Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson is not the type to go silently into the night. In the mayoral election, he was by far the most conservative candidate – so much so that even some fellow conservatives feared he may not be able to attract enough votes to win in an increasingly left-leaning city.

Click the image above to watch the Mayor Bronson’s Sept. 18 listening session when he heard from hospital staff who are being bullied and forced out of their livelihoods, even as hospitals complain of unprecedented staffing shortages.

Those fears proved baseless, and we now have a principled fighter as chief executive in Alaska’s largest city.

On Sunday, Bronson turned his attention to left-leaning media outlets – Anchorage Daily News and Alaska Public Media – blasting them for one-sided reporting on COVID.

“The lingering pandemic, coupled with historically busy hospitals this time of year, as well as some employers forcing employees who chose not to be vaccinated to lose their jobs have contributed to a staffing shortage,” the mayor stated on his Facebook page. “I have heard from both sides on this issue. But the media Anchorage Daily News Alaska Public Media is not publishing the stories of hospital employees who are being discriminated, harassed, and bullied because of their choices. I encourage them to talk to these employees. Let’s do right to protect the freedoms of all Alaskans to make their own personal choices with their medical care.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Bronson needs the enthusiastic support of freedom loving Alaskans. He is a thoughtful leader who listens to all sides and acts on fundamental principles. This is rare air in contemporary politics.

Keep up the good fight Mr. Bronson.

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Anchorage mayor blasts media for blocking full truth on COVID mandates, hospital shortages

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Neil A DeWitt says:

    It is really good to finally having a mayor that will listen to both sides of an issue. In my opinion he is also correct to have the news publish ALL the news not just what the democrats want us to know! I see this as a problem for the left wing agenda. I’m sure Washington D.C. will be in contact with him.

  • Robert Weel says:

    I’m so proud of you Mayor Bronson for telling the truth and ignoring the nine Liberal Left-Wing Ass(embly) members and the pathetic press who refuse to be honest in their reporting. Keep up the good work, Anchorage and Alaska needs you!

  • Love says:

    God Bless you Mayor! Awesome job, those local media folks needs to be taken off from all network platforms! Too much already.

  • Alaskan Patriot says:

    God Bless the Mayor! With his righteous guidance we are going to have our freedoms restored! I can’t wait to start smoking cigars in restaurants again.

  • Susan Maxson says:

    If the vaccine was so important to get why were the hospital employees allowed to work unprotected.there was no mandatory treatment when the virus was just starting over a year ago and people that had covid19 wasnt even tested for it .doctors didnt know what was causing people to get and be as sick as they were and then what amazes me is what happened to the flu that normally caused sicknesses and death but no flu epidemics .strange isnt it .people were dying in accidents oh yeah they were diagnosed with covid19 3 days before. And now when we haven’t even started to recoup from the lockdown we had to face you want to fire the people that had worked through out .Yeah really makes a lot of sense with nursing shortages

  • NAV says:

    Finally a real Mayor with the right stuff who is not afraid to speak the truth and look at the facts of this “BS” that the left and our Governor and legislators are all in to strip the Alaskan people of their rights and civil liberties. TIME ALASKANS stand with the Mayor of Anchorage and SAY I HAVE YOUR SIX and I for one HONORABLY DISCHARGED VETERAN am proud to say I have your SIX Mayor !!!

  • Linda Gonzales says:

    What evidence shows Bronson to listen to both sides of this issue? He campaigned as anti vaccine/ mask and has single mindedly ignored the advice of the medical community. He has been begged to at very least mandate masks in places such as stores but will not bend on his campaign promises. Vaccines, masks and distancing are the way to flatten the upward trend which will undoubtedly continue. To actually stop this thing as many people as can should get vaccinated. Meanwhile many of us are back to quarantining because of our unmasked community.

