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In what is likely to happen more regularly, Sen. Lisa Murkowski once again broke with most of her Republican colleagues and voted, Jan. 26th, to proceed with an impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump.

Sen. Rand Paul raised a constitutional point of order against the entire notion that Congress has the constitutional power to impeach a president who is no longer in office. His procedural motion was voted down 55 to 45 with Murkowski and four other Republicans joining all the Democrats.

Sen. Paul said impeachment was intended to remove a sitting president from office, not to punish a private citizen.

“Impeachment is for removal from office, and the accused here has already left office,” Paul said just before the vote. “Hyperpartisan Democrats are about to drag our great country down into the gutter of rancor and vitriol, the likes of which has never been seen in our nation’s history.”

Trump’s political opponents, however, are pushing for impeachment to ensure that he can never run for office again.

In joining the Democrats to press forward, Murkowski indicated that she was unsure if the Senate even had the power to impeach a former president, but said she wanted to have a chance to fully debate the Constitutional grounds. She said her vote to proceed with the trial “affords members of the Senate the opportunity to thoughtfully consider this weighty institutional issue.”

The trial is set to begin Feb. 9 but Tuesday’s 55-45 vote is a strong indication that Democrats do do not have the numbers to convict Trump. It takes 67 votes to convict, which is two-thirds of the Senate.

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Murkowski votes to proceed with Trump impeachment trial

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Ed Martin Jr says:

    Traitor to the Republican Party & Traitor to Alaska ! Glen Clary in her corner ! He & She needs to go!

    • Gina Aquino says:

      She is totally wrong for Alaska and for holding any form of office of the USA!!! She has got to go and not soon enough.

  • Michael C Coons says:

    I truly hope the Socialist bring forward witnesses. That open the door for the President to call witnesses and that could and would take months! Nice thing if that happens, NO STUPID LAWS! NO GUN CONTROL. NO GREEN NEW DEAL! Etc. etc. etc.

  • Linda Cranney says:

    I say…let’s just IMPEACH MURKOWSKI! She’s as useful for Alaska as tits on a boar hog!!

  • President Dave Deplorable in Exile says:

    It time to get rid of her.

    Gets a nepotism senate seat and thinks she is someone. I cant stand her.

  • JET says:


  • Rebekah says:

    Sept 26?? This must be a typo. January 26?

  • Fred says:

    Murkowski is the partner of Pelosi having the same Jezebel spirit. Murkowski is a BIG BIG TRAITOR to Alaskans. Shame to this ugly woman.


    Lisa Murkowski has know Republican values… she knows it. She needs to be removed from her position.. now!!!

  • Barb Melland says:

    And Glen Clary laughingly insists Lisa is not a rino. Maybe because he is a rino, too. Alaska republican party leadership needs a purging. They have lost all credibility.

  • Sally says:

    Your done! Go away!!!

  • Steve says:

    If Lisa win another Republican primary I will for the first time in my life vote Democrat. I would recommend all Republican to bite the bullet and hire a Democrat to represent us in the Senate. It’s only six years and then we can elect a true Republican for the next term. The system is rigged and we need to play their game with our own strategy.

  • Rich Eide says:

    Lisa has never held up the Repub. Platform. Furthermore, now she imposes sexual orientation standards on traditional family value Alaskans. Like Steve said, I’d consider voting for ANYONE BUT HER, just to start over.

  • Ruth Ewig says:

    Lisa Murkowski cheated her way into Congress. The Dominion voting system was new in Alaska when she ran as a write in. She is supposedly a Catholic but she is a Catholic like Teddy Kennedy was a Catholic. She should be censored by our Republican leadership. She has no Truth in her. She has no sense of values or the underpinnings of our country. By the way, while serving in Juneau, she was known for her temper tantrums.

  • Ruth Ewig says:

    Our first move in this state is to sign the ban on ipetitions to get rid of the Dominion Voting System in Alaska. The second move is to replace Murkowski whose married last name is not Murkowski. We need to find a strong Patriot who understands our (Western civilization) and the original intent of the Constitution. We have the worse Senator in America and thanks to her we are stuck with Obamacare. We need to get rid of anyone in Republican leadership who does not stand up for right. We need a woman or man such as Arizona has. We need to be offensive in our Party, not defensive and cowering or intimidated.

  • R says:

    Senator Murkowski fails in “right thinking” – her own predgidices inform her decisions. This said impeachment is founded on unconstitutional procedure. Law and orderly considerations for congress and the courts have been corrupted for many decades now, while citizens have been too “busy” or too complacient to stand up for what has been embodied in America’s foundation.