Despite a decision by Denali National Park officials to bar construction workers in the park from displaying American flags from their trucks, Old Glory will be on full display on May 26.

In the wake of park officials’ decision to ban U.S. flags from construction vehicles, Alaskans are planning a patriotic convoy to the park’s main entrance.

One convoy is set for a two-hour drive from the Fairbanks Walmart to the park.

“You can join the Convoy or meet us there!” an announcement for the convoy states. “Memorial Day weekend is a perfect time to do such an act! Start Meeting at Walmart at Noon and then we will ride to Denali, or you can meet up at Denali Come join do a BBQ or just hang out.”

News of the flag ban on construction vehicles has spread across the nation ever since the Alaska Watchman first broke the story on May 23, when a construction worker blew the whistle. He said the workers were barred from flying flags atop their trucks and equipment because the sight of Old Glory was deemed to detract from the visitors’ experience.

On May 25, U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan posted a letter in which he asked the director of the National Park Service to give a full accounting for why a construction crew working on a massive bridge project in the park was ordered to take down the American flag.

To date, park officials have remained mum on the controversy, despite repeated attempts by the Watchman to get comments, as well as clarification on whether the park has any policy against visitors flying American flags from their personal vehicles.

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Old Glory convoy headed to Alaska’s Denali National Park in wake of flag ban on construction trucks

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Diana says:

    Raise our Flag of Freedom and remember this is a country under God and our Flag of the USA , Old Glory, will never be put down or put away by any entity in the USA or any federal employee being paid by the federal government or anyone who has taken and oah to protect the US Constitution. We own the freedom given to us by the blood of every soldier and men and women who died for our country’s freedom. Our flag of stars and stripes will always fly high.

    • Max says:

      Based on what info is contained in the article, I’d say they need to start by replacing the park superintendent, who appears to be the one individual behind the requirement.

      • Mike from Pennsylvania says:


      • Captain America says:

        In the Immortal Words of RUSH LIMBAUGH……”Liberalism IS…..a Mental Disease” !
        Alternatively…..Everything WOKE…..Turns to SCHIFF!

    • Chris Wilhelmsen says:

      I will fly the United States flag anytime, anywhere I want.
      Good luck trying to stop me. Especially in a NATIONAL PARK.

    • Brenda Grimes says:

      I absolutely concur. As a US ARMY Veteran and served in Alaska, Fly our American flag high and with honor to our ALL our fallen service members

    • Mick mouse says:

      fire the park superintendent!!!

  • Shelia M Ford says:

    I absolutely support the flying of the American Flag. Alaska is a state in the US. This needs to be changed.

  • David Shoemaker says:

    Thank you for the reporting!
    Our group just happens to be camping down in Talkeetna this weekend. We have decided to pack up in the morning and join the convoy up the road!
    How about we make this a new Alaskan annual tradition!
    Happy Memorial Day!

    • Sunny says:

      Wishing you all a safe Memorial day weekend! We are thinking of you on the East Coast.

    • Ben Hotlz says:

      What a bunch of fools. All excited over a fake Facebook post Not the first time that group has been tricked either.

  • Sunny says:

    Many blessings and thanks to all Convoy participants. Be safe and know we are with you!! Stay safe!!

  • Neil DeWitt says:

    Is it a national park paid for with tax payers money? I say everyone should go and way the flag under these commy biden people. Senator Sullivan needs to get them all fired.

  • Jeff Butler says:

    Please don’t bring weapons. DO NOT bring violence.

    • John says:

      Firearms are allowed in the park boundary.
      But observe the the laws prohibiting firearms being brought into any building or facility inside the park. Please do not open carry if you do carry. Observe the law requiring that you disclose to any law enforcement that you are concealed carrying if you are contacted in any official capacity.

      Carry the Flag, refuse to put it down. Leave it in their court to be draconian if they think being a Patriot violates any “rules”.

      • Proud Alaskan says:


      • Jw says:

        it’s your type of Legal screwy that’s causing problems in US, not legal gun owners, ppl who fly flag.

      • Ben Hotlz says:

        What a bunch of fools. All excited over a fake Facebook post Not the first time that group has been tricked either.

      • William Paish says:

        you can’t get to Alaska without driving through Canada. you can’t bring weapons in to Canada

    • Max says:

      Stupid comment, true American flag gun carrying Americans are not the thugs, Patriots standing for their nation.
      The paid rioters that cover their face and protest the flag are the ones that bring violence.

