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With most votes counted, it appears the Anchorage Assembly will retain its liberal bent, as will the Anchorage School Board. Additionally, it looks like nearly every bond package, save one, and a 5% alcohol tax increase were approved. Pot shops, however, will not be allowed to open smoking lounges on site.

As of April 14, more than 71,199 votes had been counted, which is about 31% of the 232,298 registered Anchorage voters. That’s slightly higher than the average 27% voter turnout over the past 15 years.

The unofficial results of the mail-in ballot reveal several close races in which vulnerable liberal incumbents appear to have staved off challenges from conservative, pro-family and pro-life candidates. Most notably, Felix Rivera is just 177 votes ahead of Christine Hill, and Suzanne LaFrance is only 363 votes ahead of Rick Castillo.

Other liberal incumbents Pete Petersen, Christopher Constant and Austin Quinn-Davidson easily beat traditionally minded conservatives.

Pro-life candidate Jamie Allard, of Eagle River, appears to be the only conservative to win on the Assembly. She will take over for Fred Dyson, a reliable conservative, who did not seek reelection.

The School Board remains unchanged with conservative Dave Donley easily besting challenger James Smallwood. The more progressive Andy Holleman also kept his seat.

Official results will be presented to the Anchorage Assembly on April 21. Any candidate or proposition that wins by less than 0.5% will trigger an automatic recount. All other recounts must be requested by candidates or proposition backers.

Here’s where things stand.



Christopher Constant (ran unopposed)


Jamie Allard: 5,974 votes (59.1%)

Stephany Jeffers: 3,265 votes (32.3%)

Roger Branson: 713 votes (7.0%)


Austin Quinn-Davidson: 7,421 votes (62%)

Nick Danger: 3,516 votes (29.4%)

MoHagani Magnetek: 836 votes (6.9%)


Felix Rivera: 5,487 votes (50.2%)

Christine Hill: 5,310 votes (48.6%)


Pete Petersen: 5,759 votes (55.5%)

Monty Dyson: 3,672 votes (35.3%)

David Walker: 851 votes (8.2%)


Suzanne LaFrance: 8,538 votes (50.6%)

Rick Castillo: 8,175 votes (48.5%)



Dave Donley: 33,893 votes (55%)

James Smallwood: 26,821 votes (43.5%)


Andy Holleman: 31,879 votes (53.7%)

JC Cates: 14,721 votes (24%)

Phil Isley: 12,335 votes (20.6%)


PROPOSITION 1: Road improvements

Yes: 34,591 (50.2%)

No: 34,305 (49.7%)

PROPOSITION 2: Capital improvements, construction, upgrades, design, planning, renovation and earthquake recovery of school facilities and educational facility building life extension projects

Yes: 41,343 votes (58.7%)

No: 29,088 (41.3%)

PROPOSITION 3: Road and drainage projects

Yes: 40,301 (57.9%)

No: 29,256 (42%)

PROPOSITION 4: Replace fire ladder truck, make fire department facility improvements and expand the shop in the Anchorage Fire Service Area

Yes: 46,701(66.3%)

No: 23,656 (33.6%)

PROPOSITION 5: Improve trails, parks, playground and parking

Yes: 36,602 (54.1%)

No: 31,853 (45.8%)

PROPOSITION 6: Acquire new police vehicles and make capital improvements in the Police Service Area

Yes: 37,705 (54.7%)

No: 31,202 (45.2%)

PROPOSITION 7: Make capital improvements for Anchorage Senior Activity Center and Chugiak-Eagle River Senior Center and Loussac and Mt. View libraries

Yes: 38,483 (55.5%)

No: 30,743 (44.4%)

PROP. 8: Replace ambulances and cardiac monitors, improve transit facilities, replace transit vehicles and support equipment, update automated operating information systems, make bus stop and related improvements

Yes: 41,035 (59.2%)

No: 28,210 (40.7%)

PROP. NO. 9: Rent or leasing cardiac monitors, chest compression systems, automated external defibrillators (AEDs), power gurney systems, and other emergency medical equipment and systems

Yes: 45,486 (65.5%)

No: 23,921 (34.4%)

PROP. 10: Construct community building to replace Glacier City Hall and Little Bears

Yes: 31,709 (46.7%)

No: 36,079 (53.2%)

PROP. 11: Allow marijuana stores to let customers smoke marijuana on site.

Yes: 25,572 (36.6%)

No: 44,118 (63.3%)

PROP. 12: Add one additional assembly member to make a total of 12

Yes: 39,896 (59.5%)

No: 27,148 (40.4%)

PROP. 13: Implement 5% alcohol sales tax to fund police, criminal justice personnel and first responders, combat child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence, fund substance abuse treatment, fund mental and behavioral health programs; address homelessness

Yes: 35,467 (51.2%)

No: 33,753 (48.7%)

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Liberal candidates, increased taxes appear to narrowly win in Anchorage

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.