A liberal-minded person was once understood to be someone who invited vigorous debate over controversial ideas, someone who listened to opposing arguments and calmly followed the logic wherever it led – even if that meant rethinking one’s core beliefs.

In fact, that was long considered one of the hallmarks of a college education. Young men and women tested childhood beliefs through late-night discussions and challenging courses – reading writers from varying philosophical and moral camps. Many look back on those days as some of the most invigorating of their lives. It’s where they began thinking for themselves and truly became men and women in their own right.

Those days are largely gone. We are now told that students mustn’t be triggered by difficult discussions. Schools in Alaska and around the nation have “Safe Zones” – little bubbles where conservative views are banned and labeled as “hate speech.”

It’s no longer acceptable to question whether someone can change their sex, whether a fetus might be an unborn human baby, whether traditional religious values still have a place in a representative democracy.

Schools, including districts in Alaska, are rolling out mandatory diversity training sessions to cleanse the brain of anyone who darkens the doors of a public school.

Those who questions the idea that our nation is rotten to the core with racism are now akin to a KKK member.

In Anchorage the city recently banned counselors from even discussing how a minor might resist unwanted same-sex attraction or live in accord with their given biology. Cross this line and you can now be sued out of business.

We also see bakers and photographers losing their livelihoods if they fail to use their craft to promote celebrations which violate their deeply held beliefs. A florist in Ketchikan came under fire this past summer when she politely declined to create flower arrangements for a gay wedding. She couldn’t do it in good conscience and so the city passed a law with the aim of forcing her to comply.

As to COVID, it has become intolerable to suggest that masks might not be the best way to deal with this virus, or that small businesses and churches should be allowed to operate in the same manner as big box stores.

Reinterpreting American history is another key project. Those who questions the idea that our nation is rotten to the core with racism are now akin to a KKK member. This effort is facilitated by our publicly funded libraries, which more and more resemble reeducation camps for children. This month, Anchorage libraries roll out a community wide campaign to convince Alaskans that America was founded by racists and steeped in bigotry from the ground up.

With regards to serious concerns over election fraud, there seems to be zero concern and little curiosity from the mainstream media about late night vote surges in key battleground states, voting machines that can be programed to flip votes, or illegal ballot counting that occured after poll watchers were removed for the night. Nearly every leading news outlet dismisses these points with a single descriptor: “Unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud.” No amount of evidence changes the narrative.

Efforts are underway to unleash federal investigations of media outlets that push what political elites deem “fake news.”

As we move into a new stage of this ideological purge, Facebook and Twitter are banning thousands of conservative voices from their platforms including the president of the United States, Gen. Michael Flynn, attorney Sidney Powell, former White House adviser Steve Bannon, and talk radio hosts Mark Levin and Dan Bongino, among many others.

Any platforms that attempt to fill the void and provide an outlet for conservative voices are under coordinated attack. The free speech platform, Parler, was removed from Amazon, Apple and Google.

Already in the planning stages are efforts to unleash federal investigations of media outlets that push what political elites deem to be “fake news.” New York Democrat, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, recently said Congress is forming a commission to “reign in” outlets that sow what she and her allies consider “disinformation and misinformation.”

I wonder who will decide what falls into these categories?

All of this leads to the inevitable conclusion that newly empowered liberal elites are prepared to dramatically tighten the noose on citizens, businesses, churches, media outlets and other organizations.

As this great struggle for liberty unfolds, the Alaska Watchman is determined to provide a stark alternative to the mainstream media, but we need your help.

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In the year ahead we must redouble our efforts to make strong, reasoned arguments for the principles on which this world was created and this nation founded.

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As censorship police close in, we must redouble the defense of freedom

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Ed Martin Jr says:

    Joel, Here is what the Left Wok Fake Fakers are reporting ! Watch this Video that was posted on youtube and respond to it as we all need to understand how two fakes can con so many & can influence our populace in a 100 % Right of free speech !
    I was amazed at the other angle of thought! ! God Save The Republic! , Liberty Ed

  • Michael S Totten says:

    I was a student at kenai Penn college in 2013 and the English teacher told me that I couldn’t use a specific book as a reference point to my research paper because it wasn’t on HER list of approved PUBLISHED authors. This was right after I had to educate a student in the same class that the boston bombing was NOT the biggest terrorist attack in american history and I told them all about pearl harbor. The student became staunchly offended when I challenged the lie she had been taught let’s just say I ended up withdrawing my attendance at KPC. during same said semester the administration fired my sociology professor because he ACTUALLY told the truth about things. I never stepped foot back in KPC again and i hear they’re going broke now. Good for them!

  • Alberto Brandolini says:

    Censorship police ? Anti racism is racism?
    This publication is proof that there is no censorship police.
    Yellow journalism is alive and well and writing nonsense article about censorship.
    What a joke

  • Elizabeth says:

    Ok in all of this, why would anyone leave their kids in public school? Tossing that out there. We need to promote private education and home education. If there was an exodus from the PS system it would speak massive volumes. Our children are being indoctrinated snd brainwashed. What we are seeing now are the fruits of generations of the PS system snd the university system that just picks up where the public schools leave off.

    I cringe when I hear our conservative politicians blindly falling in step with annually dumping more and more money into the PS black hole.

    PS, I actually have a degree in elementary education with a science endorsement. I taught for a few years and decided I didn’t want any part of it. We homeschooled our kids and lived on a tight budget. So worth it. They were prepared to weather the attempted brainwashing of their perspective universities and emerged unscathed because they had a solid truth based and academic foundation. Today parents have a myriad of choices and there is so much support out there and amazing curriculum anyone can home educate successfully if they have the desire.

    • David Boyle says:

      Thanks Elizabeth for being an educator and teaching your children as well. There is a severe lack of private schools in AK. I don’t know why the current private schools have not stepped up to the challenge of increasing their size and/or adding additional private schools. The demand is there. The supply is severely limited

  • G Aleution says:

    You don’t even allow free speech. All my comments get deleted just like ADN. CANCEL CULTURE EVERYWHERE. SICK OF IT.