It appears former local FOX/ABC reporter Maria Athens either has nothing more to share about former Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz or is unwilling to actually go public.

Nearly a month and a half after posting a video claiming she had evidence that Berkowitz posted x-rated photos on an underage girl’s website,” Athens reemerged with a Nov. 30 Twitter post suggesting she was finally ready to tell her story on Dec. 1. The tweet included a photo of her in front of the FOX/ABC studies with the words “REDEMPTION TOMORROW.”

The Watchman reported on the tweet, but Athens never went on air and her Twitter and Facebook accounts were subsequently deleted this week. She has also failed to respond to or answer any questions on the matter.

In October Athens’ initial allegations against Berkowitz included her posting a photo which showed the back of a naked man who resembled the mayor. At the time, she said she would deliver a damning report exposing nefarious deeds by Berkowitz.

The station Athens works for never aired her story at the time. The night she was to broadcast, Athens was arrested by Anchorage Police for disorderly conduct in the station’s parking lot. She was released after posting a $100 bail on Oct. 11.

Berkowitz, who is married to Mara Kimmel and has two daughters, immediately issued a statement saying the allegations were “slanderous” and “categorically false.” His administration called Athens’ claims a product of someone who is “hostile and unwell.”

Berkowitz also released an angry and threatening voicemail he received from Athens just before she attempted to go on air with her allegations in October. The Alaska Landmine blog quickly published the audio of the voicemail.

On Oct. 12, however, Berkowitz issued an apology to Anchorage citizens and admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with Athens. He did not directly address the allegation that he posted x-rated photos except to say that he did not commit any crimes and had only engaged in a “consensual, inappropriate messaging relationship with reporter Maria Athens.” Berkowitz added that the ”Anchorage Police Department and FBI and found no evidence of criminal conduct.”

One day later, however, the mayor announced that he was resigning from office on Oct. 23. He has since been replaced by Assemblywoman Austin Quinn-Davidson, who was chosen by the Anchorage Assembly to take over as the unelected “acting mayor” of Anchorage.

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Athens disappears after claiming she had a story to tell about former Anchorage mayor

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • NAV says:

    Best look to see if she is still breathing

  • Sharon Turner says:

    ..this made me go back many years to Mara Kimmel’s killing a native gentleman with her automobile.. then rather that rendering aid, and or even calling 911.. was calling someone else from her phone while the poor man was declared deceased! She claimed the sun was in her eyes.. which at the time of year and early in the day..was never challenged. To add to pain of the man’s family and their subsequent lawsuit against her.. she commented that they were mone grubbers of words to that effect. And worst of all the local police ‘seemed’ to treat her with kid gloves.. and not fully pursue the matter! In Anchorage, as elsewhere.. instead of equal justice under the laws long on the books.. seems to me that “Rank”, title’ or position does have it’s privilege over us lowly everyday citizens. This may have been swept away by a very large broom?

    • Herman Nelson says:

      Ask mark Begich. He was mayor at the time. Good communist er- democrat to!

    • Bill Allen says:

      Ms Athens was recently charged with her 2nd DUI. Seems like a careless disregard for public safety to me. I thought it was the Christian way to turn the other cheek, to forgive and accept. You don’t seem like a very good Christian to me, digging this up and dragging it through the internet mud. Why can’t you give Mara Kimmel some peace ? Do you think that she feels good about what she did ? How long is she going to continue to suffer ? Her children can read this, her entire family can read this, and you jokers think that this is right ? If this this is Joel Davidson’s versos of what it means to be a good Christian, then I’m glad that I swore off this horrible religion years ago. Shameful, Davidson, you are simply shameful for publishing this garbage. I truly hope that you rot in Hell for all of eternity

  • Sammy says: