The Alaska Senate voted April 19 to remove Sen. Lora Reinbold (R-Eagle River) from her powerful post as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The vote was 17-1 with Reinbold casting the only vote in her favor. Sen. Roger Holland (R-Anchorage) is the new chair of Senate Judiciary.

Prior to the Senate voting to accept her removal as chair, Reinbold rose to object. She gave an impassioned defense of her work as chair of the committee, stating that Senate leadership could not pinpoint a specific concern from the “random and isolated thoughts expressed by caucus members that would support a legitimate reason to remove me from my Judiciary chairmanship.” Reinbold added that taking away her chairmanship severs an agreement that the Republican caucus established for the current Legislative session.

Click above to watch Sen. Lora Reinbold’s speech given in her defense on the Senate floor. The talk begins at the 7:05 mark.

“Removing me as Judiciary chair is a very serious move,” she said. “I’ve received no formal complaints by members, no formal written concerns from leadership or members that have been brought before me and given me an opportunity to address.”

Senate Majority Leader Shelley Hughes said the reasoning behind Reinbold’s removal had mainly to do with what Hughes said were repeated and consistent violations of legislative rules governing decorum in the running of committee meetings and actions on the Senate floor. According to Hughes, this includes impugning the motives of fellow legislators and making demeaning comments to officials of the Dunleavy administration. Hughes said she and others in the Republican caucus have tried to work with Reinbold, but so far their efforts have come to naught. Her behavior, Hughes said, has created undue distractions in the Senate. If, however, Reinbold agrees to follow the rules of decorum, she will be restored to her Senate chairmanship, Hughes said.

Senate President Peter Micciche issued a statement on Reinbold’s removal, saying it was “a tough day” and expressing his hope that it “doesn’t have to be a permanent change, and we hope it’s not.”

Micciche echoed many of Hughes’ claims, saying that “the vast majority of caucus members have expressed concerns about the way committees are run and about the lack of respect for others in the building, including for other members, staff, and testifiers.”

“Until today, Senate Leadership had been resistant to changing the committee structure, as we believed we could improve the situation through internal dialogue,” he said of the Reinbold situation. “The vast majority of the caucus, however, recently made it clear that the status quo could not continue, and that something must be done.”

Micciche called Reinbold a “valued member of the Senate majority” and said he was “proud to have her on our team.”

On Monday evening, Reinbold categorically rejected Hughes’ claims that she had violated Legislative rules on decorum. She called Hughes’ criticisms “random frivolous accusations to justify her actions.”

Last month Reinbold caused a stir in the Legislature when she continued to wear a plastic face shield instead of a face mask, which Senate President Peter Micciche insisted she wear. That controversy seemed to have been resolved in recent weeks with Reinbold agreeing to wear a face shield that seals around the edges.

Reinbold’s April 19 speech made no mention of the mask controversy, but it did recount the turbulent interactions she has had with Gov. Mike Dunleavy and the executive branch over much of the current session. This included the scathing letter Dunleavy sent out in February accusing Reinbold of using her Judiciary chairmanship to unduly criticize his administration’s response to COVID.

The governor’s letter said he was directing members of his administration to have no interaction with Reinbold in her capacity as Judiciary chair during the session. This caused turmoil among Senate leadership as they tried to work out the differences.

During her floor speech, Reinbold recalled that she was “cornered by the executive branch” to sign an agreement before Dunleavy would agree to have his staff interact with her as the chair.

“I declined,” she told her Senate colleagues. “I take the separation of powers very seriously. The agreement the executive branch wanted me to sign may be an infraction on the legislative process. I said boundaries must be respected. This was executive branch overreach in the affairs of Senate Judiciary.”

Reinbold suggested that her removal as Judiciary chair “appear to be a request by the executive branch to not recognize me as chair of the Judiciary.”

Despite a frosty relationship with Dunleavy, Reinbold said she has remained committed to hearing the governor’s bills, which she had only formally received that morning – SB 53 and SJR 5, 6, and 7.

Speaking in her defense, Reinbold said she has only had one goal in mind as chair of the Judiciary – “to protect the constitutional rights of all Alaskans,” especially in the wake of a turbulent year which saw fundamental rights being violated to address COVID concerns.

“When it was clear to me that the people’s rights were being violated, I boldly spoke up,” she said. “Businesses have gone under that will never reopen. Jobs have been lost. Churches’ rights have been infringed upon by the executive branch mandates. Public and private schools have been closed for long periods of time by the executive branch. This put us into an educational crisis and the mental of many have been impacted. As the Legislature we must step up to fix these injustices.”

