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REPORT: Free speech ‘under fire’ in Alaska

By Josiah Davidson – Alaska Policy Forum The Constitution’s First Amendment — a keystone of a democratic society — is under fire in Alaska. According to the 2022 Free Speech Index compiled by the Institute for Free Speech,

OPINION: The Green Lobby is evil and motivated

Super Bowl television advertisements have become part of American culture. The number one ad in 2010 was for an Audi diesel-electric hybrid. You can watch it, and the “extended footage” versions, on You Tube. Entitled “The Green Police,” it featured

OPINION: Alaskans can sink ranked-choice voting

We stand against the multi-millionaire and billionaire backed Pro-RCV groups! Just as history reveals the arrogance of the Japanese Empire during WWII, the ignorance and arrogance to overlook obvious flaws in their designs and plans is astounding. Like the

Unique Alaska baseball team plays with Christ at center

We at Alaska Family Council are continually seeking like-minded organizations with whom we can partner. The Chugiak-Eagle River Chinooks baseball team is that type of organization. It may sound strange that a Faith-based advocacy group found a

OPINON: America is likely beyond saving

The American union is likely beyond saving through either politics or religion. I don’t enjoy saying that. The disconnect is too far gone. You can neither reason nor argue with a madman, a mob or a monkey. The mainstream media censors everything and accuses

OPINION: Alaska Has a Responsible budget

By Quinn Townsend – Alaska Policy Forum The annual state budget has finally been delivered, reviewed, and signed as of mid-June 2023. For the first time since Alaska Policy Forum (APF) began releasing the annual Responsible Alaska Budget (RAB),