Sabrena Combs, a self-described “progressive” running for re-election on the Palmer City Council, is frustrated by her conservative colleagues and hopes the Oct. 6 election will swing leadership of the small town to the left.

Sabrena Combs

In a recent interview, which was posted Sept. 20 on Radio Free Palmer, she was asked about the difficulties of serving on the city council, especially as it relates to her political differences with fellow members.

It’s unclear what she means by ‘progressive,’ a term liberal Democrats use when referring to a litany of political agendas.

“Unfortunately, this has been the most divisive thing among our group,” she complained on air. “Even starting the year that I ran in 2017, it was very clear that the more conservative members of the council were concerned about a more progressive person being on the council. I consider myself to be pretty progressive and unfortunately those lines have really been drawn.”

Sabrena Combs is one of three candidates vying for two open seats. The others are longtime resident Linda Combs and newcomer Brian Daniels. Daniels and Sabrena Combs have cast themselves as younger alternatives, and their campaign signs regularly appear together.

The Watchman sent survey questions to each of the candidates to get their perspective on hot-button social issues which the mainstream media rarely asks about. Only Linda Combs, who is running for re-election, responded. Her answers can be read here.

In her radio interview Sabrena Combs indicated that she has a hard time getting along with conservatives on the Palmer City Council, claiming there is “a lot of divisiveness among us” and expressing frustration that her progressive ideas are often “shot down.” She said the council needs a “more open-minded group of people” if its every going to be “more progressive.”

It’s unclear what she means by “progressive,” a term liberal Democrats use when referring to a litany of political stances.

In going door-to-door, Sabrena Combs said she prefers not to divulge whether she is Republican or Democrat, or whether she supports Donald Trump or Joe Biden for president. Those are questions she sees as divisive and irrelevant to local government.

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‘Progressive’ Palmer City Council candidate complains of ‘divisive’ conservatives

Joel Davidson
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