Pro-Trump rallies scheduled in Palmer, Big Lake and Homer

    A group called Bikers for Trump is putting on three rallies this month in Southcentral Alaska. Each event features singers Kenny Lee and Stephen Patrick.

    Kenny Lee

    Lee was recognized by President Trump for his campaign song “Trump Card” during the 2016 presidential campaign. Lee is also known for his 2020 campaign song “We’re all Trumped Up,” and another called “The Flag.”

    Patrick is a local Alaskan recording artist traveling with the “We’re All Trumped Up” tour, a national campaign which is coordinated with the 360,000-member Bikers for Trump. Patrick is a member of the biker group.

    Below is a description of each event.

    • Sept. 18, Spurs Bar & Grill (8000 East Palmer-Wasilla Hwy), doors open at 6:30 p.m. Special guest is local singer Tyson Cole
    • Sept. 19, Big Lake Lions Club Community Center (2942 Lions Circle), doors open at 6:30 p.m. Special guests include Sen. Shelley Hughes, Sen. David Wilson, John Nelson and Mike Alexander.
    • Sept. 21, Lands End Resort (4786 Home Spit Road) with doors opening at 6:30 p.m.

    Vendors are welcome. For more information about the events, call Stephen Patrick at (907) 382-9253. A donation of $10 is suggested at each event.

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    1. The rally was great with Governor Dunleavy. Senator Sullivan and Mr Wilson really enjoyed the event. Uplifting, entertaining and food was also available. It’s nice to be involved with like-minded Alaskans. Its about time people stood up loud and proud for our country.

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