How much more will Alaskans be able to endure lying and unelected politicians? We endure them on the local, state and national level. They are supported by a lying and arrogant media that stay well within their closed circle of supporters and friends.

Lisa Murkowski’s ugly career as a state legislator and U.S. Senator is obvious to all Alaskans, yet she somehow, like Gavin Newsom, seems to be able to stay in office. Her liberalism fools very few, yet is masked by a courtier press, a pro-gun voting record and a safe “chamber-of-commerce” effort to support private enterprise.

This meager show is vastly offset by her pro-abortion feminism, her votes in favor of Trump’s impeachment and her alignment with Democrats on many issues.

Let us edit Lisa Murkowski’s Oct. 1 speech on the floor of the US Senate, a speech that comes to us through a self-serving press release, and drips with the in-your-face hypocrisy that has kept Alaskans wondering how she stays afloat.

“Mr. President, I don’t share these statistics, I don’t share the front page of the daily news just to bring people up to speed as to what is happening in Alaska, [even though the ADN for decades has been labeled by conservatives as the Anchorage Daily Worker, and is a certified member of the Deep State propagandists]. That wasn’t necessarily my purpose here. My purpose this afternoon is, in the midst of this, in the midst of this real [but concocted Wuhan virus] crisis in my state when it comes to the availability of healthcare and responding to this virus that is killing Alaskans, killing Americans, killing people around the world — that we show a little kindness [except for those who refuse the Covid Shot], because right now that seems to be in as little capacity as some of the hospitals that we have in Alaska. [We can begin with these hospitals, which are, of course, treating their employees with Stalinist tactics of compliance].

Citizens, fed up with the tyrants on the Anchorage Assembly, are showing up in droves, refusing to accept the Approved Government Narrative.

“Kindness and respect for where people are, [unless they are in the “Unvaxxed Class,” and deserving of all the contempt and strong-arm tactics we can muster]. Your healthcare workers are giving every ounce of what they have to be there, to leave their families, [but if they refuse “The Vax” because of the alarming statistics regarding vax injury which we are trying to suppress, they of course must be punished. Lenin said it best: “We do not judge a comrade’s worthiness on his military record, but on his political one.”] They’re worried about everybody, but they are there for us. And they’re doing the best job possible [even under the threat of medical rape]. And some of what we see in return is not the best of America. It’s not the best that Alaskans have to offer.

“We have had some just horrible, horrible confrontations in our public meetings in Anchorage. [Citizens, fed up with the tyrants on the Anchorage Assembly, are showing up in droves, refusing to accept the Approved Government Narrative, and showing an open contempt of Leftist Liars]. The top of the fold in the Anchorage paper is about an assembly meeting where individuals wore yellow Stars of David to protest the mask ordinance that the Anchorage Assembly was taking up, comparing a mask mandate to the Holocaust. It’s shocking. [Of course, Leftists long ago decided that the term “holocaust” is a patent owned by Judaism, and have resisted efforts in the anti-choice movement to compare mass murder of the unborn with the term “holocaust.” And while the Star of David is a symbol of Judaism, we cannot ever compare the “Unvaxxed Class” to them. They are even now being singled out the way Jews were by the Nazis, and was a preliminary step before their incarceration and mass murder. And we must never, ever point out that most of these Unvaxxed are evangelical Christians, long sympathetic to Jews, and who know their history well enough to see that what is happening today is akin to what was underway in the 1930s.]

“And at some of the assembly meetings, and it’s not just in Anchorage — we’re seeing it in other communities as well, it is neighbor against neighbor. [We have of course created this situation, and must now demonstrate that all crises created by the government, finds the solution from the government. It is how we remain and increase our power]. We have had providers go to provide testimony in these public meetings, and not only have they been ridiculed and mocked [even though it was a thinly disguised theatrical presentation], but we hear the stories, we read the stories that they’ve been spit upon [even though our unvaxxed health care heroes have received contemptuous treatment by our policies].

“This is not how we show appreciation for those who are trying their absolute best to be there for us [unless, of course, they are in the Unvaxxed Class]. And they will literally turn the other cheek and make sure that the care that they are providing in that ICU, in that ER, is without discrimination as to whether or not you have been vaccinated or not [even though alternative media sources say otherwise, from health care workers who must remain anonymous because of the tyranny we are creating against them]. They are going to be there to take care of you.

The views expressed here are those of the author

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Editing Sen. Murkowski’s hypocritical COVID speech on ‘kindness’

Bob Bird
Bob Bird ran for U.S. Senate in 1990 and 2008. He is a past president of Alaska Right to Life, a 47-year Alaska resident and a retired public school teacher. He has a passion for studying and teaching Alaska and U.S. constitutional history. He lives on the Kenai Peninsula and is currently a daily radio talk-show host for The Talk of the Kenai, on KSRM 920 AM from 3-5 pm and heard online


  • Neil+A+DeWitt says:

    Again Lisa at her (finest)? She really needs to go. I supported her at first even after how her daddy put her into that position. Over the years she has done a complete 180 and now her time is up. Vote her out she is not helping Alaska her actions have hindered us all!

