us?
      With no gas. McCabe and his wife were not worried about it all because they live off-grid with solar power and woodstove for heat.
      I will say it say it again: McCabe is a puppet for the globalists and I hope that he is investigated also when the time comes.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        I do want to add that while we are all distracted with this McCabe, Eastman, Kurka issue, what is the left pushing through the cracks to pass? Seems like every time there is infighting, the left gets another step ahead. Is it all a set up to keep us distracted? Maybe McCabe, Eastman and Kurka need to think about this.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        Taking a breather here. A gospel song sung by 93 year old Nita Talley. What a beautiful voice and a beautiful song.
        “One Day at a Time,”

      • Keith Rominske says:

        Does anyone know how much the wind mills on Fire Island are costing us ok n our monthly electric bills. You the consumer are funding these not so thought out projects for in most cases Native corporate gain. Money out of your pocket each month, these solar and wind projects should not be funded with our tax dollars

    • Coliseum in the Snow says:

      “he just used their rooms for his purposes, and that is unusual to allow a lobbyist to do which I am compelled to point out”

      Really? I’ve never been to Juneau, but are you sure such a thing is “unusual” down there? Also, if there’s no mention of Martin using anyone’s phone or computers, how is he using their rooms “for his purposes”? Did he leave his briefcase and travel mug on someone’s desk? Did he eat a Subway sandwich with one of the reps when he took a break from lobbying? What does is mean to use their rooms for his purposes?

      It’s too bad the three men didn’t use their rooms in the am to play beer pong and leg wrestling. Then, all would’ve been forgiven and swept under the rug.

  • JJAlaska says:

    This is the complaint of the Ethics committee, no matter who filed it. They determine whether or not it has merit and it moves forward or not. The committee moved it forward. Sounds like they failed in the investigation AND to protect the complainant. If anything, Eastman and Kurka and their ilk have made the ethics committee a joke; who’s going to file a complaint without the protection of confidentiality? No one. I will say, McCabe should be thanked by many. He is the ONLY legislator man enough to stand up to Kurka, Eastman and Martin’s BS. He refuses to allow them to railroad him into votes, to scare him into doing what they want. No matter how much mud they sling at him or drag him through. I wish he represented me. His fellow republicans should be standing up for him.

    • maisy says:

      funny comment…he is not a man…he is a male and a bully, that is all.
      he is a hypocrite who has done nothing to accomplish his campaign rhetoric,

    • Lucinda says:

      The Republican party, local, state and national, has become fodder for gossip. It’s a gossip creator. Republicans would have a hard time listing what they are for without a barrage of evidence proving them hypocrites. Think: Taylor-Greene, Boebert, Santos, Bronson, Dunleavey, Jim Jordan, Mike Lee, Gosar, Gaetz, that guy on Fox that got fired, Alex Jones, Kevin McCarthy, Dan Sullivan, Kelly Tshibaka, Comer, Mark Meadows, Guliani. Did I miss someone? Yes I did.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        Ahhh, I am on to you Lucinda. You are scratching around for dirt! Well, have fun. That should keep you busy for a while. Everyone, be watching the entire lefty movement – are they scratching for dirt also?

    • Mark Kelsey says:

      Mrs. McCabe, is that you? This is a nonsense reply obviously meant to distract from the very bad behavior of Rep. Kevin J. McCabe of Big Lake, who has a well-documented history of bullying and abusing his position for personal political gain. Plenty of honest people would have no problem putting their name to an honest ethics complaint, confidential or otherwise. Just as an honest person with nothing to hide should have no problem putting their name on an online comment.
      Bottom line is that no one who would file a false complaint deserves the protection of confidentiality. McCabe should be investigated and held accountable. But that will never happen because the adults in the Legislature understand the need to put McCabe’s gross unprofessionalism behind them as quickly as possible.

  • Reggie Taylor says:

    “…….Normally a confidential matter to protect the accused, Eastman and Kurka waived confidentiality in order to let the public to see the details of the complaint, minus the name of the complainant, who wished to remain anonymous to the public……..”
    Andre MacLoed?

  • Lucinda says:

    Maisy. A “true Constitutional Conservative” would not have been in DC on January 6 and would not have supported Trump’s attempt to nullify the critical concept of elections, well described in the constitution.

  • Keith Rominske says:

    Does anyone know how much the wind mills on Fire Island are costing us ok n our monthly electric bills. You the consumer are funding these not so thought out projects for in most cases Native corporate gain. Money out of your pocket each month, these solar and wind projects should not be funded with our tax dollars

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      I cannot remember the cost, but I do recall that the amount of energy that they contribute to the grid is ridiculously minute and not worth the investment or maintenance put into them.

  • Keith Rominske says:

    Does anyone know how much the wind mills on Fire Island are costing us on monthly electric bills. You the consumer are funding these not so thought out projects for in most cases Native corporate gain. Money out of your pocket each month, these solar and wind projects should not be funded with our tax dollars

  • Lucinda says:

    Otness. I hate it when you pious Christians think that because I don’t believe in your god that I have been hurt and I’m acting out or whatever. My ENTIRE adult life has been spent protecting the voiceless like pets, wildlife, wilderness and patients in an emergency setting. The arrogance of holier than thou Christians like you is one reasons people are turning away from religion.

  • John J Otness says:

    Oh Honey its worse than I thought….. You call me Pious… Im forgiven daily as I am and was the worst of the sinner….
    Usually catch more flies with Honey but in this case we meet nose to nose and that got your attention… Remember never rent out rooms
    in your head that the renter cannot afford,,, GOD Bless you Lucinda you have a heart I can tell. And TY Joel..

  • Doug glenn says:

    O Lucifer Lucinda your a real tool.