    • KKirk says:

      If people bring weapons (and many will), it is NOT for using against people…it is for defense of life an property because there ARE dangerous animals (bear, moose) and sometimes, despite one’s best efforts, an encounter may happen. FYI, bear spray really isn’t a very good deterrent…especially if the wind is blowing the wrong way you’re likely to incapacitate yourself.

    • John says:

      follow up.
      The event went smoothly. Lots of participation. Lots Of American Flags. The right to peacefully assemble was exercised and all who participated conducted themselves in a dignified manner with respect to all around them.

  • Karen Russell says:

    God bless America. We need lots of prayers.

  • Bill says:

    Another DEI employee in a position she has no business being in.

    • Dr. Mark says:


    • Birdman says:

      Come November we get our chance to fix this. The Biden box checkers better start looking for work because Trump is going to clean house, …starting here. FLY THE FAG.

    • B Raymond says:

      Absoulty correct. A dufus hire from Pennsolvanya. Commie all the Way!

  • Carmen says:

    Thank you Joel Davidson and Alaska Watchmen team for reporting the removal of US flag on construction crew vehicles located from McKinley (Denali) NP! It reached OANN Dan Ball’s Friday broadcast.

  • Bill Llewellyn says:

    I can’t go with you but I totally support you against the punk anti-American Park Service and all their “Rangers” and so-called leaership. Remember this day every time you may meet someone claiming to be a Park Service employee.
    Just a note: As the immortal Sun Tzu said, never make threats. Threats only allow your enemy to get prepared and allow law enforcement to take action against you.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Thank you!!, Alaska watchmen for reporting this story.
    Look how it turned out, a convoy flying their American flags
    Don’t mess with Alaska, we stand together.

    • Jeff Butler says:

      PA. Except that the whole story was fake. Fake news. Fake story that all you gun-nuts ran up your flag pole.

      • Jw says:

        no. obviously it’s not a “Fake Story” Sullivan wouldn’t be getting involved if none of this occured. 1st, your band of Marxist minded dolts caused this issue, then deny it ever occured….
        Thats Biden 101. 54 years of it..

  • Lois says:

    If the work crew can’t fly out flag freely then you must take down the “pride” flag. It does not belong on government property. It does not pring pride to out country.

  • Pam says:

    A liberal former Pennsylvanian involved in something like this! I’m almost embarrassed to say that’s where I’m from. Rest assured there are MANY PAers who support what you are doing. Make the real America proud!!!

  • Norma randazzo says:

    My husband Phil Randazzo is a heavy combat Vietnam veteran.(1967/1968) fought at Tet offensive he has severe PTSD. he is getting ready today to coordinate a Memorial Day ceremony at Shelby Township Veterans Memorial. He has been the Veteran Events coordinator for over 20 years. To him not flying the American flag is extremely insulting. he can’t understand why the park director is still employed by the park. The veterans events are all on the internet. Type in his name and make the park director to read about him. Having her in that position is an insult to the American people and a direct insult to the citizens of Alaska. He was very happy to hear about the flag convoy. Sincerely Norma

    • Jeff Butler says:

      The NPS did NOT insist of removing flags. Check out the NPS statement.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        You sure are working the damage control stories Jeff.

      • Dan says:

        Jeff ” The Snowflake “

      • jw Chadwick says:

        Deflection and Evasion of the issue your like minded Marxist Dolt caused. Now? denying it ever happened. soo if it didn’t happen?. why are you spending soo much time defending Brooke?. You posted repeatedly the same line of pure fabricated BS..

      • William Paish says:

        they are responsible for the companies they hire

  • Shelley Bauer says:

    I think we need to get a bill passed, that it is against the law to fly any other flag but an American flag here in America! What is happening in America is a disgrace!

  • Platheseus says:

    Congratulations to the park superintendent. these rednecks should not be flying the flag in their trucks. they are only doing it to piss off the native alaskans who in their view should be deported even though they were born in Alaska which is part of the United States. it is sad but the flag has become political in recent years. maybe we need a new American flag one with two more stars for Washington DC and Puerto rico. then I wonder how many rednecks would want to fly the flag.

    • Mike in Pennsylvania says:

      What rock do you live under? This is America…… it or leave it!

