2020 exposed a festering disease in America

This past winter the world began to change before our very eyes as the specter of an unknown global pandemic struck fear into the hearts of men. Lockdowns and closures – unthinkable in modern America – reshaped our lives overnight. Whole sectors of
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Radical socialists aim to usher in a new regime on Nov. 3

I was reading a prominent American sociologist Charles Murray’s book, “Losing ground: American social policy, 1950–1980,” which is about the terrible failures of the huge federal programs of the mid-1960s through 1980 (last year of Murray’s
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We cannot let hate mongers govern us

It looks like the left has started a revolution, backed by the Soros-funded terrorist group ANTIFA which is co-opting some of the protests by Black Lives Matter and inciting violence. In some instances weapons have been delivered by hand. Here’s a link to a