There is perhaps no greater pillar to our Republic than our shared faith in honest elections. It’s how we transfer power. You don’t bolster or restore shaken confidence by sweeping difficult questions under the rug, but instead by bringing everything into the light. I can assure you, for a massive amount of this state and country faith in our elections is hanging by a ragged thread, and if the papering over of windows, the statistically impossible dominion vote injections in the wee hours of election night, duffelbags full of biden votes where the voter didn’t bother with ANY item except the presidency, and countless other voting shenanigans across the country are not addressed, if it is all swept under the proverbial rug with a wink and just trust government we’re here to help, that thread will break and it will not be resewn without a LOT of people behind bars. And that’s the civil scenario.

If Kevin Meyer spent less time deflecting questions about Dominion and instead proactively investigated whether there is even the opportunity to alter vote counts by Dominion, or anyone else via their technology, he wouldn’t have to waste government money slapping together PR videos with the express goal of turning us concerned citizens into the boogeyman. Do your one and only job Lieutenant Governor Meyer.

12.3 > Meyer needs to do his JOB

Jake Libbey
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  • Vicki Riendl says:

    Thank you Mr Libbey, for hopefully nudging Mr. Meyer to actually do some investigative work and earn his pay. The last thing We The People want to hear from the government right now is don’t worry, we’ve got this. Not since 1776 have we been so ripe for bloody conflict, but never before has the government and media worked so diligently to divide us in every way imaginable. These are perilous times that require transparency and honesty to move us forward.

  • Ruth and Jon Ewig says:

    Yes! Exactly our thoughts. Kevin has no clue whether things are altered. Noone can know without actually examining the machines at length. Our military are helping throughout the country as it is their job to decode the enemy, etc. We do not believe Kevin as the final authority when he is just making noise but not looking into this seriously.

  • JET says:

    Jesus Christ is Lord! He is ultimately in control, but we men must understand, America is under attack by the third world Democrat party. “Win at any cost”, should be their motto. They, the “progressives” are doing anything but progressing, they are clearly regressing to primitive, uncivilized means to accomplish their wicked, totalitarian, oppressive, neo-slave state. Every bad thing they point out of their opposition, is actually the projection of their inner base, ie racism, anti-semitism, ect. ect. They are a fear mongering organism, and people who have weak personalities, or who play into the left’s politically correct , God hating agenda, will cow under the pressure of the screaming demons, because their focus on Truth and the Holy Will of God is clouded by their own ignorance, or unwillingness to sacrifice for the greater good. Keven Meyer can do the right thing, but as of now he is taking the easy road by denying the truth about the corruption that is right before him, that would be the wide and easy path to perdition. Truth can only be denied by a lie!
    In God we trust

  • Dave Maxwell says:

    Thank God for you Jake
    This gift of discernment you have given the people has been missed and is imperative to our
    The church and its members ought to embrace the entirety of what you just did in this video
    Thank you from my heart which has been longing for this type of truth expressed with the needed confrontational attitude
    God Bless the Watchman, our state, and our nation

  • Jennyjo1115 says:

    Awesome analogy! Keep ’em coming. I’d love to see you on Parler.

  • NAV says:

    The voting system in Wasilla was rigged is my opinion to hijack proposition 2 and retain all the LIBERAL judges. They would not answer why they collected all the ballots in a box instead of in the past you run your vote in the machine before you left.
    Lt. Gov. Meyer is as corrupt as the DNC Alaskans have witnessed voter fraud and you now all Alaskans information if you are registered has been hacked.

  • Dan O says:

    I am struggling to believe that Lt. Gov Meyer has any interest in determining if any type of fraud occurred in the election in Alaska. In addition to the questionable reliability of Dominion voting systems, he does not even appear to be curious as to why the rejection rate on mail in ballots dropped precipitously between the 2018 and 2020 elections. Ballotopedia lists Alaska mail in ballot rejection rates of 3.17%, 3.0% and 0.87% in 2016, 2018 and 2020 respectively. With the substantial increase in the amount of mail in ballots submitted in the most recent election, a casual observer would expect rejection rates to increase, not decrease nearly four fold.
    In addition, he does not show any curiosity about the high voter turnout of nearly 70% combined with the fact that the number of registered voters is approximately 110% of the total population of Alaska over 17 years old. Throw in felons and non citizens who are not eligible to vote and that percentage is probably closer to 115-120%.. Of course the amount of registered voters is always less than the amount of eligible voters. Even if one assumes a phenomenally high ratio of registered to eligible of 90%, this would calculate out to a voter turnout in excess of 90%, which is pretty much unheard of. Perhaps he could investigate whether the data breach was used to provide a list of voters names to place on fraudulent mail in ballots rather than making the nonsensical statement that the theft of these data was for “purpose of propaganda”.
    I suspect these are some of the reasons why the State House went from about 75% Republican on the night of Nov 3 to the just one seat majority that the Lt Governor found credible to certify. This will become crucial to freedom in Alaska if Joe Biden, a man so popular with his party that he badly lost primaries in the first two states elections, manages somehow to become the president of the United States, despite the overwhelming evidence that his margin of “victory” was due to fraudulently submitted and counted ballots. If that occurs our only protection from tyranny imposed by a government, who will be immune to losing elections due to federal government sanctified overwhelming voter fraud, will be our State government. If freedom loving members of the legislature and executive branch are supplanted by little tyrants such as Anchorages’ current mayor, constitutional rights will become a thing of the past as has been amply exhibited during the multiple and never ending Covid restrictions.