    • Scott says:

      And you can continue staying home because I refuse to where I’m at… You can keep making love to your petty Spears and thinking that you have the ability to control my behavior but you do not… Cowards should stay home and let themselves die the spiritual death they have already suffered… You people suck

    • Sharon Kay says:

      Sorry, but you really need to stop listening to the fear mongering main stream media. Go do the research on the Internet with DuckDuckGo, and you’ll be surprised how many doctors are out there, especially the American Association of physicians and surgeons that are telling the real truth of this whole situation and pandemic. Masks do not work. Fauci himself even said that in 2004, and in 2019 when this all started. That was the only time he’s ever said anything truthful. Viruses are so tiny they will go through any cloth mask that someone wears. The blue ones actually could have graphine oxide in them which is a poison. It’s in the shots also. Along with metal particles and parasites. If you do your research you will find this is not a vaccine. Even the CDC says it is a gene therapy shot. It legally does not meet the requirements of a vaccine. They stopped the animal testing because it killed every animal they gave it to. Minimum is supposed to be two years for human testing. A normal vaccine takes 15 years to create. All of that was sidestepped extremely illegally in this process. Look at sites like 1000 Covid Go check the VAERS report. There is over 600,000 adverse reactions and deaths combined listed. The Stanford university said in a study that only 1% of the adverse reactions to a vaccine are listed. So multiply that and that’s what’s really going on. This is basically a depopulation shot.

    • Kfinh says:

      This is for the Lindas of the world and all you totalitarians loving useful idiots out there: Nobody let me repeat NOBODY is stopping you from wearing your protective useless mask, nobody’s stopping you from getting the stupid jab. Why does that crowd keep insisting we be force against our will because they are afraid? Let’s start advocating for government forced stay at home orders for the frighten individuals. Now don’t that sound better? So the rest of us can carry on with life and let me tell you what, if the grim reaper comes knocking because I dare choose to live life dangerously on the edge against the odds of covid then let that be my choice.

    • NAV says:

      YOUR a brain dead and know nothing of real science or virology

      • Kfinh says:

        You’re a retard and don’t live in reality. With your fake woke science bullshit.

      • Kfinh says:

        Plus real science and virology? Didn’t we try the mask mandate thing already did much change from then? Because Covid is still around and if you’re talking about “well it’ll slow the spread” ok but then the mask comes off and we’re back to now. Isn’t the yearly seasonal flu part of the coronavirus family? Have science come out with a vaccine for that? I don’t think so but maybe because I’m brain dead and don’t know science. But I’ll let you in on a secret my uneducated ass know common sense and common sense tells me this is a damn super flu that like it or not humans will have to live with alongside the seasonal flu.. or wait is that now eradicated from society now? Because remember everything is Covid, Covid, Covid. What I am seeing nowadays is there are a bunch of smart, educated dummies amongst us.

      • Pat says:

        And neither do you .. this virus was man made … why ? Look at thd world .. one world order Is that what you people want ? This was so planned a first grader probably could figure it out.. A diversion of what really is going on in the Biden administration .. I sat in the hospital waiting area the other evening… four people came in .. I was there from 3:30 am to about 9 am Nothing Covid related .. as our mayor states wear a mask or get the vaccine it’s your choice your body .. this is called freedom of choice stop making others feel like we are killing you .. we aren’t .. but I’m not to sure about that shot …

      • Kfinh says:

        @NAV I was looking through the comments and I had realize I was spewing my anger towards your comment which I hope wasn’t geared toward me and if it wasn’t them my apologies. But if it was then take it all to heart lol. But I’ll be honest this whole crazy BS mask, vaccine crap is driving me nuts. Just goes to show how far gone society has moved away from common sense and is embracing communistic ideology while wanting a totalitarian government.

    • Greg says:

      I disagree. Where I work, there is a large number of people. We have had one person test positive for COVID for this entire year. That person has been jabbed twice with a “COVID vaccine.” As for the rest of your comments, I can only shake my head.

  • William Ritzenthaler says:

    Cant believe how ignorant some people are. Both sides? We lead the nation with the highest infection rate. Our hospitals are overwhelmed. Whats the other side of this? The big bad left leaning democrats are doing _____ (insert your favorite talking point). This article makes me sick and it aint from covid!!!!!

