Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer

Do you trust Alaska politics anymore?

If there is no trust, we cannot function as a society. Do you trust your doctor’s mainstream medicine advice anymore? Do you trust the mainstream educational agenda? Do you trust the mainstream military leadership? Do you trust your mainstream religious

Alaska’s voter registration system hacked – data exposed

As early as Oct. 27, Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer was aware that Alaska was the victim of data exposure by outside actors targeting the Division of Elections Online Voter Registration System, which was built and maintained by an outside vendor and operated by the

Are Alaska’s Elections Clean?

In the wake of this critical moment in history, a stolen presidential election, a nakedly exposed, billionaire-funded socialist revolution, with paid thugs waiting to riot if they do not get their way, and the complicit mainstream media’s role in

Some Alaska recounts underway, but voters can request more

A number of Alaska contests were razor close in the recent general election, leading many to wonder whether the state will conduct recounts of certain races. Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer said he will do a full audit of the highly controversial Ballot Measure 2