We cannot let hate mongers govern us

    It looks like the left has started a revolution, backed by the Soros-funded terrorist group ANTIFA which is co-opting some of the protests by Black Lives Matter and inciting violence.

    In some instances weapons have been delivered by hand. Here’s a link to a story of a heroic black woman chastising white people packed into a Mercedes and handing out bricks to black kids.

    One particularly disturbing event involved rioters setting a building on fire that contained a child inside. They wouldn’t let police get to the building. Thankfully, police eventually got through and rescue the child. Business owners have also been killed and beat, and there has been numerous violent incidents against cops:

    In addition to attacks on police there have been 11 known deaths in the riots, not counting the rising murder rate while cops deal with the riots. Most of this is left unreported by the media, a trend which is highlighted by one famous clip of a news-reporter claiming the riots are peaceful protests while he stands in front of a burning building. Most liberal governors and mayors are doing very little while their cities burn (though they’ve had no problem ticketing people for going to church and doing other peaceful things this last month).

    The left lives on hate of those who believe in family values and peaceful business interactions.

    In response to this violence, President Trump delivered a powerful message at the White House on June 1. He said, “I will fight to protect you.” He is also now going to designate ANTIFA as a domestic terrorist organization.

    The left is jumping all over him, wanting the violence to continue so as to affect the upcoming election. After his speech, Trump crossed the road to St. John’s Church across from the White House and stood there with a Bible in his hand. Boy did that get the commentators going.

    The one constant about today’s media is their hatred of God. We see it every day. Their only message is “Orange Man Bad,” and they refuse to tell people the truth of what’s going on. The left lives on hate of those who believe in family values and peaceful business interactions.

    I can’t possibly list all the stuff going on out there right now. Like the video taken in Van Nuys where the cops came and arrested business owners who were trying to protect their property. Or the businessman killed while trying to protect his store. Or the businesswoman beat savagely with a 2×4, after she tried to talk rioters out of destroying her store. This is the hatred of the left.

    Our nation is at a critical point. In a few months we will hold elections of profound consequence

    In Fairbanks there was a peaceful protest with no violence. There was still some hatred out there though. A local coffee stand decided that they didn’t want any Trump-supporting customers and destroyed a young man’s food which he purchased there. He was told not to come back. The leftist running the stand then jumped on social media to tell everyone about it, called the man names and revealed information from his credit card transaction. While I have destroyed my coffee card there and won’t be back, leftists who thrive on that kind of animus gave it plenty of business today.

    This is the same mindset that pushed for the SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity) ordinance last year. Their only goal was to shut down all thought that didn’t comport with their own. They hate God, so they don’t care about the Golden Rule or love of neighbor. That is truly what their brand of fascism is: hatred.
    Not wanting this whole article to just focus on the negative, here’s a positive thing that happened (and yes there are more good stories like this).

    Peaceful protesters in D.C. tackle an Antifa rioter and handed him over to the police for trying to turn things violent. He was smashing the pavement so people could have objects to throw at the police. And like this one, where a town fought back against ANTIFA and drove them out.

    Our nation is at a critical point. In a few months we will hold elections of profound consequence. This is an opportunity to peacefully decide – through local, state and national contests – who will govern.

    The writer is an engineer, born and raised in Fairbanks. He is a former member of the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly.

    Lance Roberts
    Lance Roberts
    Lance Roberts was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska. He is a professional engineer with three degrees from UAF. He has served on the State Central Committee of the Republican party and has served two terms on the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly. He is currently a member of the State Local Boundary Commission. Lance is still involved actively in local and state politics and publishes the Fairbanks Conservatives newsletter.

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