If the first round of pre-filed bills is any indication then the upcoming session of the Alaska Legislature will likely entail heated debates over some of the most hotly contested issues of the day.

Alaska lawmakers had their first crack at filing bills on June 8.  A total of 95 bills and resolutions were sent in dealing with abortion, PFD, policing standards, LGBTQ non-discrimination laws, judicial reform and judge selection, violations of the Open Meetings Act, the binding caucus, audits on how CARES Act funds were spent and much, much more. The second set of pre-filed bills will be released on Jan. 15.

The 32nd Legislature will convene on Jan. 19, but due to COVID concerns, members of the public are barred from entering the State Capitol. In addition, the press will be banned from entering either the Senate or House chambers. These rules will be in effect until the 32nd Legislature gavels into session. At that point, the rules may be changed by the new Legislature.


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AK legislators file bills on abortion, PFD, policing, LGBTQ, judge selection, open meetings, binding caucus & more

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Ed Martin Jr says:

    Thank you ALASKAWATCHMAN our first line in the voice of liberty!! We will track what Juneau does very closely as our voices are more then ever needed today . God Bless your guys! Liberty Ed

  • Therese Syren says:

    Amen to that Ed!

  • Bill says:

    So how many seditious people are you aware of that breached the capital doors.
    Trying to hide under your thin veil of abortion won’t work. Looking right at your Treasonous ass. Wondering what it took to turn your back on your country.

  • Nunya says:

    I’m in Anchorage and there is literally no political organizing (that I can find) up here. We just moved here from the lower 48 and we are shocked at how much Anchorage (or Los Anchorage, as we now call it) looks like California. The people of Alaska need to wake up and start removing the rinos that will ultimately ruin this state. You can respond to this comment with hatred are disdain, but the fact remains, this state is governed by the 9th district court. The only thing that is saving this state is winter climate and constitutional carry gun laws. We need to get better politicians into office.

    • NAV says:

      Elections in Alaska are tainted with corruption there is no way the Alaskan people voted for open primaries in the last election.
      As we questioned why are ballets in the valley went into a cardboard box and were told to move on with out an answer. And when a judge can rule to ignore a law on the books because he has political bias and then within months of ruling UNCONSTITUTIONALLY and totally ignore the letter of the law change the the law with intent!!! Your speaking to the choir.
      The political standing in Alaska is what’s in it for me and when I get there to heck with you!!!


    The most POWERFUL weapon is prayer!!