    • Karen Kirkpatrick says:

      Are you crazy? No one is flying the flag to “piss off the native Alaskans”. For your information, my dear friend is an Alaskan native and retired Navy and very proudly flies the American flag, so your gripe does not hold water. It sounds to me like you have a bad case of the sour grapes.

    • jw Chadwick says:

      Deflection and Evasion of the issue your like minded Marxist Dolt caused. Now? denying it ever happened. soo if it didn’t happen?. why are you spending soo much time defending Brooke?. You posted repeatedly the same line of pure fabricated BS..

    • jw Chadwick says:

      wow, totally missed the mark on this 1.
      whats a “Redneck”?? please elaborate? what race, gender creed, sex, religion??
      I think you should apply for employment with WH admin, or possibly George Soros Foundation.

    • William Paish says:

      “redneck” who are you to make such a stupid statement. I am a proud American, US Navy veteran. what ever you may feel, I support “Freedom of speech “

  • Brian R. says:

    I’m a Marine Corps vet who served in battle to uphold the values and freedoms for my country. Hearing this superintendent of parks ban OUR flag that deserves nothing but being proudly flown, angers me to the bone. I pray to God they remove these worthless individuals from sites that are as American as our Stars and Stripes. Do the right thing! Semper Fi!

  • Dorian Jepsen says:

    Flying the American flag is a constitutionally protected right under the First Amendment. I guarantee if they were flying the LGBTQAEIOUWTFPPG flag, this woman would have had no problem with it.

  • Jeanette Exner says:

    I’m sure there won’t be JUST American Flags a-fluttering. There will probably be plenty of confederate flags and “Trump 2024” flags.

    • Chris Sehmel says:

      Good. Exactly what we need. Thanks for the idea.

    • jw Chadwick says:

      nobody is flying that got mess. Im a conservative, yet I’d never fly southern rebel flag..
      this is where you are absolutely wrong. this is what CNNs Don Lemon has told you, soo you repeat it like it’s fact, as though it’s actually occuring.
      let me enlighten you regarding a vast majority of Conservatives. 60% have no Issue with Abortion, nor Gay Rights, nor do we all rally “Maga”. tjats she Mental vomit in your head..

      what most have issue with is Brooke Personal Hatred disguised as Authority to Suppress freedom of speech abd expression. Veterans Fought, Died for this Memorial Day. yet here you are defending an Radical Extremist Activist working a Gov Job

  • Chris Wilhelmsen says:

    I will fly the United States flag anytime, anywhere I want.
    Good luck trying to stop me. Especially in a NATIONAL PARK.

  • Shane C. says:

    We American Veterans remember those who put everything on the line and were returned home in a casket to their loved ones this is why we fly the American Flag, to honor their sacrifices and to always remember them. We Won’t Forget POW’s, MIA’s, KIA’s and Brooke Merrell it is obvious you and the department do not respect these unwavering facts!

  • FJB says:

    Bigger question, where is the outrage from Alaska’s Swamp Critter Senator Lisa Murkowski?

    • Della McCambridge says:


    • Steve says:

      She’s busy supporting Rank Choice Voting, her only avenue as to remain in office.

  • Jen says:

    Flying a flag from the back of a truck is so disrespectful. There is a time and place for everything thus the rules which are just being enforced by park staff, not made on tbe spot. I’d love to see instances in national parks where contractors are allowed to fly pride flags or any other sort of flag from a truck. You ought to he ashamed for using such a flimsy excuse to have a tantrum!

    • Karen Kirkpatrick says:

      No ma’am…it is not disrespectful except in your own mind. You are welcome to your opinion, but showing national pride is very much okay with the majority of Americans. Flag etiquette has changed over the years. In case you’ve not noticed, flags are no longer taken down at sundown for instance.

      • Reggie Taylor says:

        The U.S. flag is supposed to be lowered at night unless lit with artificial light. Flag protocol is U.S. law, passed by Congress, signed into law by the POTUS, and reviewed by SCOTUS. It can be reviewed in the U.S. Code.

    • Reggie Taylor says:

      Why? They’re flown from the stern of most naval ships and lots of private vessels. Why is a truck any different?

  • stephen Koenig says:

    Stand for Old Glory or do not stand at all. The idiot superintendent should be terminated and tried for treason. Visited Mt Denali(McKinley) spring of 2023, was so beautiful.