  • Michael S Totten says:

    Well done bob keep it up

  • DoneWithIt says:

    Lisa is the personification of why Nepotism is ethically and morally wrong.
    Nazis dehumanized Jews in beginning by labeling them dirty disease spreaders.
    They were denied access to medical care, education, public venues, travel without permission from the authorities, and worshiping in their congregations. The Nazis made them wear Yellow Stars to identify them – just like the Vaxxers want the PureBloods to have to submit Vax Passports to participate in daily life.
    A day of reckoning is coming for people on the Alasksa city council and Nepotism Lisa – those that seek to take our bodily autonomy away from FreeMen.
    Sic Semper Tyrannis!

  • Ceak says:

    She’s a disgrace. How about the rights of those who’ve had and recovered from covid? Why are we still considered super spreaders? Natural immunity is proven to be better than the vaccine. It just doesn’t turn a profit. Lisa should stand infront of Congress and talk about that. If you count all the covid recoveries + all those fully vaccinated, we’d surely be close to herd immunity. The problem is the vaccine doesn’t prevent the spread like natural immunity does, which means the pandemic will never end.

  • G Aleution says:

    The persona of Lisa Murkowski in Alaska is very different in DC the former place for Congress. Different physical space equals different personality traits. We are disadvantaged by the distance and foreign controlled media keeps us out of the information loop. The persona we get is: “If you are in DC drop by our office ; we’d love to see you!” mailed to every address in Alaska. Of course, we kindly read the missives from our friendly senator and take her at her word. We don’t do that any more. All the government buildings have been closed down for some inexplicable reasons in DC. Please kindly tell us where the Senate is meeting these days. Have you forgotten to tell your constituents what is rilly going on? :*( Speaking of kindness…

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Still not getting the shot. Lisa is a JOKE
    So because your vaccinated your better them me How? You can still get COVID and give it to someone and they can die. Why does taking this shot make you a better person them I.
    So the drug dealer, murders, homeless, stealer, abuser, you will in the blank.
    Theses people are SO much better then the unvaccinated.
    Get a life all you woke STUPID people.
    God created all people red, yellow, black and white. So can we should we, call all theses leaders or the general vaccinated public murders too.
    For not selling us food, giving us a job, Or the same health care at the hospitals.

  • Herman Nelson says:

    The only “kindess” I’ll show princess lisa is voting for another candidate that is not a global elitist.

  • Matthew says:

    I sincerely hope the next time she crosses a road – she gets run the-F over. She is a criminal, just like her father. She has zero interest in doing what is right for the people of Alaska, f’k her – right in her sh!tty communist face.

    • Ed+Martin+Jr says:

      Matthew, your statement “She is a criminal, just like her father. She has zero interest in doing what is right for the people of Alaska ” has truth and passion in it , but all of your other words deflates your message ! Say them again while you look in a mirror! ugly is as ugly does!

      • Matthew says:

        Guess I’ll have to say this twice.
        I don’t give a f@ck what you think. She’s a criminal, and apparently you’re a twat. Go play your nice words game in the corner with the other children. Pleasantries will not win the war against the left – wake up.

      • Russ says:

        Great job Bob

  • Fred Lee says:

    Bob, your age is showing.

  • Ed+Martin+Jr says:

    Bravo Brother Bob , once again your dissection & analyst proves your critical thinking …. if only the necessary populist support can see this. I hear you!
    I hope this ” hiccup statement ” lays on other attentive ears & those will, at the future day, vote her out. 🙂

  • Aaron+Blumenthal says:

    Great article! This woman is a feminist and should never be a member of GOP. She has obviously connections to the voting machine fraud too. How would you explain her win over Joe Miller after losing primaries? Absurd! Masons these days are everywhere, even in such a holly place as Wasilla. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ we should stop this once and forever!

  • Barbara Wire says:

    Aaron, your name sounds Jewish, wonder if you are with the Jews for Jesus? I once came close marrying one a few years ago…. To make a long story short: I am still single 😉 … just a side note… Agree with you on Murki 100%! I remember that election, no way she could have won as a write-in among Alaskans. Even she herself goes by “Lisa” because her last name is such a pain.

  • Linda says:

    KELLY FOR AK…Tshibaka!
    A REAL Republican and a REAL Christian!!
    Goodbye Lisa!

  • Michael says:

    There is no way , in my opinion , that Lisa was ever elected .
    I will maintain , any and every election of importance , is actually a selection .
    Tools are implanted for an intended purpose .
    It’s all theatre . Politics are theatre , media is theatre , medical system in theatre , military is theatre . It’s crazy obvious how corrupted the industries we all thought were benevolent , actually are .
    It’s time for The Great Awakening ….
    Not the great reset .

  • maureen klump says:

    October 15 ANMC is firing all employees , including nurses who have not gotten the COVID vaccine. They are not allowing any religious or moral exemptions.Yet one can still get and transmit COVID even if vaccinated. It is so unjust!

    • NAV says:

      It’s about money not health care and the operations mgr’s and directors are the ones that must swing for their crimes!!!!

  • NAV says:

    Murkowski is here to help Dunleavy laundry federal car’s act money she is a a DEMONRAT in a rino’s slithering skin!!!!

  • Michael+Hughes says:

    2 words: term limits