Rather than clearly identifying support for abortion as an intrinsic evil, the voter guide asks Alaskans to ponder whether a candidate will “support policies that provide women in difficult pregnancies with pre- and post-natal care, transportation and employment assistance.”

A confusing follow up question again suggests that abortion is one of many things to consider before voting. It asks voters to ponder whether a candidate will oppose “abortion, racism, assisted suicide, euthanasia, the death penalty, embryonic stem cell research, and violence.”

After briefly addressing pro-life issues, the Alaska voter guide moves on to religious liberty, the creation of Alaska jobs, low income housing, educational tax credits, public education, affordable health care for low income families, immigration reform, climate change and the protection of marriage.

Nowhere does the guide ever suggest an order of importance when weighing these issues.

10.24 > Milquetoast Guidance

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Sharon Turner says:

    Hello Watchman: this great grandma would reverse order the above list starting with abortion being the most violent kind of death penalty sentence against the most innocent persons, the culture of death would call it a type of both euthanasia and assisted suicide! Yes, their view is that life is not sacred, and souls not eternal.. that all human life it negotiable and expendable! Abortion absolutely racism in action. A huge percentage of “Black” babies are aborted compaed to Black population. In some “liberal run” cities and states.. many neighborhoods have a rate of abortions to pregnancies above 55%. Abortion is NOT health care, as pregnancies are not a disease or sickness. And.. years ago the stem cell debate was argued by renowned medical researchers and only one Doctor was staunchly unwaivering pro “embryonic” stem cells versus ‘viability of stem cells at any stage of human development.. *this is on the Congressional record. Lastly: the worst argument for killing? Rape and incest, (*as a cloudy excuse) doesn’t hold.. as no matter the underlying reasons. The smallest person is 100% innocent in any circumstance. Thank you, God bless you and your family. Please pray for and bless me and mine. Sincerely, Sharon Turner (907) 222-6928

  • Lou Anne Curley says:

    Thank you Joel for calling out the Archdiocese of Juneau-Anchorage on that Voter Guide.
    While the whole world is still rightfully shocked and appalled at the thousands of horrific killings of and “medical research” on men, women and children during WWII Holocaust, there is no such outcry against the cutting off of arms and legs, crushing of heads and mangling bodies of the 61 MILLION innocent human beings in the 50 years since Roe v Wade. The majority of these victims are people of color and we cry “Black Lives Matter” ! If one believes that then why are so many mute on this horror??! All the other justice issues such as immigration, fair housing and employment, equal medical care, spousal and child abuse, human trafficking all come down to no respect for human life which has it’s origin in abortion. If we can turn a blind eye to this mass killing of the smallest, voiceless innocents then all the rest happens so very easily.