As the legislature continues into the chaotic closing weeks of the 2024 session, Alaska Family Council is following three  bills that support parental rights and the dignity of the most vulnerable citizens in our state … those who haven’t been born yet.

HB105. In March 2023, Governor Dunleavy introduced this bill which will recognize the authority of parents to:  determine whether their child should be exposed to sex education classes; specify which nouns and pronouns their child will use in school; have access to their child’s full school records.

Unfortunately, this bill has not been acted upon since April of last year when the Education Committee referred it to the Judiciary Committee. The good news is it’s scheduled for its next hearing on Wednesday, April 17th.

HB382, introduced by Nikiski Representative Ben Carpenter, also deals with the matter of parents’ rights. Representative Carpenter sought to ensure that parents have every opportunity to be involved in their children’s educational life and decisions. It established academic policy committees based on Alaska’s phenomenally successful charter schools. It also makes it clear that parents have access to information about curriculum, school budgets, consent for medical exams, and access to student records.

The sponsors of these three bills are drawing the disdain of the far left, when what they deserve is respect for introducing these commonsense pieces of legislation that ensure the rights of parents, teachers, students, and pre-born human beings.

Additionally, HB382 provides a bill of rights for teachers, giving them more leeway when dealing with disruptive students who are sent to the principal’s office for disciplinary action only to be routinely sent back into the classroom, which makes it difficult for teachers to teach the majority of students who are well behaved.

Lastly, the bill mandates that use of restrooms and locker rooms are to be determined by a student’s biological sex at birth. This, of course, is the part of the bill that drew the ire of those who have no respect for – in fact, they generally despise – traditional families.

The bill was open to public testimony on March 22, and the alphabet mob did what they are so adept at – calling in en force to oppose extremely common-sense legislation. Blatantly taking the position that public schools, not parents, should be the arbiters of morality for children, they made it quite clear that they believe families to be subordinate to government.

Those opposing the bill argued that passage of it would lead to discrimination and violence towards LGBTQ children, and they continually made guilt-laden statements that suicide is the inevitable result if children are “outed” to their parents. It is the same tactic being used everywhere gender issues are discussed, presented as though suicidal ideation among “transgender” children is pandemic and their blood will be on the hands of anyone who supports this legislation.

Mat-Su Valley Representative Kevin McCabe introduced HB107, a simple yet strong bill that calls on the State of Alaska to define personhood and life as beginning at conception. It’s geared towards defining life for criminal statutes, is pretty straightforward, and is backed up by the Alaska Constitution and U.S. Supreme Court.

Article I, Section 1 of the Alaska Constitution states that all persons have a natural right to life; therefore, every person’s right to life – to include that of the pre-born – must be protected by the State.

HB107 will change the terms “person” and “life” in our state’s constitution. Representative Frank Tomaszewski of Fairbanks is a co-sponsor of Representative McCabe’s bill, which has received three hearings, the most recent being March 20th.

The language in this bill does not mention abortion, but it should bring together all factions on the pro-life spectrum, those who are traditionally pro-life as well as abolitionists – those who cannot accept abortion under any circumstances. 

The sponsors of these three bills are drawing the disdain of the far left, when what they deserve is respect for introducing these commonsense pieces of legislation that ensure the rights of parents, teachers, students, and pre-born human beings.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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Alaska bills protecting parent rights, school discipline and the unborn remain in limbo

Tim Barto
Tim Barto is vice president of operations for Alaska Family Action.


  • Jeanette Exner says:

    So as I understand the purpose of HB 107, the “personhood” bill, abortion is effectively banned with no exceptions. You say the bill doesn’t mention abortion, but we all know what the bill is meant to do. One a human egg is fertilized, it becomes, in the wording of the bill, “an entity that has the moral
    right of self-determination.” So once that egg is fertilized, it’s the egg that takes precedence, not the woman. The woman loses all options, all of HER right to self-determination, other than to carry that pregnancy to term. Funny how men has never had to worry having their right to self-determination taken in such a way. You dare put this issue to a POPULAR vote, and you’ll find out what happens.

    • Nunya says:

      Men never had to worry about our right to self determination? Have you ever heard of the draft? You perfectly happy to send us to die for your ungrateful, feminist self to sit around, free to run your mouth, but we can’t say anything about stopping you from murdering babies.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      The woman had a right to self-determination by not having sexual relationships when she is in the part of her menstrual cycle where the ovaries release eggs and are sitting around waiting to get fertilized. Mayo Clinic states, “After it’s released, the egg moves down the fallopian tube and stays there for 12 to 24 hours, where it can be fertilized.” ( Perhaps the woman can abstain for a few days or use some sort of protection in order to not get pregnant. Again, this is a right to self-determination that the woman has. The woman has plenty of choices when it comes to sexual relationships.

      • Shari says:

        I totally agree. Well said. Women wake up and educate yourself as you are responsible for yourself!!

  • Michael Johnson says:

    Abortion is about sacrificing babies to BAAL. The Globalist agenda is to reduce the world’s population and make money while doing it. If you don’t believe me, just check out the World Economic Forums website and the U.N. Agenda 2030. These people are evil and have been attacking the family for a long time. Now the attacks are at a heightened pitch as they become more exposed. Give glory to God and pray for His hand to move against their plans. Those plans have been accelerated.

  • Fernand J Daussin says:

    Let’s not forget HB 254 and HB 264
    It’s high time our children are protected from Porn
    The legal age of sexual consent is raised to 18 years

    Imagine an Alaska free of obscene images (other than junked vehicles and machinery)