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A divided Alaska Senate approved a $1,100 PFD on Sept. 14, a move that drew sharp criticism from Gov. Mike Dunleavy who had been pushing for a $2,350 PFD along with a constitutional amendment that would protect the dividend from annual political fights. The governor got neither from a Legislature that is dominated by Democrats and liberal Republicans who have effectively marginalized conservative Republicans.

“In a year when the Alaska Permanent Fund earned almost $20 billion, and the total value of the fund exceeds $83 billion, there are members of the Legislature that would love to eliminate the PFD, and grow government, regardless of the harm it would cause Alaskans,” Dunleavy said following the Senate vote. “Our state is still dealing with the economic ramifications of this virus, the distractions of employment issues, the lack of available workers and the disruptions to the supply chains. While we continue to debate the fiscal future of this state, the people of Alaska need help now.”

The final Senate vote was 12-7 with Republican Senators Click Bishop, Peter Micciche, Josh Revak, Bert Stedman, Gary Stevens, Natasha von Imhof and David Wilson joining with Democrats Tom Begich, Elvi Gray-Jackson, Lyman Hoffman, Scott Kawasaki and Jesse Kiehl to approve the smaller $1,100 dividend, which is $2,600 less than what would be paid out if the Legislature followed the traditional statutory formula.

Republican Senators Mia Costello, Roger Holland, Shelley Hughes, Robert Myers, Lora Reinbold and Mike Shower all voted against the smaller PFD, as did Democrat Donny Olson.

“On one hand, a veto of this half measure would seem appropriate, but at this stage of the game that would aid and abet those that don’t care about individual Alaskans, small businesses and the economy,” Dunleavy said. “As a result, I will not veto this partial PFD, but will call the legislature back into session October 1 to get the rest of this year’s PFD and to solve the state’s financial problems with a complete fiscal plan.”

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Dunleavy won’t veto $1,100 ‘partial PFD’ but calls Legislature back for 4th special session

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Common Peasant says:

    This game is boring. The players are dull and the halftime show is full of talentless fools.
    The slaves will keep eating it up though. The carrot on the stick PFD. It is only money. There are bigger issues to deal with in life. Give up on it. Consider the money no longer available and you will no longer be manipulated by it.
    Live your life free from government handouts and take your power back!

    • BackcountryBoy says:

      As much as I enjoy the cash every year, this is actually very wise advice!

    • Michael S Totten says:

      Finally somebody on here other than me has the balls to say it. Carefull though. Jake libby will send you a personal email for enciting agressive speech if you say the wrong thing on here. You will go to watchman jail

    • Neil A DeWitt says:

      It’s obvious you don’t need the money so you don’t care but the people that need it to pay their land taxes, pay bills, or food it effects a bunch. Your correct but, it’s our money not the states to piss away. That’s the issue here! Besides the state already took their 5% off the top so of the $19.4 billion the PFD made this year only a portion is available to the people. I’d think with just the $19 billion the state could afford a full fund and bank the rest.

      Please tell me where I’m incorrect now!
      Thank you.

      • Common Peasant says:

        You are right. We should take this money and purchase copious amounts of tar and feathers for our rogue politicians to take a bath in.

    • Timothy Colbath says:

      That money belongs to Alaskan Residents. It is not Free Money! That money is just compensation for Alaskans giving up their individual mineral rights to the state to “manage. Article Vlll, section 2 reads “For the maximum benefit of its people”. Not for the maximum benefit of the state. Not for the maximum benefit of the legislature to piss it away. The money belongs to all eligible Alaskan residents!

    • Sharon Turner says:

      Whew a typical sheeple, Seattle Libber response. Try giving in on, your job, housing, groceries or a bit extra for what YOU choose! Dangerous Marxism takes all our GOD given rights and give them to the Totalitarian Bureaucrat , ever lazy, money grubbing regime. Uh, do you see this in DC and the Marxist run, states with filth, crime and ever wasted taxes for those who still work? If you love shoveling the remains of your inventiveness , freedom to think! You will get it. grandma PS: this always ends in millions of dead, starved, tortured humans. Go for it !

  • R C says:

    Obviously you don’t live in Alaska. It’s not the government’s money, it’s our money that the government has continuously stole from us since Walker.

    • Common Peasant says:

      I live in Alaska. I was born here. I did not work for this money, it is not mine. Do I claim the PFD? No I do not. I did not earn it, What I earn I keep, and nothing more. Keeps my karma balanced that way.
      In reality, this money should go back to the land, for it is the land that has been raped for the money to exist in the first place. Instead, the PFD was presented to the people in hopes that we ignore the immense damage being done to keep our oil dependent society going.
      But go ahead, keep collecting money that is not yours. Keep being distracted by the pittance and feel good that you get what the Earth owes YOU.
      When the next farce of election comes around, you will vote for the person who promised you get to keep what it not your in the first place.