  • Let's Go Brandon says:

    Senator Murkowski must be too busy kissing up to Xiden, Pelosi and Schumer (the true dangers to America) to even care or be outraged.

  • Karin says:

    I’ve been reading about this. I’m not an Alaskan, but I hope to see some pictures at some point of many proud American flag flyers at Denali’s entrance. Don’t tread on me!

  • Jeff Butler says:

    All you trigger happy murican rednecks got skunked by a false story. Why do you think the fake news came out on Memorial Day? To piss you off and foment a Bubba fest.

    • Nerka Dan says:

      Why are you inclined to believe NPS and not the workers? I don’t think Watchman operates as you accuse. Other reports have the workers standing by their stories. I do look forward to more information coming out on this – factual info no matter what “side”. I would love to see photos of the the flags and deployment in the original story.

      • Reggie Taylor says:

        “……..Why are you inclined to believe NPS and not the workers?………”
        All the above are humans, and thus potentially liars. If NPS staff “told” somebody to stop flying the flag, then this is a “he said, she said” story. If it was on paper or email, it’s the real thing. And as time goes by, it appears to be BS. The only documentation that we’ve seen so far has been a NPS denial.
        Let’s see some documentation by the truck driver.
        This might not even be about the flag. Imagine a Granite employee driving aggressively to the project and generating the ire of a park guest. A complaint was made to staff. When asked to describe the vehicle, the guest described it as “flying a flag”.
        We have a documented statement from the NPS. Let’s see one from the workers.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      You are hoping for a “Bubba fest” so that you guys can jump in and create chaos and cause damage. In fact, I won’t be surprised if, on Tuesday, we hear about “riots” or people causing damage. The left keeps projecting this.

      • jw Chadwick says:

        yeah, bc it was the left who protested , incited violence towards Jewish students on over 100 College campuses.
        it’s always the ppl deflecting, causing problems that claim tje “Other Guy” is the trouble maker. . I can turn on any network and still see these Violence inciting protests still happening.

      • jw Chadwick says:

        ypu wouldn’t be surprised or shocked if this issue was about a Gay Pride, or B LM flag being displayed.

    • SN says:

      We need more Bubba fests as you call it. There are way too many troublemakers in this country who dishonor God, family and America. The Bubbas don’t like that and neither do I.

      • Jeff Butler says:

        Twas Bubba-ish of Trump to foment the January 6 insurrection. Lotta images of America and God sentiments along with weapons, destruction and violence.

    • Steve says:

      Jeff, you probably still think Hunter’s laptop was stolen, Covid was a natural jump to human beings, Hillary didn’t mean to delete nor store highly classified documents on her private server. Every time you liberal scream “Fake news” it turns out you are wrong.

  • Randall says:

    So now we learn this is a false story and the Park Service never requested anybody to remove a flag. A lot of people made fools of themselves and hopefully learned a lesson. Senator Sullivan erroneous claim is more concerning and let’s also hope (but, honestly, not expect) that he has the integrity to apologize.

  • Nerka Dan says:

    So now the Park Service is denying they ever asked or ordered the workers to remove the flags. But workers are standing by their accusations. What is the real story now. AK Watchman is usually pretty careful before printing their reports. I am very interested to see where this goes.

  • Frozen Chosen says:

    Alright, so it’s just the rules being enforced? What rules are those?
    Contractors don’t typically fly homosexual flags because they aren’t typically preoccupied with their own “diversity”, they are there to get a job done.

  • SN says:

    Well, the superintendent is from PORTLAND….land of troublemakers.

  • JBS says:

    This whole story sounds like it was initiated by someone with the sole goal of getting an Anti-American story out in the news during the Memorial Day Weekend. We have no names of the individuals involved, no email trails, no voicemails, nothing. And of course, we have a Congressman who immediately starts saying how it’s outrageous without any actual verification of the event happening. And the Watchman only waited one day before breaking their story (right before a Holiday where people are known to extend their time off by several days). Sorry, but the whole thing seems a little too convenient for those who like muckraking.

  • Bob says:

    This type of action only unifies all in Alaska (both urban and rural!)
    and our great country! It would help immensely if we took proactive measures and not only reactive. You’ve go to admire (but not agree!) the persistence of the liberal leftist.

  • Mari says:

    Seriously! The number of people who are up on arms about this without any proof is hilarious. Have fun QAnon, y’all continue to give us something to laugh about and be embarrassed by in equal measure!