Reinbold noted that, under her leadership, the Judiciary has worked on judicial reform, election reform, PFD reform, establishing Legislative supremacy over the other two branches of government and strengthening the Open Meetings Act.

“A key focus of Judiciary has been upholding the Bill of Rights and civil liberties, even during a disaster,” she said.

Reinbold concluded by asking her colleagues to show her grace.

“Work with me,” she said. “Please honor the legislative branch and a member who needs your no vote today. I honorably ask you to vote no on this unnecessary action.”

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Alaska Senate removes Sen. Reinbold as chair of Senate Judiciary

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Michael S Totten says:

    Time to dumb dunlevy

  • Ruth Ewig says:

    It is disappointing but predictable with the legislature having been dishonest over the cheating that just took place with the Dominion Voting Machine and other dishonest activities by the democratic party to cheat their way into office. There are those legislators who are cheaters have no Truth in them and no honor or respect for our Republic. Why should we expect them to be honorable toward an honest legislator Reingold. The legislators are not honorable to have voted Lora out for her stand on our individual rights and the Rule of Law. This is a clear example of “mob rule” which does not follow the Constitution and was warned about by the Founding Fathers.

  • Matt says:

    F@ck the alaska senate – they need oust’ed

  • Mongo love candy says:

    Revenge of the RINOs on the only member in Juneau with the guts to speak the truth.

  • Ross Perrine says:

    Senator Lora Reinbold should be applauded for her courage in standing up and questioning the powers that be during this ongoing covid pandemic! She stands up for our liberties and speaks out about government overreach when she sees it at both a state and federal level! She has consistently spoken up in support and defense of the Constitutional rights of all Alaskans and I for one am grateful for her service and willingness to address the difficult issues in Juneau during these perilous times! This latest episode strikes me as a mean spirited act aimed at silencing her dissenting opinion rather then a necessary measure. A real low point for the Senate in my humble opinion!

  • G Aleution says:

    The Senate may want to choose co-ruling. Comfortable as it may be to some the Ma an Pa style of tyranny is not appreciated. Another solution would be to work with her. None of you others have rights to rule greater than anyone else. Not shilohs today.

  • Ed Martin Jr says:

    Damn these elitist Senators, drunk with their ” holier- than-thou attitudes & egos! The CBC lives well above us all in Juneau !

  • John J Otness says:

    Face facts you Cuckled RINOS… You have no guts or balls and you cannot stand it that courage is being shown by Senator Reinbold in the face of this bullshit tyranny hoax,,,,, You 17 pos are the ones who need dropped a notch,,, CLEARLY YOU ARE THE COWARDS…..PATHETIC EXCUSES FOR LEADERSHIP.GO TO HELL YOU DISGUST ME…

  • John J Otness says:


  • John J Otness says:

    DOMINION GONNA GET ALL YOU OATHBREAKERS, You failed us as a foreign power interfered in our election,,, You all knew and that makes it treason…. Its all coming out and there will be payments in full for not defending our Constitution and your oaths.

  • John J Otness says:

    Perfect example on why the communist have taken over this Nation.. Half assed republicans bow to the devils and their political correct BS RIGHT ON Q…The Left would fight to the death defending their own, But our cowards go out of their way to bow to the bullshit covid god the left has inserted to destroy our Nation…. Just take a good long look at spineless worms in action. Ya you Shelly Hughes and Peter McChicken…. Shower did you actually do this? My goodness maybe you will get some goodies now….. Just sick of you all….. pathetic excuses dressed up as politicol leaders,,, Wake up Alaska These are fails…

    • Michael S Totten says:

      That’s because the communists have filled our treasonous RHINOS pockets. A smart sgt that i served with told me always follow the money and the dirt will surface. So alaska citizens who have been betrayed follow the money on these politicians and all their dirty little secrets will float to the surface. What do you think TRUMP was doing. He was exposing their special interest dealings and they all banded up and crucified him for it

  • Elizabeth J Chase says:

    Standing for the Constitution is NEVER wrong! In fact, we all need a refresher course on our fundamental rights in government! Shame on you Peter M. and all the rest that voted her out!

  • NAV says:

    Sen.Reinbold was exposing the corruption in Juneau and the entire Republican Party. The lies by Hughes along with all the others will be exposed for their corruption. Alaskans are about to see the real Dunleavy and administrative traitors.

