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The day before the Anchorage Assembly takes up debate over an ordinance to outlaw counseling for minors with unwanted same-sex attraction, a conference will occur in Anchorage to help equip parents to take a stand against the measure.

Hosted by the Alaska Family Council, the Anchorage Baptist Temple and Alliance Defending Freedom, the conference is set for Monday, July 27, from 12-1:30 p.m. The event will be both in-person and via Zoom teleconference. In-person participants will gather at the VIP room in Anchorage Baptist Temple, which is located at 6401 E. Northern Lights. Directions to the room will be posted at the main enterance.
According to an announcement the goal is to “provide an analysis of this harmful ordinance along with opportunities for Q & A.”

This ordinance strikes at the very heart of religious freedom, parental rights, counselor and patient confidentiality and choice.

At issue is a measure introduced by the three openly gay members of the Anchorage Assembly. During the July 28 Assembly meeting they aim to pass a law that would prohibit Anchorage counselors, therapists, psychologists or health care providers from helping a minor work through unwanted same-sex attraction. It also prohibits counseling that helps a person reconcile and identify with their actual biological sex. The ban would outlaw therapists or counselors from telling a minor that same-sex activity or identifying as the opposite sex is harmful or should be resisted. Anyone found in violation of the proposed law would be subject to a daily fine of $500.

“Let us be clear that there have been damaging, unbiblical and reprehensible methods used by some, in the name of Christ unfortunately, to eliminate someone’s struggles with same-sex attraction or gender confusion,” an email from the Alaska Family Council states. “Christians should, of course, condemn any form of child abuse performed or conducted for any reason, including electrical shocks, cold water exposure, sleep deprivation, shouting, or any form of torture, intimidation or coercion, which is what these practices are.”

But the proposed ordinance goes far beyond banning these controversial forms of so-called “conversion therapy.” It also bans basic talk therapy and counseling for those dealing with unwanted same-sex attraction. If it passes, the only legal therapy dealing with these issues would be forms that support same-sex attraction and gender fluidity.

“This ordinance strikes at the very heart of religious freedom, parental rights, counselor and patient confidentiality and choice,” the Alaska Family Council email states. “It is breathtaking in its scope and it is something every pastor, counselor and advocate of client/patient rights should be concerned about.  Frankly, all Alaskans should be opposed to it.”


  • What: Conference to discuss Anchorage Assembly’s ordinance on counseling ban
  • When: Monday, July 27, at noon
  • Zoom meeting link
  • Meeting ID: 910 6523 0884
  • Passcode: 07272020

Due to COVID-19 concerns the Assembly will not allow in-person participation during the July 28 meeting, which begins at 5 p.m.

  • PHONE COMMENTS: If you wish to provide testimony via phone, email Testimony@anchorageak.govby 2 p.m. on July 28. The email should include a name, phone number, agenda item number. The email subject line should state, “Phone Testimony.” When the Assembly reaches this agenda item, the clerk will phone you the number provided. Each person will have three minutes to provide testimony.
  • EMAIL COMMENTS: Anyone wishing to provide public testimony can email written comments to Testimony@anchorageak.govby 2 p.m. on July 28. These comments will become part of the meeting record. In the email subject line, indicate which agenda item you are providing testimony for (AO No. 2020-65).

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Workshop looks to help Anchorage defend parental rights in face of proposed LGBT ordinance

Joel Davidson
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