One need not be a Catholic to understand that the world’s largest religion is in crisis – like just about every other institution from medicine, education, government, unions, political parties, private organizations, etc. Whether you love, hate or are indifferent to Catholicism, this crisis will affect every person on the planet.

The word “schism” has a double pronunciation but a single meaning: a split in authority. This differs from “heresy” which means a split in agreed dogma or teaching. Heresies are automatically schismatic, while schisms usually – but not always – lead to heresy.

Here in the United States, there are conflicting opinions about what bishops and priests are to do with the likes of self-identified “Catholic” politicians who flaunt church teaching and promote abortion, homosexuality, transgender ideology and the rest of the socialist liberal agenda. It is one thing for a private citizen to hold beliefs in disagreement with the church regarding the sanctity of human life, and quite another to enact policies that become law.

Another bone of contention is the fact that any priest anywhere in the world has the right to say a Latin Mass. Some bishops, however, many of whom are the first to demand obedience from their priests, apparently believe that this virtue does not apply to them, and have defied this standing policy of the church. Then we have the strange control many bishops have exercised during the alleged COVID pandemic, forbidding Holy Communion on the tongue, in utter defiance of the church’s own canon law, halting Mass because of unmasked congregants, even calling the police to remove them, and not allowing congregants to even sing to the Lord.

There are approximately two billion Christians in the world, of which over one billion are at least nominally Catholic.

This is a de facto schism.

On the international scene, the Vatican has thrown under the bus the underground and independent Catholic Church in China. The government-sponsored “Patriotic Catholic Church” was rife with obedience to communist orders. All Chinese priests and bishops who had belonged to the “Patriotic” church had been automatically excommunicated before the advent of Pope Francis. Now, the reverse is true.

Because the now disgraced and de-frocked homosexual predator Cardinal Theodore McCarrick negotiated this situation years ago, it is the now underground church that has been separated from the Vatican. McCarrick, now in his 90s but still wielding unknown influence, is likely a deliberate and conscious communist agent. In the early 1950s, Stalin ordered the Catholic Church to be infiltrated. McCarrick received his career path after spending two years in a communist training school in Switzerland.

It is no conspiracy theory that the church was infiltrated, but given in direct testimony by reformed ex-communist spy Bella Dodd before a congressional committee in the 1950s. She stated that she herself recruited over 1,100 homosexuals into the seminaries, let alone what other spies might have done.

The cardinal of Hong Kong has denounced all this, yet has been ignored not only by the secular but even the mainstream Catholic press, fully under the control of compromised bishops.

Now we go to Germany. Here, the vast majority of Catholic bishops are tending towards interfaith Holy Communion, women’s ordination and the entire panoply of the “Rainbow Coalition.” Even Pope Francis has shown some mild resistance, which makes serious Catholics wonder if it is merely “too much, too soon” that motivates him. His inconsistencies, mindless rambling interviews that flirt with heresy and equivocal press conferences, have been on display for the entire world to see for years now.

Many Protestants have long admired the Catholic consistency of its moral teachings. There are approximately two billion Christians in the world, of which over one billion are at least nominally Catholic. Add to that well over 35,000 Protestant denominations that cannot agree among themselves what all the Christian teachings from the past 2,000 years ought to be, and a Catholic schism may turn western culture into a Hydra-headed cacophony of confusion.

With persecution of Christians now happening in even the western world, such a schism would be everybody’s business, even for those not concerned over religious dogma, but care about the basic liberties we have enjoyed – and abused – for too long.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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The specter of Catholic schism should trouble us all

Bob Bird
Bob Bird ran for the United States Senate in 1990 and 2008. He is a past president of Alaska Right to Life, a 43-year Alaska resident and a retired public school teacher. His has a passion for studying and teaching constitutional history, both Alaska’s and the United States. He lives on the Kenai Peninsula and is currently a daily radio talk-show host for the Bird’s Eye View on KSRM in Kenai, Alaska. He is also a regular speaker, both locally and around the country, on the Shroud of Turin, which is widely believed to be the burial cloth of Christ.


  • Tamra Nygaard says:

    There is no more schism in the Church now than there was during the 1970’s, with priests celebrating ad populum, communion in the hand, moving the altars, tearing down the Communion rail, priests and nuns having their “consciences raised” and leaving in droves, etc. It is a lack of discipline, brought on by the lavender mafia and feminists, catered to by the Marxists (such as our current “pope”), and supported by the uncatechised. This too shall pass. The proof is that the kids all attend the Latin Mass, and the 5:30 on Saturday is dying, as are the folks attending it. It may be painful, but popes come and go, as do fads and semi-heresies, and yet She prevails.

  • Steve Peterson says:

    Though I disagree with many elements of Roman Catholic theology, I have long admired the church’s strict and fervent upholding of the right to, and sanctity of, life, especially the pre-born. I have been aghast at this Pope’s headlong rush toward wokism, and his seeming disregard of biblical teaching. Schisms, however, may be the the only method traditionalists have at their disposal to fight heresy. It has happened in the Anglican church already. Many Protestant groups have had to break away from their parent denomination because that denomination was turning left. Even the Southern Baptists, long a bastion of Fundamentalist, Evangelical teaching are now in danger of a major schism. As the secular world pushes syncretism upon the Church, as the Bible indicates will happen, the Church must stand its ground and resist or it will stand for nothing.

  • John J. Otness says:

    Rome saw the power that organized religion had over man and wanted to get them some. The inquisition was not of GOD,,, The rampant homosexual pedophile Priests were not of GOD ,,, This church is of the earth and not of Heaven wake up. The billions of Dollars it has hoarded were not used to feed and shelter as what YASHUA preached instead the Church drinks out of blood stained golden goblets. No all will be revealed as the Church on the seven hills is destroyed for its abominations toward humanity. What we are witnessing is that Revelation written in the book of Revelation. There was never an infiltration in this Church only a blown cover of what was truly going on.

  • John J. Otness says:

    Nothing is as it seems….. The Reps and Senators that ran and received their Jobs on solely to defend the Formula of the Original PFD have now declared they are tired…. OK then get the hell out of our Legislature. Betrayal of your Neighbors and friends is your decision. Were you threatened? Or did the beer pong and leg wrestling just wear you out…. You are worthless to this State and its people.

  • Fire says:

    I believe a schism is necessary at this point. I have not been to church in years as I feel the Catholic Church has just become some twisted political dark entity. To be truthful, the Church has broken my heart.

    • Dee Cee says:

      The “church” (lower case) is what you are focused on, while forgetting the heart of the faith, the Bride of Christ (upper case Church). She needs all the faithful laity she can get. Some call the current tribulation the “Ape of the Church” that was predicted in so many Catholic prophesies. No one knows if that’s true (at least not yet) but its sure looking that way. Christ’s Bride needs you. The faithful priests who are still here need you, too. And so do the youth who are being raised in the Church this time. Take that broken heart and give it to Our Lady. Don’t give up on her Son’s Bride.

  • Fire says:

    DeeCee, Thank you very much for your kind words and encouragement. This is a wonderful reminder to me that I must keep my faith no matter the hard testing that myself and other Christian Conservatives are currently enduring. Thank you.

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