One of the leading pro-family and pro-life policy groups in Alaska has thrown its support behind Kelly Tshibaka in her campaign to unseat U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski in 2022.

Citing her “solid, conservative values,” Alaska Family Action issued its endorsement on Sept. 14.

“Kelly Tshibaka has the right fusion of solid, conservative values, along with the real-world experience to actually get things accomplished,” said Chris Brown, Board Chairman for Alaska Family Action. “Tshibaka will unapologetically defend Alaska and Alaskan values in Washington, D.C.”

AFA President Jim Minnery stated that Tshibaka offers a refreshing alternative to Murkowski and her left-wing voting record.

“More and more Alaskans are recognizing that Lisa Murkowski simply doesn’t represent our values on Capitol Hill,” Minnery said. “Murkowski is one of the few Republicans who voted to defend horrific late-term abortions, and she’s voted to send our taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood.”

Minnery said Murkowski’s voting record is disturbing to many Alaskans.

“Murkowski was the only Republican in the entire Senate who caved to leftist pressure and opposed the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court,” he said. “Yet at the same time, she’s happily voted to confirm some of President Biden’s most radical appointees to key positions. Murkowski was also one of just three Republicans to vote against repealing the disastrous Obamacare law. On issue after issue, Murkowski sides with left-wing special interest groups and against working Alaska families.”

AFA Board Chair Chris Brown applauded Tshibaka for her strong commitments to pro-family public policies. “For some politicians, issues like pro-life or religious freedom are just useful wedge issues that come up at election time, but are ignored the rest of the time,” Brown said. “In contrast, Kelly Tshibaka truly understands that our nation won’t be great unless vulnerable life is defended, religious liberty is protected, and families are strengthened. We’re very excited to endorse Kelly and urge all pro-family Alaskans to join forces and help her win this crucial race.”

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Alaska Family Action endorses Kelly Tshibaka for U.S. Senate

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Evan S Singh says:

    To reach her base, Tshibaka today responded to the endorsement from the Alaska Family Action in tongues. She said, “U aei eis aei ei o ei ei os ei. Ah pe-am t-as le t-am te ;pp/O ne vas ke than sa-na was-ke/lon ah ve shan too/Te wan-se ark e ta-ne voo te/lan se o-ne voo/Te on-e-wan tase va ne woo te was-se o-ne van/Me-le wan se o oar ke-le van te/shom-ber on vas sa la too lar var sa/re voo an don der on v-tar loo-cum an la voo/O be me-sum ton ton ton tol a wav – er tol-a wac-er/ton ton te s-er pane love ten poo. Terema Suremi ki si janda o t, tra o te tre o te ras√u r ́lidZi, Si kajanda, rIpiti rQili bUu Sak t ́ sala ma ra, ka l ́ ba Z ́ p ́resi ji ana so, tu l ́ bijando, bŒm ma hu t√u kera ba lQndo rÅdZ ́ di ki biabi ba tru sil lil j, i o prQi ba, bo ri si ri Ql Ini Qi In Si di ma h√mb√u Åstraja. A.a.o. – o.o.o. – i.i.i. – ee. E. – u.u.u. – ye. Ye. Ye./Aa, la ssob, li li l ulu ssob./Scjumschan/Wichoda, kssara, gujatun, gujatun./io,ia, – o – io, ia, zok, io, ia, pazzo! Io, la, pipazzo! Sookatjema, soosuoma, nikam, nissam, scholda./Paz, paz, paz, paz, paz, paz, paz, paz!/Pinzo, pinzo, pinzo, dynsa./Schono, tschikodam, wikgasa,mejda./Boupo, chondyryama, boupo, galpi./Euachado, rassado, ryssado, azlyemo./io, ia, o. io, ia, zok. Io nye zolk, io ia zolk. gadji beri bimba glandridi laula lonni cadori /gadjama gramma berida bimbala glandri galassassa laulitalomini /gadji beri bin blassa glassala laula lonni cadorsu sassala bim /gadjama tuffm i zimzalla binban gligla wowolimai bin beri ban /o katalominai rhinozerossola hopsamen laulitalomini hoooo /gadjama rhinozerossola hopsamen /bluku terullala blaulala loooo. Boo bi yoo bi, Bi yu di di ooh dun, dabba oohbee, Boo di yoo di, Di yu di dee dee doohdun, di di oohnbee, Bu di yu dan dan dan, Dee boognbee, Aheedee doo doo abbi woo do ee, Woah ba bee ba bap beya oh, Ein bap bap dein.”

  • G Aleution says:

    So far each of Kelly Tshibaka’s responses are more similar to my own views than Murkowski’s actions have been. Merely liking someone personally while hoping for “the best” is not aiming at or building desired outcomes. Certifying the foreign influenced national presidential election prematurely while Alaskans were asking for time to forensically examine the national election was especially punitive in the extreme to Alaskan constituents. We now recognize Ms. Murkowski has been working for others though she is quite familiar with Alaska’s bona fide struggles against the refuseniks democrat anti-Alaska agendas. There will be no satisfactory private Alaskan economy possible until the senators work exclusively for Alaskans.

    • Buzz Kelley says:

      Dear G Aleution, totally agree with you. Where is the best place to accurately understand Kelly’s position on topics?