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Anchorage residents who wish to cast a ballot during the upcoming municipal election will need to register to vote by Sunday, March 8.

Voters will decide on six Anchorage Assembly seats and two school board seats. Information on these candidates will be reported by the Watchman in the days leading up to the election.

Also on the line will be the fate of a controversial proposition to make it legal for marijuana stores to let customers smoke weed in their shops. Currently it is only legal to eat marijuana snacks in the stores. Additionally, the ballot includes nine bonds, two measures to increase taxes, and a proposal to expand the Assembly member ranks from 11 to 12 members. See details on all ballot measures here.

The Municipal Clerk’s Office sent a reminder that “any qualified Alaska voter and Anchorage resident at least 17 years and nine months old may register,” but you must be 18 years old on April 7 for your vote to count.

An online voter registration application is here. If one’s voter information has changed since the last election, he or she must provide updates with the State of Alaska Division of Elections by Sunday, March 8. Updates completed during the 2020 PFD application process will not take effect in time for the Anchorage election. Click here to update voter registration. For more information, call the Alaska Division of Elections at 907-522-8683.

Those who will be out of state but want to vote, need to complete a temporary address application, which can be done by clicking here.

The election will be vote-by-mail and ballot packages are set to go out to qualified, registered voters on March 17. Voters must return their ballot to a Secure Drop Box, and Anchorage Accessible Vote Center (AVC), or by mailing through the USPS. Specific hours and locations for Drop Boxes and AVCs can be found here.

For more information, click here or call (907) 243-8683, or email

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Want to vote in Anchorage? Register by this Sunday

Joel Davidson
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