  • John J Otness says:

    Dunleavy Covid push hoax has now taken another turn as now he sees people dying from his urging them to inject this evil. Now he is saying quite a different tune , Yes both he and Jesus would take the shot Franklin Graham are both feeling the wrath of the people who are being permanently damaged. or dying horrible deaths at their sickening urging. Lora Reinbold her crime was calling out these feckless minions on this hoax. There is an attorney in Germany who has sued and won against Deustche bank and Volkswagen that is preparing a case against those who perpetrated this crime against humanity and the henchmen that just followed orders,,,Yes you Governor,,,, you will be put on trial for your part. Lora is being lynched because she stood up to this Governor for what he will be tried for and you spineless Cucks in the senate are gonna be judged also.. You say its because a Mask rule .LOL…. Rules are everything even overruling common sense you hippocrites you whitewashed tombs. Your polticol correct stupidity where this Communist Dem Covid hoax has revealed your idiocy over faux mask BS line is where you have all declared war on the only Senator that stood for we the people….. You want war with us? Arranged… I pledge to spend my time on having you 17 removed for your action….. The power of the pen.

  • G Aleution says:

    No amount of delimiting one Alaska senator is going to eviscerate the US Constitution. If you don’t like the US Constitution you will be found out no matter how many inappropriate maw and paw arrangements you put together. Don’t you assume an imperious posture over those you represent. Senator Reinbold is the Only one down there in your hideout representing US (pounding my chest) right now! Don’t you dare give another damned award to yourselves. YOU ARE OUT OF CONSTITUTIONAL COMPLIANCE!

  • John J Otness says:

    REMOVE 17….

  • NorthernMegaWood says:

    REMOVE 17……..

  • G Aleution says:

    I believe Senator Reinbold is outstanding in articulating when the body strays uniformly into ultra vires, taking actions outside expressed limitations permanently upon government. The reaction in Alaska is male bullying and female bullying yet each one has equal right to represent his and her people. Alaska’s form of government is weak structurally in that we have an absence of a sheriff who will scathingly review for authority the public law. Also our populace is undereducated in Constitutional realities. The lawyers are not sovereign in the bailiwick. The people are sovereign permanently but are not adequately taught the US Constitution. It just takes one person to say: “Hey show me in the Constitution where exactly we get the authority to do what a doctor untrained in the Constitution and has zero curiosity about it is directing us to do”.

  • G Aleution says:

    But you know in all fairness very few were trained properly in the Constitution who knew we’d have the custom Wuhan dead virus and the consequences except the medical elect who were positioned before hand. Now we know better and we do better. There will be lessons learned. It’s truly amazing how resilient this country is. Perhaps we’ll know more tamale.

  • DB2 says:

    Dear Ms. Reinbold,
    Please run for Governor….we need someone with your strength of character standing for and with us Alaskans. Keep up the good fight sister!

  • Punahele says:

    You are a courageous woman, Sen Reinbold….

  • G Aleution says:

    Being “nice” is not the test. There are debates. Republics are not not garden parties full of fluff and nicities. You are talking about rights, money allocations, misplaced loyalties, shenanigans that hood wink the voters and federal auditors. Feelings are not the test. Truth and clinging to our republic and Constitution are the test. If you have fragile feelings quit and go home.

  • Jon and Ruth Ewig says:

    I wanted to know who the instigators are in the legislature and as I suspected they are from our interior delegation of cheaters up here in Fairbanks and followers of these Democratic Marxists. They are Scott Kawasaki, Grier Hopkins and Adam Wool. The techniques of these troublecausers is to agitate and then blame the genuine conservatives and Christians. I have learned that Kawasaki is paid to travel to other states and train the democrats into this Marxist strategy. Kawasaki we discovered was financed by George Soros and his campaign money was unbeatable for this local town. These so-called Democrats have no truth or integrity or conscience for what they do going disrespectfully attacking Senator Reingold in order to block any progress in our legislature for Showers’ Bill. We are familiar with this up here in Fairbanks. Young democratic Marxists flew up from CA to walk door to door and give people the Ballot Measure No 2 to sign as well as Adam Wool ballots and Grier Hopkins ballots. The vote was undermined by this effort up here in addition to the Dominion Voting System used. Yes, Senator Reingold and Christopher Kurka are courageous patriots.