Alaska judges

With 29 Alaska judges on the ballot, only one vote matters

We’ve been inundated with questions about how to vote on the long list of 29 Alaska judges up for retention this year. Like past elections, there is precious little information about these men and women, and that’s by design. While the Alaska Judicial

Feb. 15 hearing to address how Alaska selects judges

A bill that would fundamentally change the way Alaska chooses judges for the Court of Appeals and District Court is up for public testimony today, Feb. 15, at 1:30 p.m. Introduced by Sen. Mike Shower, Senate Bill 14 would roll back the power of the

On impeaching Alaska judges

Alaska’s Constitution needs some major overhaul, and the citizens will have the opportunity in 2022 when they are asked: “Shall there be a constitutional convention?” The Alaskan Independence Party’s website has an embryonic and incomplete