Like it or not, the Governor and his cabinet are not going to go into your town and start overriding local elected officials, even if their mandates and policies are blatantly unconstitutional. You elected your mayor, your assembly, your city council. May this pandemic do one thing positive for Alaska, and that is to decrease the apathy and nihilism so many feel regarding local elections.

9.18 > Fixing Local Politics

Jake Libbey
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  • David says:

    I complement your insights and enjoy hearing them
    Thoughts I have regarding a defense of Dunleavy
    No he should not become a tyrant himself
    What he should do is lead by example
    Reduce the size of what is under his jurisdiction as he promised ( no one is preventing him from doing this) what’s his excuse for not keeping his promise? There’s many more things I could bring up a long these lines, but for now let’s see if he can get his act and example in place