George Floyd

Police hug

Cheering supporters catch Anchorage police off guard

Officers returning from their shifts were met with a surprise street party outside the Anchorage Police Department’s downtown headquarters on June 18. Nearly 150 Alaskans rallied on short notice to show support for their men and women in uniform. “Thank
Black man prays

‘Can we ever pull the weed of racism out?

Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin’s murder of George Floyd has caused us once again as a culture, a country and as a community to reel back and contemplate how this kind of evil can still be in our midst. For a police officer with 17 complaints
Palmer Alaska pic

Palmer Mayor prays upcoming protest is peaceful on all sides

Palmer Mayor Edna DeVries is hopeful that an upcoming protest in her historic Alaska farming town will be peaceful. Planned for June 6 by a recent high school graduate, the event is billed as a protest against “racist police brutality.” Organized by local