    • Dean says:

      Thanks William, I’ll insert some phrases. How about these: politicizing the pandemic, fear mongering, using COVID for permanent mail-in voting which is rife with corruption, not talking about where the virus came from, not talking about who funded it, using it to further the Great Reset, using to make Big Pharma billions, not talking about natural immunity which is 27 times more effective and free of charge…. There are a few more William. Do you want me to go on or was that good?

    • Steve Peterson says:

      Please keep quarantining Linda! You’re best at home, safe, masked, vaxxed and compliant to your masters.
      Enjoying you KoolAid Willy? If the hospitals are overwhelmed (which they are not) maybe they shouldn’t be firing medical personnel who refuse the vaccines.

    • Scott says:

      I can’t believe how ignorant you are thinking that you have the ability to take away my ability to choose for myself… I will not comply with anything being forced on me… And you’re just going to have to deal with me walking around without a mask on. Stay home coward

      • Evan S Singh says:

        OH! You were that stud at Dimond Costco yesterday with no shirt and bare feet. Gawd how I admired you!

    • Pat says:

      PROPLE ! Are you nuts When Biden is bringing people from all over the world here with no testing FOR ANY Disease .. I think you better take a better look at what this administration is doing And it’s not “ THRY LOVE AMERICA OF AMERICANS

  • hisakgirl says:

    Bronson is savage and I’m here for it!!!

  • Dean says:

    Bronson was a gift from hard campaigning and God, but we cannot rest on our laurels. We need to fight harder while he is there, be more active, we cannot press the snooze button. The communist never sleeps. Don’t think these people are like you…that they want to be left alone. These people running our town want to control and ruin your life. They seek pleasure in it. Keep on fighting!

  • Dean Bostwick says:

    MYTH: The EUA Vaccine is SAFE —FACT: More people have died from the jab than all other FDA approved vaccines combined
    MYTH: The EUA Vaccine protects you from getting COVID —-FACT: Breakthrough Cases (aka vaccine failure) you can still contract COVID and also spread it to others.
    MYTH: It protects you from dying —FACT: In Israel 50% of the deaths were in vaccinated people
    The Truth: Healthy People have over 99% chance of recovery as well as other people if they are treated early with dare I say it; IVERMECTIN and other successful treatments used in other countries ex. Utter Pradish INDIA
    Check out Doctors: Piere KORY, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Mercola, and Dr. Zelenco, Dr. Simone Gold and the FLCCC front line Doctors Critical Care Alliance. I have printed out and read many studies and because of this Delta variant caused by the people who have got the COVID Jab and viruses mutate as viruses do and come back more infectious and because the COVID jab is failing you now need a booster because the mRNA vaccine took over your own bodies immune system and can no longer fight the mutations. However, if you have already had COVID and have natural antibodies it has been proven to be 15 – 20 times better and longer lasting than the COVID jab. And you don’t need a booster because your bodies immune system already knows how to adapt to fight the variants. And for these reasons I have prepared myself and strengthen my immune system and accept my risk that I will get COVID at some point and defeat it rather than take the unnecessary risk from the COVID jab and end up with the many health issues from the side effects.

  • Andy says:

    I’ll stick with natural immunity over a faulty vax any day! Yeah. Awesome mayor, we need more leaders like him, god bless the conservative base!

    • America!!!!!!! says:

      You don’t have immunity until you are exposed. That’s how you acquire immunity. They should’ve covered this in health class for you. You aren’t immune to anything until you are exposed to it and your body designs the response. That’s just how it works. You don’t come pre-programmed for any of this. And when you are exposed to Covid, it replicates too fast for your natural systems to decipher fast enough, which is why it kills you. So you want to hand your immune system a dossier on what Covid it’s like ahead of time so your natural systems can destroy that little bastard when it shows up. If you trust and understand your immune system, you should trust it to pay attention when you can tell it what is coming, because like you should’ve learned in third grade, that’s how immunity works.

      Otherwise you’ll end up dead in three days.

