Pro-abortion demonstrators in Alaska were met by peaceful pro-life advocates on Oct. 2, a day when abortion activists marched on cities around the nation demanding the right to continue killing unborn babies.

Pro-life advocates gather with signs in downtown Palmer to counter a pro-abortion march on Oct. 2.

In Fairbanks, a large group of pro-lifers met pro-abortion activists at the University of Alaska campus parking lot with signs that read, “Pray to end abortion” and “love them both. The stated goal of the counter protest was to outnumber the abortion marchers and offer “proof that that #prolifegeneration is WINNING and we will continue to fight for life until abortion becomes unthinkable again!”

In Palmer, five young pro-life advocates gathered on short notice to stand outside city hall while a group of 20 abortion activists marched up and down the street, flipping off the pro-lifers and cussing them out as they walked past.

Pro-abortion activists march through downtown Palmer on Oct. 2.

“When I heard that they were doing a women’s march, I wanted to be here to stand up for the unborn – to stand up for the rights of the unborn baby and the unborn woman,” Palmer area resident Anna Ford said. “With something like this, when they are intentionally attacking innocent babies, we need to be here to stand up for the speechless.”

Fellow counter protester, Rebecca Marsan agreed. Holding a sign that read, “I’m so glad my mom chose life,” the young pro-lifer said this was her first counter demonstration.

“My hope is just to stand up for the unborn and the innocent and to be here,” she said. “The babies who are going to grow up to be our future generation, that’s who we are fighting for. It is not these women’s choices to decide if their baby is going to live or not.”

The local demonstrations and counter protests played out across the nation with pro-life groups mobilizing to defend the rights of the unborn. In several instances throughout the country, pro-abortion marchers assaulted peaceful pro-life advocates, pushing them and destroying their signs.

As in Alaska, many of the abortion marches were organized by Planned Parenthood or other entities that profit from killing the unborn. In total 11 pro-abortion marches were scheduled over the past weekend. The one in Juneau was rescheduled to Oct. 4 at 5 p.m.

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Pro-life Alaskans crash pro-abortion marches to defend unborn babies

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Neil A DeWitt says:

    I guess this article shows how shallow minded the abortion side is. They can only think for themselves and not far enough down the road to see the good. It also shows how childish they are by their hand gestures and words.

    I say they need to grow up or in a few years our country is going to be way worst off than it is now when they’re in the driver’s seat.

  • Andy says:

    Flipping off and cussing? Real classy, murderers…I mean abortionists. Hats off to the counter protesters, life is a sanctity, live long and prosper.

  • Sharon Turner says:

    Pro Life folks, especially we Christians believe in the sanctity of all human life as valuable, ‘wonderfully ‘ made. WE don’t just save babies to walk away. We offer many layers of help to Mom and Dads. If you can arrange a short visit to any local Community Pregnancy center.. you will feel the love, and see the homey warmth , besides encouragement, parent(s) are offered parenting classes baby supplies, etc.. Don’t forget the many families wanting a child to adopt. Our prayers go out to the very misguided and lost souls who promoted and commit murders on the smallest persons. Some showing violence are the most ashamed. United States has killed off over 65,000,000 * yes 65 million of our own innocent children. I alway ask “Daddy, where are you?”

    • Proud Alaskan says:

      What if these crazy evil sign carrying people were killed by there mothers.
      So it’s ok for you to live, but not these other children. What’s wrong with this picture.

  • Theresa says:

    About 15-20 of prayer in front of PP on Lake Otis in Anchorage on Saturday.
    There were many honks, middle fingers, and angry “My body my choice” rants from those driving by.
    My ten year old son asked, “Mom, why are they so angry?”
    To which I responded, “they’re probably hurting, so deeply, and for so many years, that their pain and guilt has turned into anger. And the very sight of an unborn child causes a reaction of anger and hatred -it’s grief!”
    Most of these women who appear so angry or “evil” are likely suffering deep down, and haven’t yet forgiven themselves. That’s a hard thing to do when you’ve built a life, a career, an education, on a foundation of lies that you believed or told yourself.
    They were once vulnerable, and they were duped -irrevocably.
    I remember standing outside a PP in Florida 11 years ago, watching women leave the clinic after their abortions, one by one, some barely able to walk, most collapsing into tears as they sank into the passenger seat of a car.
    It struck me like a hideous bolt of lightning that each of these women, none of them, could change their minds at this point. There could be no turning around, no going back inside and retrieving their children. Their children were dead. The choice to undergo abortion is irrevocable. That’s a horrifying reality, and one I point out just to remind you to have compassion on these angry women, because they were likely pedaled lies when they were most vulnerable and made the wrong choice. And they will suffer in anger and hatred until they can admit to themselves the evil of their choice, and beg forgiveness from God, and thereby begin to forgive themselves.

