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The Municipality of Anchorage has partnered with a left-leaning political activist group to inform voters about candidates and ballot initiatives in the April 7 election. The mail-in election is currently underway.

The city’s website includes a “Ballot Review” provided by the League of Women Voters (LWV) of Anchorage. The local branch is part of a national group that advocates for liberal policy positions including abortion, carbon emission taxes, climate change regulations, gun control, abolishing the Electoral College, universal health care and a host of other issues in line with the more liberal elements of the Democratic Party.

The League of Women Voters pushes controversial political policies on both its website and Facebook pages.

According to the Ballot Review document, Anchorage paid LWV to create the voter guide, which largely restates election information already on the city’s website. It does, however, include the LWV’s contact information and a link to the group’s website as well as a call to “like” and “share” its Facebook page.

The Ballot Review claims the LWV is a “a non-partisan organization,” and while the group refrains from endorsing specific candidates or parties, it does push controversial political policies on both its website and Facebook pages.

“The LWV of Anchorage also takes action on government measures and policies in the public interest,” the group’s bylaws state. Additionally, LWV allows board members to “be actively involved in campaigns” for candidates but prohibits them from serving as chairs or treasurers for groups that oppose League positions.

In the past, the LWV has argued before the Alaska Legislature in support letting Planned Parenthood teach sex education in public schools. They have also been vocal supporters abortion rights in Alaska,  and participated as an organization in the annual Women’s Marches that occur around the nation.

Nationally, the LWV includes more than 800 local chapters across the country.

Capitol Research Center, which tracks various influencers of public policy around the nation provides a detailed analysis of LWV’s history of backing liberal policies across the country.


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Anchorage posts liberal group’s voter guide on city website

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