  • Eva says:

    The inventor of the mRNA “vaccine”, Dr Robert Malone has said himself, that the vaccine has not been tested enough, and , that the spike protein sometimes breaks out of the area where the shot has been given. Also, the variants are actually driven by vaccinated people, and that getting everyone vaccinated is NOT THE WAY OUT OF THE PANDEMIC.
    You would think the inventor knows how this works. But how many times in history has the word of an inventor been ignored and people paid a high price?
    England is saying that 98 % of their people have already been exposed in some way to the virus. One must think, hasn’t that happened by now around the globe? There are so many people that have recovered from covid, and have not been counted, that it is hard to believe that we are still not at herd immunity. The cases in the hospitals now, are partly driven by vaccinated folks.
    Educating people to boost their immunity and REDUCE ANY KIND OF INFLAMMATION IN THE BODY, is your best way to SURVIVE this, and reach a MUCH HIGHER IMMUNITY than anyone that took the gene therapy shot. The spike protein thrives in conditions where there is inflammation.
    Here are a few tips…

    • Evan S Singh says:

      I’d like to visit your website and spend all of my stimulus check on these new, exciting and tasty treatments.

    • America!!!!!!! says:

      Wait, so the shot is supposed to stay in one area of your body? What good does it do if my arm is immune but the rest of my body isn’t? “The spike protein thrives in areas of inflammation?” I wasn’t aware that it could replicate? Or does it just set up in those areas and make sandwiches for its friends? I have so much to learn from you. I too would like to give you my permanent fund and subscribe to your newsletter about supplements,

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    If you want to stay home stay home if you want to wear a mask or get the shot it’s your choice.
    But don’t tell me are others we have to live your Afraid life, it’s my life my choice.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    I’m a big fan of Dave Bronson.
    Yes no lockdowns or mask wearing mandates

  • DoneWithIt says:

    Dumb Dunleavy?
    Leading from behind – again.
    Governor Bronson!

  • Dan Deutchle says:

    You know it’s funny in all my years reading the supposedly “biased” mainstream media I never once remember them ending a news story by telling a politician to “keep up the good fight.” I’m no expert but aren’t reporters supposed to be at least a little objective in their coverage? This reads like Mr. Davidson needs conversion therapy lol

    • America!!!!!!! says:

      True. Bronson comes off as pretty whiny while talking to / about the media. Maybe that’s just a side effect of them quoting him accurately. His “seem to be exactly the same in the daily news, Alaska public media, and this “new site“. I’m not sure what else they should do. Maybe he should stop being baffled by events that he claims to understand, shut up, and try to figure out how to stop killing people.

  • G Aleution says:

    The mainstream media is either bought off by international globalists who historically have been antithetical to the mongrel libertine American interests or incompetent. The mainstream media is culpable for the proposed and actual loss of Constitutional rights. If you knew that Jiden’s son was selling access internationally would anyone have voted for that ticket? That is tangible massage of news not penetrating the market until AFTER an election thus influencing an outcome beneficial to the monarchists’ and global oligarchs’ interests and agenda AGAINST the American’s interests and rights. A clinical definition of treason may apply. Not a laughing place.

  • John Galt says:

    Are the hospitals still supporting elective surgeries? Yes… probably wouldn’t be doing that if people were dying off at the pace being reported by the lame stream media. Go see for yourselves, the hospitals are not overrun. And regarding the current surge, am I the only one to remember that around this time every year a bug of some sort floats around. Another important question, of the positive cases, how many are actually sick? Other than a snotty nose and some body aches, seriously…

  • Dean Bostwick says:

    EVA, thanks for confirming what I said earlier but doing it in a way much more articulate and understandable than the way I presented it. English and Composition was not my best subject. And for Mayor Dave Bronson, stay strong as I see our legislature is trying to pass a bill that will mandate masks and enable them to fine citizens for not complying and also encourage fellow citizens to turn on us.

  • yearight says:

    Let’s not forget 2020 when all the hospitals were not allowed by government to perform “elective” medical procedures. This led to hospital staff layoffs. Hospitals don’t maintain hundreds of empty beds and idle workers just waiting for people to get sick and need them. Hospitals always run mostly full because they are businesses. They can’t operate at a loss like government does every year.