In a quickly escalating controversy, U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan is now asking the director of the National Park Service to give a full accounting for why a construction crew in Denali National Park was ordered to take down the American flag from their trucks and equipment earlier this month.

As first reported in the Alaska Watchman, a crewman working on a 475-foot-long bridge in Denali National Park revealed that workers were recently told they could no longer fly Old Glory from their vehicles because park officials thought the flags detracted from the visitor experience.

The article has struck a nerve with Americans across the nation, and now a U.S. senator is weighing in. Below is the letter Sen. Sullivan sent to National Park Service Director Charles Sams III.

The Watchman has repeatedly reached out to Denali National Park for comment as to why workers were told to remove their flags, and to get clarification on whether the park has any policy against visitors flying American flags from their personal vehicles. So far, there has been no comment.



— Contact National Park Service Regional Director for Alaska Sarah Creachbaum at (907) 644-3510 or by mail at 240 West 5th Avenue, Suite 114, Anchorage, AK 99501

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Sen. Sullivan demands account for why bridge crew was barred from flying U.S. flag in Denali National Park

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Fact seeker says:

    They have no reason to respond to a right wing nut job article. They will respond when the time is right with actual facts and you all will realize how dumb you really are. Drive into the park and you will see the flags are still up.

    • The Right wing nut says:

      I’m so dumb I thought Sullivan was wearing a yarmulke.

    • Tamra Nygaard says:

      No, those flags are not still up. The Park superintendent ordered the road and bridge building contractor to take them down. Your actual facts are… suspect in every way. Drive in the park and you will not be allowed anywhere near where the road and bridge are being built. So, did you personally fly over the jobsite and determine your… facts?

      • Fact seeker says:

        The park superintendent did not order anything. This article is false and so is the other one. You people believe anything you see online. Keep crying your maga tears and I’ll laugh when you realize how wrong you all are.

    • SHANE HOLT says:

      sure. thats why the flags are down, and back up. whole story was invented, right? actual fact is the these commie park people hate america, and want to make it a commie playground. pretty sure sullivan would have the whole story before writing a letter, unlike yoiu

      • Fact seeker says:

        The flags were never down. Use your brain for once in your life. Watch when the true story comes out and you realize how stupid you are. The story wasn’t invented but completely misinterpreted on this right wing “news” source. Show me the facts and proof it was Brooke that gave the order. Sullivan doesn’t have any of the facts that’s why he specifically said to investigate the issue. The only people who hate America and wanna ruin it are people like you who bash this women and want to ruin her life because some fake story that you bought came out. She can’t even give orders to those workers as a federal employee. The project is being worked on by granite and overseen by federal highways who gives them their orders so it could have easily have been them that told the worker to take the flag off his truck. But let’s believe the anonymous source and fake news source with 0 evidence.

      • Reggie Taylor says:

        “………The park superintendent did not order anything………”
        If it was verbal, you’re correct. A simple lie saves the NPS. But, as a former federal contract manager, I can assure you that email is easy and an increasingly common form of communication between contract project management and federal contract managers. Thanks to Senator Sullivan’s request for information, we will all have an opportunity to learn the truth……..IF the communication was documented. I wonder if you have personal knowledge of this situation or if you’re an ideological IED farmer. I guess we’ll discover that, too…………

    • Diana Branson says:

      looks like fact seeker is a bit triggered

    • Troy Williams says:

      Wow … Right Wing is the American FLAG.

      Gonna luv how you explain that on the 4th of July.

    • Kathleen Macknicki says:

      For those of you who think Alaska Watchman is more trustworthy than 3-time Pulitzer Prize winning ADN, go ahead and spend gas money (and $$ for extra flags) on your stupid convoy. It’s a made-up story, folks. Get a freaking clue.

    • Your mom says:

      100% nailed it, it’s like responding to a crazed lunatic. No one would do that hahaha so embarrassing for Alaska.

  • Mongo Like Candy says:

    He is still a Deep State Uniparty clown!

  • Mhj says:

    According to the alternative news I searched out, the area where bridge construction is being done is closed to public transportation. So, no way would a tour bus be there, so no way would a flag be detracting from the park experience.

  • WhiteRaven says:

    Planned Parenthood has donation posters at the employee-only bar in the Park (there’s a couple violations in a row just right there). If you read the classic Massimo Vignelli-designed Denali welcome brochures from the 1970s, you were presented with natural history and settlers’ stories. Now an almost religious-sounded protective manifesto is the main feature in the updated brochures each visitor can get. Sen. Sullivan’s concern touches on an overall attitude of elitism and power/control present in the park. It’s not the Alaska I grew up in.

    • H. Fjord says:

      Quit spreading and fanning the flames of false information. None of what you shared is true. No one associated with the park is spreading planned parenthood flyers. The bar isn’t even owned by NPS employees. Its owned and operated by Joint Venture.

  • F Allison Boyle says:

    Please fly the American flag in the Park! No one living in the United States should be able to prevent the flying of the American flag in the United States of America!)

  • Jon and Ruth Ewig says:

    Sara Creachbaum should not be an employee of the National Park Service. She does not represent the country or the parks. If she expects to receive her “hundred thousand dollar” paycheck, she should start acting like an American. Pray for the “woke” people and the flag burners of the past Pray that Truth will prevail and that the forces of darkness will be bound in Alaska and the U.S.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    It’s America, an American flag flying high. What don’t you get. I’ve said it before, if you don’t like the Stars and Stripes move, get the blank out of our country.
    So many lives have been lost, so we can fly the American flag.
    Thank you all, on this Memorial Day weekend

  • Glenn says:

    Retired military here. I was totally outraged yesterday and immediately emailed my outrage, disgust, and anger to the park regarding this. They should be ashamed at what they’ve done. I hope those workers defy those orders!!! I would. OK to fly the flag at the visitors center but not anywhere else in the park?

  • John J Otness says:

    Demand Sullivan explain why he voted as a Marine for the Communist DNR head?

    • Jeff Butler says:

      Boyle is a former oil and gas lobbyist, so not a communist but, no friend of Alaska. Dunleavey is like Trump.

  • KTwo says:

    Love the flag and country you live in.
    Or move to a country whose flag you love.

  • Tom Martin says:

    This country is being destroyed by the Left agenda, and they’re doing “a pretty good job of it”!

  • Bruce Probert says:

    With the left giving away our country and selling out America, the disrespect to our flag is to be expected. People who have never sacrificed for freedom will never value it especially those who have lost no one in it’s cause.

  • Randall says:

    So now we learn that this is all a false story and the Park Service did not ask anybody to stop flying a flag. Senator Sullivan could have learned this with a simple phone call but instead he embarrassed himself by trying to sound outraged. If he had any integrity he would issue an apology, but I wouldn’t expect it.

  • Chuck S. says:

    Were is Lisa-Turncoat-Murkowski and Dun-Nothing-Leavy on this issue?