There is perhaps no greater pillar to our Republic than our shared faith in honest elections. It’s how we transfer power. You don’t bolster or restore shaken confidence by sweeping difficult questions under the rug, but instead by bringing everything into the light. I can assure you, for a massive amount of this state and country faith in our elections is hanging by a ragged thread, and if the papering over of windows, the statistically impossible dominion vote injections in the wee hours of election night, duffelbags full of biden votes where the voter didn’t bother with ANY item except the presidency, and countless other voting shenanigans across the country are not addressed, if it is all swept under the proverbial rug with a wink and just trust government we’re here to help, that thread will break and it will not be resewn without a LOT of people behind bars. And that’s the civil scenario.

If Kevin Meyer spent less time deflecting questions about Dominion and instead proactively investigated whether there is even the opportunity to alter vote counts by Dominion, or anyone else via their technology, he wouldn’t have to waste government money slapping together PR videos with the express goal of turning us concerned citizens into the boogeyman. Do your one and only job Lieutenant Governor Meyer.

12.3 > Meyer needs to do his JOB

Jake Libbey
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