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Anchorage Assembly Chair Felix Rivera has introduced a resolution to have the city officially acknowledge June as time to celebrate “lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities.”

Co-sponsored by Assemblyman Christopher Constant, the measure claims that LGBTQ activism is part of the nation’s “long struggle to realize the great American promise of equality under the law, and equality of opportunity in our society that still eludes too many individuals in our city and nation.”

It ends with a call to “advance the struggle to achieve equity and justice for all segments of our community.”

The resolution, however, will be introduced at the same meeting (June 8) where the annual Anchorage Equal Rights Commission report will be delivered. This latest report reveals that allegations of LGBTQ discrimination are virtually non-existent in Alaska’s largest city.

The Equal Rights Commission is a 10-member board charged with preventing and eliminating unlawful discrimination in Anchorage. The group investigates complaints based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, pregnancy, parenthood, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, physical and mental disability and retaliation. These complaints come in the form of employment, housing, public accommodations, educational and financial institutions and practices of the Municipality of Anchorage.

According to the latest data, nearly every area of alleged discrimination has drastically dropped.

In 2020, new complaints about discrimination were just 82. That’s down from 130 in 2019. Additionally, complaints based on sexual orientation or gender identity amount to only four total allegations. That’s tied with marital status and religious discrimination for the fewest number of complaints.

More commonly, people complained about discrimination based on race (32 instances), physical or mental disability (28), age (13) and national origin (7) – all of which were at their lowest numbers since 2016. Even these cases, however, do not all represent different instances, as many complaints were filed by the same person alleging more than one basis for why they feel they were discriminated against.

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Anchorage LGBT resolution doesn’t recognize low number of discrimination allegations

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Neil A DeWitt says:

    With all this I want to be recognized, how about the plain for white male/female? When do we get a day/week/month or two? We have presidents day now which used to be two different white presidents days. Mexicans get a week and a day. Cinco de Mayo is the day. The blacks get Juneteeth and the month of February. Now the LGBT are demanding a month. Its all a load of crap. We’re all Americans. We should all be equal under the Constitution. Yes in the past there has been discrimination. You learn to figure out what to do and live with it. We don’t change the Constitution for our groups benefit making it go against the rest of the peoples rights. We don’t need special rules for LGBT, Mexicans or Blacks. Through this process the White people have been discriminated against. How about equality for us? It’s not all about your group it’s should be equal for all people/races. Look at what your doing to others. Yes changes need to be made but restricting rights for one group (whites) is not equality for all. Think about this before restricting and discriminating against others for your groups good. Thank you!

    • Me says:

      So I’m guessing you’re all for slavery since we shouldn’t “change the constitution” for everyone.

      • MICHAEL HUGHES says:

        You’re an idiot. Neil is pointing out that all of these official declarations and laws do is to further split this country apart; it have absolutely nothing to do with slavery. And, for the record, I am a man that has struggled with same sex attraction all my life and am now embarrassed by all of this activism that pits one group of people against another.

      • Elizabeth Henry says:

        Boy that’s a straw man argument if I have ever seen one . Quite a stretch. And no, we don’t change the constitution. It already recognizes all Americans. You , and everyone else, are already represented and protected.

    • EscapedAnchorage says:

      There is actually a white history month started by a black reverend 3 years ago. It’s July, by the way, and of course MSM and Big Tech don’t want anyone to know.

    • John says:

      I stand with Neil Dewitt…

  • Jen says:

    The amount of Day and Month proclamations for specific individuals and groups are ridiculously getting out of control with we having months overlapping other designated events for the same month and days. This continuum honoring months after people and events only helps downplays the significance of the event being honored cause the people won’t even know which person and event to celebrate cause of being so many happening at the same time.
    Pride Event is just as another event as AFN, Solstice, Fur Rondy, its just another weeklong event for a designated SMALL group of likeminded peoples. Everyone else not part of the group just goes on their merry old way while its happening for the interested peoples. Like all events the only ones who benefit are the small and large business owners.

    • Jen says:

      Self Esteem Bubble Burst: Events bring out people, and people bring money, and the business owners make profit. Thats all about the events are all about. Beyond that todays generations don’t care about honoring anyone. Governnents given too many people to honor, that the proclamations lost its significance from overuse.

  • J Scott says:

    Rivera is the bad seed toddler with a loaded gun and the keys to a car. The elementally grotesque miscreant

    • Proud Alaskan says:

      Rivera he a JOKE
      He has got to go, from the assembly
      Plus all other comments right on.

    • Steve Peterson says:

      My guess is that he was the kid nobody liked in school, was bullied, and now he is getting even by being the bully himself. Classic.

  • Eric Thomas says:

    Damn Joel, keeping your finger on the pulse on all things gay in Anchorage. Have you considered just coming out? The Jim Baker act isnt fooling anyone.

  • Ralph says:

    Victim-hood is the new Thing but when the numbers come out and don’t fit the narrative.. fakes get exposed. Jesse Smolet for instance..
    If this state could back track to the 1990s we would all be better off, this whole movement has screwed up this society.
    Now we treat people with a mental illness like they are right minded when it is the exact opposite.
    -Tim Macdonald (Snowflakes) =]
    -God bless the Republic!

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    There is a book I have given to a number of high school is called ‘Adulting 101’. You can easily find it on Amazon. It seems we have a chronic pandemic of childishness among those that should be adults. Little children are very self centered and have a need to be heard, and to be the center of attention. Most grow out of this but sadly it seems, increasingly, too many do not. Seriously, we do not need a designated day, week, month, for every single group, identity, or hobby, etc, this is all really pretty narcissistic and indeed childish. Please move forward in life and seek to be a responsible hard working adult who cares about others and contributes to your community. That is for everyone. I really am not concerned about your genetic background is, nor whom you cohabitate with. I really don’t need to know p, and there really does not need to be a month set aside to announce such information to everyone.

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    Sigh. I do really need an edit function to clean up all of my thumb pecking mistakes. Joel? ☺️