    • Michael S Totten says:

      I’m sorry? Did you place the equipment out there and personally drill that oil? Did your company pay money to the land owners to drill out there? Nope. It’s not your money. Don’t get it twisted. That dividend was meant to be a STIPEND to help the lower class alaskans with high energy costs. Unless you occupy INDIAN land and your family signed a contract with those companies you aren’t entitled to a dime. I live in texas and none of us get dividends for OUR oil. It’s no different. And before you pop off,, I spent 16 years in kenai so don’t try to come on here and scream that I don’t know!

      • Sharon Turner says:

        Okay then: Did you ever hear of a Representative Republic style of government? WE the People decide by majority of votes to send our “paid ” representative to State legislature! Problem : they immediately turn on US and whore themselves to the biggest special interest money donors, and hide out on our money. Sadly the people’s WILL has so weakened we don’t literally, and very public way, permanently to the trash heap. Evidence : Walker is threatening another run! Egad

      • Dee Cee says:

        Apparently you never read the AK Constitution. The oil is ours. We get paid by the oil companies for the right to drill. This is what the PFD is. Not a stipend to help the poor. 16 years in Kenai, but not a day we’re you alaskan.

      • Michael says:

        I have read it. The oil is NOT yours. That oil belongs to the earth. It is a god made mineral. Nothing is yours until you go get it. You didn’t drill it and you didn’t pay the mortgage on that land that oil is NOT yours.

      • Michael says:

        Haha. You are a dependant fool who has been lied to about the pfd. Yes it was in fact established as a STIPEND. You better go back and read. And side note. 16 years with REAL alaskans i figured out that you guys aren’t that bright.

  • Ross Perrine says:

    With the exception of a handful of principled legislators who genuinely wish to serve the best interests of We Alaskans, the political class in Juneau has thrown the People of Alaska under the bus in order to better serve their Special Interest Clients! The majority of these legislators appear to be in Juneau exclusively for “Gaming the System”, for Per Diem, PAC Contributions, and Sweetheart Deals; oh and concerning the People of Alaska, well “Let Them Eat Cake”!

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    I say we veto/vote out this losers of a governor.
    He hiding under a rock not standing Tall, for Alaskans.
    He’s playing nice wanting us to vote for him again not this Alaskan

  • Ray J says:

    If only our legislators had this much passion for critical race theory, the radicalization of our military and the loss of our cultural institutions we’d be in good shape in Alaska. If the Chinese invaded us, I’m sure the first question our legislators would ask is “are you going to honor the commitment to the PFD?” What a circus.

  • David says:

    Uncle Mike needs to go away
    He’s no threat to all his cousins in the legislature

  • Jim Minnery says:

    It amazes me how complicated some people make this. If you live in Texas, North Dakota or Louisiana and oil is on your property, those profits go to you as the landowner. In Alaska, we determined that every Alaskan owns the subsurface rights and will get a small dividend just like a corporation provides dividends. It is not at all a “handout”. It is what was determined to be the best for all Alaskans and a measure to keep the Government from eating every dime of it up. If you don’t agree with that, you need to change the statutes. Everything worked until Walker made it a political football.

    • Sammy says:

      Well said.

    • Michael says:

      Ya and next to california,, Alaska has one of the poorest literacy rates in the nation. So i wouldn’t be bragging or arguing for handouts that were never meant to be FREE. alaskans have become so dependant on the state that you have become the laziest people in 50 states. And you complain about everything. I’m glad I moved out of that cesspool of a state

  • Marcia Tisdel says:

    Vote them out! They have special sessions to fill their pockets. It is that simple.

  • DoneWithIt says:

    The people own the land the oil companies drill. We, the people, get a dividend from that oil.
    This is state law.
    These crokked politicians are liars, cheats, and thieves.
    Voting doesn’t work anymore – the political class is corrupt.

  • Herman Nelson says:

    Sure.. Call them to a 4th session. Want to screw Alaskans? No problem! Cut off the per deim from the legislators. These “special sessions” are money-grabs for the elected. If you can’t do your jobs then you don’t get paid for indecision. Want to go AWOL from your job? OK. Put all legislators on the no-fly list.

  • Michael says:

    I love to listen to alaskans talk about how the people own that land when the majority of the people who are up there now ALL came from out of state. The families that pioneered and made all those agreements are dead and gone now. The rest of you,, with the exceptions of the TRIBES are all just parasites who moved up there thinking you could get a free ride. Go get a job and stop coming into these forums complaining. It makes me sick. Heck,, most of you wont get off your rear ends and go take the jobs that get you paid,, thats why they bring people up from texas and louisanna to work oil,, because you so called ALASKANS don’t wanna work. I have seen it for years. Oh but you sure think you’re entitled to a dividend from land that you don’t even hold a deed on. It’s laughable

  • Jen says:

    I think the Governor should had vetoed and sent the PFD back to the House for a dividend closer to 2300 if not equal. The House Members are tired and agitated- A poker player would had raised the stake. They just want the PFD settled and their majority leadership is unraveling at the edges.