Planned Parenthood endorses five Anchorage candidates

    The number one provider of abortions in Alaska has endorsed four candidates for the Anchorage Assembly and one for the Anchorage School board.

    Planned Parenthood hopes to see incumbents Christopher Constant (running unopposed), Felix Rivera, Suzanne LaFrance and Pete Petersen keep their Assembly seats. They’re also endorsing James Smallwood for school board.

    Jessica Cler, Alaska State Director of Planned Parenthood, said in a March 18 email to supporters that it is important to have leaders who will “fight for the most vulnerable among us.” In the next paragraph, however, she stated: “We are grateful for and proud to endorse candidates who will stand up for abortion access,” which she called “crucially important” in the face of the coronavirus outbreak..

    Planned Parenthood actively strives to expand abortion in Alaska, and is currently lobbying state legislators to introduce explicit sex education courses across all grade levels.

    The group is also a strong proponent for the more extreme elements of the LGBTQ political agenda, including providing powerful hormones for teens who wish to identify as members of the opposite sex.

    Anchorage residents will vote on April 7.

    Click here for information on how to register to vote for the election.

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