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Planned Parenthood sees Anchorage Assembly candidate Stephany Jeffers as a pro-abortion ally and has added her to a list of six candidates the abortion business hopes to see elected on the Anchorage Assembly and Anchorage School Board.

Jessica Cler, Planned Parenthood’s Alaska director, sent a March 19 email to supporters in which she framed the endorsements in light of the coronavirus crisis.

“The moment we are in calls for elected leaders who believe in facts and science,” Cler said. “Whether the challenge is a global pandemic or an economic crisis in the months to come, we need real leadership.”

Cler’s organization kills the vast majority of unborn babies who die from abortion in Alaska each year.

“At a time like this, it’s important to have elected leaders who will fight for the most vulnerable among us,” she said, before expressing gratitude and pride for endorsing candidates will promote “abortion access,” a service she called “crucially important in the face of a public health crisis like this.”


Anchorage Assembly endorsements

Christopher Constant, District 1
Stephany Jeffers, District 2
Austin Quinn-Davidson, District 3
Felix Rivera, District 4
Pete Petersen, District 5
Suzanne LaFrance, District 6

Anchorage School Board endorsement 
James Smallwood, Seat C


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Planned Parenthood updates endorsements for Anchorage races

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