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The Municipality of Anchorage has renewed its partnership with a left-leaning political activist group to inform voters about candidates and ballot initiatives in the upcoming April 6 mail-in election.

The Anchorage Assembly approved the continued relationship with the League of Women Voters of Anchorage (LWV) with a 9-1 vote at its Jan. 12 meeting. Only Assemblywoman Jamie Allard was opposed.

Last April, the city’s website included a “Ballot Review” provided by the LWV. The local branch is part of a national group that advocates for liberal policy positions including abortion, carbon emission taxes, climate change regulations, gun control, abolishing the Electoral College, universal health care and a host of other issues in line with the more liberal elements of the Democratic Party.

According to their contract with the city, the LWV is supposed to provide a nonpartisan review of ballot measures and candidates, but the group is well known for pushing controversial political policies on both its website and Facebook pages.

“I know where the League of Women Voters leans and you’re telling me that they’re actually going to be nonpartisan in this issue in your opinion?”

Assemblywoman Jamie Allard

Before voting to award the $53,301 contract for the LWV to create the voter guide and mail it to every registered voter, Assemblywoman Crystal Kennedy said she thought she had heard of some problems with the LWV guides in the past, but she couldn’t immediately recall them.

Assemblyman John Weddleton then added that he hopes this year’s guide will be beefed up with greater details.

“Give us some analysis. Give us some candidate information like we typically had. Don’t give us the ballot just like we’re going to get in the mail,” he said. 

Assemblyman Christopher Constant also wanted more information on candidates running for office. 

“It would be great if we did include information about candidates,” he said.

Assemblywoman Allard, however, was skeptical about contracting with LWV.

“I know where the League of Women Voters leans and you’re telling me that they’re actually going to be nonpartisan in this issue in your opinion?” she said.

City Clerk Barbara Jones did not know how to respond to Allard’s question.

“Mrs. Allard I just can’t answer that question. I, um, I just don’t even know where to start,” she replied. “I’m sorry. If you have a specific question for me, I will try again, but I’m not sure I actually understand it.”

While the LWV guide from last April largely restated election information already on the city’s website, it also included self-promotion by adding the LWV contact information and a link to its website as well as a call to “like” and “share” its Facebook page.

While LWV refrains from endorsing specific candidates or parties, it does push controversial political policies on both its website and Facebook pages.

“The LWV of Anchorage also takes action on government measures and policies in the public interest,” the group’s bylaws state. Additionally, LWV allows board members to “be actively involved in campaigns” for candidates but prohibits them from serving as chairs or treasurers for groups that oppose League positions.

In the past, the LWV has argued before the Alaska Legislature in support letting Planned Parenthood teach sex education in public schools. They have also been vocal supporters abortion rights in Alaska,  and participated as an organization in the annual Women’s Marches that occur around the nation.

Nationally, the LWV includes more than 800 local chapters across the country.

Capitol Research Center, which tracks various influencers of public policy around the nation provides a detailed analysis of LWV’s history of backing liberal policies across the country.


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Left-leaning political activist group awarded 53K to produce ‘objective’ Anchorage voter guide

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Jana Moran says:

    This whole report just confirms that the Conservative Patriots have some work to do. We All can do something, even Praise and prayers are important.

    So, we take our Beloved USA back one state at a time !!

  • Alberto Brandolini says:

    Fear from knowledge
    Keep em dumb
    Just keep it like sports
    Red vs blue
    Or be intelligent and vote on the issues
    Why don’t conservatives just do the same thing ?
    Or maybe we know the reason why…

    • Alaska Voter says:

      A one side information packet is not the way to research the issues. You think Conservatives don’t research shows ignorance on your part I do not look at information that is provided by the Municipality I actually read the Bio’s, ballot initiatives before voting unlike some on the left that take what is given to them as God Truth.

    • Elizabeth Henry says:

      At the very least they have no business advertising their website or ‘liking’ on Facebook within the handbook they are sending out! That sounds like being able to campaign at the door of a polling place. Another left leaning double standard?

      • Alberto Brandolini says:

        Sounds like but it isn’t but keep reaching

      • Art Chance says:

        The should change the name of most chapters to the League of Leftist Women Voters. I’ve never really dealt with the one here in ANC, but had some dealings with the one in Juneau. They should have been called the Women’s Committee on Ideological Purity.

  • Cathie Dawson says:

    Well, if they are for something or someone, double check it out . I will most likely be against it

  • JET says:

    I hope no conservative in Anchorage ever expects to win another election in the Municipality again until the fraudulent mail in voting system, set up by ultra liberal Berkowitz, is done away with. Also the George Soros Prop. 2, which cheated it’s way in, through the fraudulent Dominion voting system here in Alaska. I hope I’m wrong, but these systems are biased toward the ultra liberal agenda, so I can almost guarantee the most liberal candidate will become our next mayor. Let’s pray hard that I’m wrong. God Bless America.

  • Ruth Ewig says:

    We have experienced the League of Women Voters here in Fairbanks. They pretend to be so generous volunteering their time to take the elderly to vote. Our uncle always uses the same leftist woman since they are friends. She is rabidly leftist and she may either accept his vote or throw it away if it is not her view. There is no one there to watch what she does. The league had a booth at the fair every year and they would advocate for no mean-spirited comments but what about our President Trump and the mean-spirited comments and lies about him. Not a word from the LWV. Must be a double standard. This is an evil group and nonprofit. I like Art Chance’s bettter label of The League of Leftist Women voters. The same thing with the NAACP which should be the NAALCP. Another so-called non-profit.