Moments before the U.S. Senate voted on Sept. 30 to confirm Tracy Stone-Manning as President Biden’s head of the Bureau of Land Management, Sen. Dan Sullivan gave an impassioned speech  on the Senate floor, calling her a “violent eco terrorist” and urging his colleagues to reject her nomination.

Tracy Stone-Manning

Stone-Manning, who Biden nominated to lead the BLM, was once a member of the extreme environmentalist group, Earth First, which has a history of sabotage, property destruction and creating dangerous work environments for loggers.

Nevertheless, the Senate confirm her along a party-line vote, 50-45. Both Sullivan and Sen. Lisa Murkowski voted against the nominee. Five other Republicans did not vote.

In June, Sullivan urged Biden to withdraw Stone-Manning nomination due to her membership in a group that “performed violent acts as part of their platform for getting attention in America.”

Sullivan restated his opposition to Stone-Manning on Sept. 30, noting that the BLM director is a position with a “huge amount of power” over surface and subsurface activity across America, but especially in Alaska.

The BLM manages more surface and subsurface acres in Alaska than any other state in the union. This includes more than 70 million surface and 220 million subsurface acres.

Click the image above to watch Sen. Dan Sullivan’s speech urging the Senate to reject Tracy Stone-Manning as the head of the Bureau of Land Management.

Sullivan said it is “imperative” that someone with that much power be trustworthy, honest and fair minded and beyond reproach, and “certainly not to be involved in an organization that perpetuated violence against fellow Americans.”

Sullivan highlighted the fact that Stone-Manning was “complicit in putting metal spikes – big, thick ones – in trees that were meant to either threaten to hurt or gravely injure those Americans who were harvesting trees.”

Stone-Manning admitted in a 1993 court testimony that she wrote an anonymous warning letter to the FBI on behalf of one of her fellow Earth First activists, who had participated in a massive “tree spiking” operation in Idaho’s Clearwater National Forest. That operation included embedded 500 pounds of spikes into Idaho trees that were set for harvest. Stone-Manning received immunity for testifying against her fellow activist who was later sentenced to 17 months in prison.

Tree-spiking was a favored tactic of radical Earth First environmentalist in the 1980s and 1990s. It involves embedding large metal spikes that damage or destroy chainsaws and mill saws upon contact, thus putting loggers and others in serious danger.

Sullivan read an article detailing how a 23-year-old California mill worker, George Alexander, was nearly decapitated when his mill saw shattered due to an embedded tree spike in 1987. The incident caused the saw to break and slashed Alexander’s face from eye to chin, cutting his jaw in half.

“These were the kind of activities that Tracy Stone Manning once conspired in,” Sullivan said of tree spiking. “I wonder if that disturbs anybody?”

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Sullivan unsuccessful in urging Senate to reject ‘violent eco terrorist’ to lead BLM

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Yes everthing Biden is doing Disturbs me.
    Tracy, your not welcomed here in Alaska.

    • Sharon Turner says:

      Thank you, Senator Sullivan. I gave you a tough phone call on other matters earlier this week. Today is a time for accolades to your efforts to stop yet another very bad appointment. I call em’ as I see them. Balls and Strikes. Grandma Sharon.

  • Ralph says:

    Supports saving animals at the expense of human life.. while supporting murdering of the un-born.
    A real hero for sure . . . .

    • Sharon Turner says:

      I Call ASPCA, and ask them for a trade: ” You support Unborn tiny human life and their mothers, and fathers; I then will give support for abused and neglected animals. HUMAN life first. I get very interesting answers, and lots of dead* silence.

  • Michael C Coons says:

    Back when the Peanut Farmer Carter locked up Alaska we had the Great Denali trespass. It was if memory serves even billed as the most peaceful protest of armed people in history! I was active duty at the time, so couldn’t attend but I remember there was only one arrest and that was a drunk snowmobiler that almost crashed in an airplane taking off, that by State Troopers.
    We need to do a bunch of them. So what is she going to do about it? Send in the troops?
    Not sure how we can organize something like that, but with this dictatorship we are experiencing, it is high time to start some serious armed pushback!

    • Evan S Singh says:

      Armed pushback? For what reason would you injure or kill?

      • Alaskan Voter says:

        An Eye for an Eye. That is the only thing ECO Terrorist understand.

      • Evan S Singh says:

        But specifically. What acts of offense justify killing or injury?

      • Shhhhh says:

        Shhhhh, let the adults talk.

      • Sharon Turner says:

        Please re read his remarks. You are the one attributing peaceful protest to injury and death. Remember January 6, 2021. The only death was Ashli, a 110 lb unarmed Navy Vet, killed by a very large “Black” officer who admitted he couldn’t even see a weapon.. She had none, and had climbed through a broken out window. Just think George Floyd in reverse. Look at a variety of videos (No, not the altered by CNN). Also lies spread like wildfire that the Officer who died of a brain tangle of arteries/veins previously diagnosed was never hit by anyone or thing, much less the “Fire Extinguisher” Lie. You see? facts matter! Votes Matter (“Big time”). God warns us of lying tongues, spreading gossip. rumors, and says one of 6 things he ‘hates’ are lying eyes, haughty look, divisiveness , and hands that shed innocent blood, among them. So we need use caution in using the ‘broad brush/ to paint OUR pictures and attribute, and ‘present’ them as fact.

      • G.Graham says:

        What reason would I injure or kill? How about for acts of treason? How about for trying to destroy the Constitution that she is about to take an oath to “protect and defend”? If this bullshit keeps up there is definitely going to be armed conflict.

    • Steve Peterson says:

      I like it! They truly hate and fear that kind of pushback which was so instrumental in the founding of our country.
      The feds should not control most of Alaska as they do.

      • Sharon Turner says:

        What are we taxpaying voters prepared to do ? WE can’t even rein in our perennially out of control rouge State Legislature who thinks your and my dollars are their personal bank accounts, and Juneau just far enough to use as their private club!!

  • Andy says:

    Tracey Stone-Manning is a Marxist pig along with the demented, drooling, bumbling, stumbling fool that’s in the whitehouse.

  • Mike Moore says:

    It’s well over due for the States to have ownership of their lands to manage and own. Time to take steps to kick the federal government out!!!

  • Vonda Sanders says:

    She is NOT welcome here! We take care of our own.

  • Real Alaskan says:

    Where was his “passion” when he was confirming a fraudulent president? Oh, yeah, that’s right – he was congratulating him! Elections have consequences and stolen elections are destroying this country. Dan can look in the mirror and congratulate himself on each one of these nominations. We need a forensic audit of the November election for all 50 states – if Dan gave a damn about this country, that is the impassioned speech he would be giving.

  • NAV says:

    Tracy Stone-Manning “UP YOURS”