Palmer Mayor Edna DeVries has submitted a memo asking the city clerk to conduct a hand recount of the upcoming Oct. 5 election in which two new city council members will be elected.

“The backbone of our democracy rests on open, and fair elections,” the memo states. “Numerous citizens have come before the Palmer City Council raising concerns about the October 5, 2021, election. The City Council in an effort to assuage fears that the City of Palmer’s elections are not legitimate shall request that the City Clerk complete a hand count of all eligible ballots upon the completion of its existing process.”

Palmer recently purchased Dominion voting machines, vote tabulators that have generated widespread controversy around the country, spawning numerous lawsuits and charges that the machines inaccurately tabulate votes.

The mayor’s proposal, would not require any recount request. Instead, the city would foot the $1,685 to automatically do a hand recount.

According to Palmer code, the clerk is charged with overseeing the ballot tabulation system to be used in vote counting. The code allows for a candidate or 10 qualified voters to contest an election of any person or the approval or rejection of any question or proposition if there is suspected fraud or corruption.

Typically, defeated candidates or at least 10 qualified voters can file an application with the clerk for a recount of any particular office, precinct, proposition or question by filing the application with the clerk at any time before 5 p.m. on the day of the certification of the election or by delivering the application for recount to the council at its meeting to certify the election.

A recount is automatic, however, if two or more candidates tie in having the highest number of votes for the same office.

In calling for a recount, citizens or candidates normally must state the basis of the belief that a mistake has been made and then make a cash deposit. The application must include a deposit in cash, by certified check or by bond with a surety approved by the clerk.

The mayor’s proposal, however, would not require any recount request. Instead, the city would foot the $1,685 to automatically do a hand recount.

The proposal is on the consent agenda for the upcoming Sept. 28 city council meeting, which begins at 7 p.m. at Palmer City Hall in the Council Chambers (231 W. Evergreen Avenue, Palmer).

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Palmer Mayor wants hand recount of Oct. 5 elections to ensure vote integrity

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Vonda Sanders says:

    I definitely do not trust those Dominion machines

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Yes those dominion machines are a joke.
    Remember one vote in person with ID end of story!

  • Fedup says:

    Vote Devries for Matsu Borough Mayor!

  • Michael C Coons says:

    Palmer conservative citizens need to sign up for poll watching, especially absentee ballot over sight!

  • DoneWithIt says:

    Why aren’t alleged conservative Republicans screaming from the rooftops about these highly questionable Dominion voting machines.
    State Senators?
    State Representatives?
    Or is this just WWE theater for “We the People”?
    These RINO’s say all the right things at election time – then get into the limos with ProgComns, go out and eat steak and drink bourbon – and laugh at us plebes who believe elections are actually above board.

  • NAV says:

    Alaska elections were stolen evidence was seen in forensic study of the Dominion machines operations being connected to the internet in all states!!! Alaska politicians are guilty of fraud and possible Treason!! Starting with the Governor and the legislative body in Juneau except one who was trying to expose it to the public and because of it got roasted because she wouldn’t go along to get along. Don’t believe me take SB 76 apart and compare it to the state Constitution as it was written and your civil liberties.

  • Michael C Coons says:

    From my FB page.

    Cindy Hudgins wrote in a response about this coming Palmer City Council meeting re Mayor Edna DeVries calling for a hand count with the upcoming election that must be seen by all! Share the heck out of it!
    “we need to write a letter and demand a hand recount! That is how we support mayor Edna. Email to and ask that it be read into the record”
    SO TRUE!

  • Alaskan Patriot says:

    Everyone knows the electrions have been stolen by the DemoRats, the evidence is there if you look in the right places you just need to know where to look it’s all on the internet!

    • Evan S Singh says:

      Well, I haven’t found it. 60 courts haven’t found it, all state recounts haven’t found it and even the wacky dooshy re-recount in Arizona missed it. But somehow you know “the right places”. Do tell!

  • David Scheer says:

    A recount will not reveal a rigged election

  • Dean Bostwick says:

    If you recount a box of 100 ballots you will still get 100 ballots, But if you do a forensic recount and determine that 30 of those ballots are illegal ( dead people, voters who moved out of state, stuffed ballots, etc) then the recount will show a total of only 70 valid votes. ( 100 total votes minus 30 illegal votes = 70 legal votes) Simple Math see how that works!
    I guess people that can’t see that spent to much time on Critical Race Theory instead of Math and common sense!

  • Penny Johnson says:

    A recount is not an audit: $12 in currency +$3 in Monopoly money do not equal $15. A recount will reveal $15; an audit will reveal $12 plus 3 phony $1’s. THAT is an election integrity reveal!

  • Evan S Singh says:

    You Valley intellectuals have got this whole Math thing stewed, canned and stored!

    Let’s git ‘er done or something. I dunno.