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The Marxist inspired Party for Socialism and Liberation will lead a march through the streets of Anchorage this Saturday, June 6.

“Join us in standing together in solidarity with the uprisings in the lower 48 and in opposition to any military occupation of US cities,” the group’s Facebook page states.

The planned march comes at a time when many cities across the nation are suffering from widespread vandalism and violence in the wake of the May 25 death of an unarmed Minneapolis black George Floyd. He was allegedly killed by police officer Derek Chauvin. Chauvin has been arrested and charged with murder.

President Donald Trump said on June 1 that he will deploy the military troops if need be to bring order to cities that have seen churches, businesses and public property destroyed by angry mobs. In many cases protests have started off peacefully and then descended into random violence and mayhem, often stoked by organized outside groups.

Organizers of the Anchorage rally claim they want to avoid this. The group’s Facebook page states, “because we received several questions regarding safety let us be blunt about this demonstration. This is a peaceful demonstration, if your intention is to show up and cause mayhem, don’t come.”

Nevertheless, the group is asking for medics to volunteer during the march, which will include criticism of the Anchorage Police Department.

“We ask that if you want to volunteer as a medic that you have some background in the medical field,” the announcement says.

The march will start at the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial on the intersection of West 9th Ave. and L Street at 6 p.m. It will begin with “speakers who have had negative experiences with APD officers. We encourage folks to take this opportunity to voice your story with us.”

Following the presentations, protesters will march several blocks through Anchorage. Organizers state: “It is mandatory THAT YOU WEAR A MASK AND SOCIAL DISTANCE TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS. If not, you will be asked to leave.”

The group openly supports Marxist ideology regarding the redistribution of wealth through revolution.

According to an April 12 post on the Party for Socialism and Liberation website, the organization is a “working-class party of leaders and activists from many different struggles, founded to promote the movement for revolutionary change.”

It holds that capitalism is “the source of the main problems confronting humanity today: imperialist war, poverty, exploitation, layoffs, unemployment, racism, sexism, lesbian/gay/bi/trans oppression, environmental destruction, mass imprisonment, union busting and more.”

The group openly supports Marxist ideology regarding the redistribution of wealth through revolution. It also aims to build a “new revolutionary workers’ party in the heart of world imperialism.”

“The magnitude of our tasks will be matched by our determination to win,” the website states.

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Socialists to criticize police in Saturday’s march through Anchorage

Joel Davidson
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