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Yes, babies are a burden, but life is worth it

It is ominous to hear joy heaped on mothers while also listening to the fear of pregnancy spread by those who celebrate abortion. For those who wonder how to weigh keeping the baby inside you vs. the trouble from the time of life you will spend being

To all our Alaska Mothers

Each week, Alaskan mothers give birth to more than 180 babies, beginning a lifelong mission to raise, care and love the souls entrusted to them. Thank you for the time, energy, love and a mother’s unique touch you pour into our lives. It is fitting that

What are we to do with Anchorage as it is?

If election day totals hold, the Anchorage Assembly will remain firmly controlled by the radical leftists who imposed Covid mandates, shut down churches, limited religious liberties and personal freedoms, pushed LGBTQ politics and bungled homelessness.