Three weeks after discovering that Alaska’s Online Voter Registration System was hacked by nefarious outside actors, the Alaska Division of Elections produced and published a video against what it called dangerous “misinformation” being sowed by those concerned about the election.

Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer, who oversees Alaska’s elections, has already fielded numerous concerns about the state’s use of the controversial Dominion voting machines, which are known to be vulnerable to fraud and tampering. He has completely dismissed these issues about election security and went ahead and certified the results on Nov. 30. All the while, he knew that the online voter registration system had been hacked but kept this information from Alaskans.

While questions mounted as to why the state chose to use Dominion voting machines, Meyer had the Division of Elections produced its promotional video urging Alaskans to report what the state deems as “misinformation” that might undermine faith in the vote.

Alaska Division of Elections promotional video on “misinformation”

Posted on Facebook Nov. 17, the short video shows a woman walking down the street reading social media posts on her phone. She is visibly annoyed as the narrator quips, “Ugh, misinformation has made it a tough year for truth and facts. It spread on social media and through rumors faster than ever before.”

The narrator claims, “Misinformation just wants you to lose trust in the electoral process and outcome, but be vigilant – report it when you see it.”

The video continues with the woman opening to her laptop and going to the Division of Elections homepage where she appears to report on those who raise questions about the election. It ends by telling Alaskans to “follow the Division of Elections on Facebook and Twitter for fast, truthful information.”

The video’s description adds: “Sowing doubt about the integrity of the election process is as dangerous as actual voter fraud. Don’t let misinformation and disinformation guide you during this very important post-election period. FYI: There is no evidence of widespread fraud in any of the 50 states, including Alaska.”

The video has been viewed 1.5 thousand times and has been shared 16 times, including at least once by Meyer himself.

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State video suggests raising doubts about the election is akin to ‘misinformation’

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • George Young says:

    Yeah… I’m gonna have to say no to that, and ask the morons in charge to move their desks to the basement… and give me back my red stapler.

  • Lobomalo says:

    I went ahead and shared the link with the White House.

  • Kenneth L. Wells says:

    We’re dodgy AF. How dare you question our integrity!

  • Jim Scott says:

    The FIRST rule of propaganda: Anything that challenges it is PROPAGANDA.

    In a free society, in ‘these’ days, red beacons and klaxons should be alarming whenever you hear any rhetoric suggesting any other rhetoric should be suppressed. The people can discern truth from lie, just like determine their own risk assessment. We’re seeing agenda’s taken right out Chinese Communist Party Strategies for Dummies.

    The fall of the Soviet Union was the beginning of he end of the US. Without a standard of evil government to glaringly aspire NOT to become, the embedded and infiltrated enemies to American Constitutional ideology have had a generation to pervert the minds of the young who don’t remember, unimpuned.

  • Mongo Like Candy says:

    Classic Propaganda. Question is, is this what we should expect from a “Republican” Administration? Sadly, yes this is what I expect out of AWOL Mike and Governor Anne Zink.

  • john otness says:

    Here let Billionaire Patrick Byrne Chairman of Overstock.Com explain how whoever allowed Dominion into our States are complicit in a communist takeover plot….. Alaskas Judges that allowed the integrity of the Vote are in for a rough ride when they get grilled for tossing any guidelines to mail in voting…. Byrne explains that they have known for months that these anti American enemies would be making their move and he assembled a SUPER team of Cyber sleuths to nail these vile scum in the act…. President Trump in the real numbers received 410 electoral votes…. Gitmo was not completely redesigned for no reason….. give up hope… The Calvary had ridden in months ago .

  • NAV says:

    Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer is my guess neck deep in the dominion machines being allowed in the state Alaska needs to file in the state supreme court

  • AKisFookt says:

    So our elections are provably corrupted, and the republicans plan is to “do better next time”
    There is no next time you cowards!

  • VECO Bill says:

    Here come the smooth brained idiots who are too stupid to realize that they’re being duped. Trump is employing a classic Russian propaganda technique called firehosing, and each and everyone of you morons is falling for it. Oh, to be so gullible…..

  • Rhonda Stark says:

    Illusory truth effect – tendency to believe false information to be correct after repeated exposure.
    So, a typical election – the date arrives, one goes to their polling place and votes. Then with anticipation, many of us start looking for results a couple hours after the polls close. The numbers start trickling in and give an indication on the progress of the outcome. The following morning, typically, we check a local news source, or the division of elections page, and know the outcome.
    Not this year. This year, everything seemed normal and then a bizarre process of vote counting that lasted for weeks commenced. Erroneous mysterious mail in ballots …… and amazingly all leaning left…..despite a live voting count that was strongly right. And we are to accept all is well? Seriously? I am sorry, the video reported on above is illusory propaganda and I for one do not buy it. There was fraud in our election without a E should be a forensic investigation. Mail in voting should be illegal and picture I’d should be required to vote.