    • Evan S Singh says:

      That’s pretty darn sanctimonious there Theresa.

      • Sonya says:

        There is nothing sanctimonious in her comment. She is sharing the truth of the pain that abortion brings. There are so many women who are hurting so deeply because of the choice they made to commit murder. Society all around them has filled them with lies, but in their hearts they know that their baby is dead. Theresa’s comment was nothing if not compassionate, loving, and honest.

    • AKElsa says:

      This brought me to tears. Thank you for sharing this insight on the humanity of those who can seem so inhuman by the acts they commit. Its easier to just see them as evil, ignorant and hateful. But they are also lost souls who have suffered a grievous failure and loss that most have not even begun to realize because it’s probably too painful to think about.

    • Greg says:

      Well stated.

  • MMD says:

    Pro-life Valley residents can meet at Saint Michael’s parish in Palmer each Friday in October to caravan into Anchorage to witness and pray in front of Planned Parenthood as part of the 40 Days for Life effort. We meet in the parking lot at about 1pm for a 2 – 3pm vigil at the clinic, returning to Palmer around 4-4:40pm. Last Friday we saw 4-5x the number of positive thumbs-up signals from passing cars as we did angry gestures. There are many people out there who are in favor of life!

  • NorthernMegaWood says:

    It’s “LIVE OR BE MURDERED” lets cut with the soft talk. STOP MURDERING CHILDREN!!!

  • Common Peasant says:

    I am empathetic to the pro-abortionist. Many have been wounded by this world and would rather end the life of the unborn rather than bring them into, what they perceive, to be a cruel world.

    Fortunately life is eternal and the physical form was designed to be temporary. Our true form is not form, but light. If the mother is not ready to take responsibility for a child now, the soul of the child persists to incarnate ay another time.

    The cruelty is when the body of the child is allowed time to develop and the soul is firmly placed into the bodily matrix, and the agreement is broken far too late in the process. The soul experiences tremendous pain at thisbstage and has to be given time to heal before the next attempt to incarnate. Also the fact that some of these tiny bodies are deconstructed by Planned Parenthood while the heart still beats.

  • Harold B says:

    Joel darling, your article is not at all biased. But it could of been better if you had mentioned the “main” male protester.
    Why didn’t you quote him, or report what he was scream,ing? After all, he said the most wonderful things. He told the women to cut out their ovaries. Because, you know, harming women is no big deal. Women can be healthy and happy without their ovaries. I wonder if he even knows what ovaries are? Do you know Joel dear? He also screamed, and oh, you forgot to mention that he was a screamer, that women should be quiet and submit. Why didn’t you mention that Joel? Do you believe that as well Joel? Wouldn’t it be just so cool if you and the other white males had not only control over women’s bodies, but their souls and the whole world? Or is it that women are only objects to you? To be thrown away if you disapprove of their behavior. Is that it, Joel? If a woman doesn’t find you mesmerizing, she is filth to you? And if a little bird gets you all worked up, why doesn’t it bother you when men do it? Joel, remember what those so-called pro-life men did on January 6, 2021. I saw some little birds from them and they were physically harming people. Are they your heros? It’s okay to attack women and to attack those who you disagree with? But you are such a wuss you can’t stand being shown a little bird. My poor poor Joel.

    • Greg says:

      You are a weird individual.

    • Sonya says:

      So you want his article to focus on one disturbed individual, who obviously did not represent the other 99% of people out there speaking out for life. Those who came out to speak on behalf of the unborn were almost all loving, respectful, and concerned for the lives of the unborn children and their mothers (the emotional, and sometimes physical, damage an abortion does to the mother is devastating). To focus on one individual would not be accurate journalism. If you want an honest assessment of actions and attitudes, a large percentage of the pro-abortion demonstrators acted in a reprehensible manner, cursing, crude gestures, screaming, and even assaulting a local pastor, pushing him, knocking things out of his hands, body checking him, and yelling in his face. If you would like to take a tally of everyone’s actions at the events, you may realize that you, yourself have a very biased opinion.

  • Doug glenn says:

    Classy clown flipping people off. I actually feel sorry for her.

  • L says:

    this was the worst and most biased article i’ve ever read