With school board elections now behind them, the left-leaning majority of the Fairbanks North Star School Board heard a request from the school district to approve highly explicit sex education videos and graphic materials for grades 6-12.

The Oct. 19 school board heard from Chane Beam, the district’s executive director of teaching and learning. Most board members expressed serious reservations about the sex-ed materials, and ultimately asked the district to withdraw its request and reevaluate whether the suggested videos and lessons were even fit for the board’s consideration and debate.

Requested by teachers, the materials tell students, as young as age 12, how to have sex or stimulate their partner, and gives them advice on how to select appropriate contraceptives, including the Morning After Pill, which can cause early abortions.

One video emphasizes that students have the right to hormonal, surgical and manual contraception without ever having to inform their parents. Another highlights the benefits of hidden contraceptives that maximize a teenager’s ability to conceal its use.

The proposed middle school materials present sex as something most people engage in at some point, and instructs teachers to tell children about “vaginal, anal and manual (using hands) intercourse, or oral-genital stimulation, with a partner.”

Other materials introduce students to a host of contraceptives, including Plan B which can kill a newly conceived baby at the earliest stages of development.

One video tells Minors they can consent to sexual health and birth control without parental approval.

Students play bingo games to make the lessons fun, and take quizzes to see if they can faithfully restate the lesson’s main points. They are also asked to rank favorite contraceptive methods while learning that “abstinence means different things to different people,” and that it’s okay if some students want to engage in certain sexual activities while abstaining from others.

One lesson instructs middle schoolers how to properly ask someone to have sex with them. At no point is sex presented within a traditional moral framework with an emphasis on abstinence. Rather, the underlying philosophy is that sex is a biological process that just needs to be done safely and with full consent of both partners. Likewise, the curriculum uses a gender-neutral format which is easily applicable with heterosexual or homosexual sex.

A video for middle schoolers and high schoolers features OBGYN Danielle Jones stating that “50% of people have a vagina.” Jones’ video spotlights a young teen showing off her stained underwear and talking about the fact that vaginal discharge is normal. At one point Jones talks about what can happen when inserting a “toy or penis” into the vagina.

Alaska law requires that the material first be approved by the school board.

Other videos by Jones, which are not part of the Fairbanks curriculum, blast Texas’ new pro-life law banning abortion once a heartbeat is detected. Other videos celebrate transgenderism and the Black Lives Matter movement.

A proposed video for high schoolers talks about the many benefits of contraceptive pills, IUDs, vaginal rings and other hormonal and surgical contraceptives for adolescents. Many of these options can lead to low estrogen levels, thrombosis, decreased bone density, heavy bleeding and cramping. Despite these side effect, the video points out: “Minors can consent to healthcare related to sexual health and birth control. They do not need parental approval.”

A separate video for high schoolers attempts to convince teens that the Plan B (or Morning After Pill) does not cause abortions. The speaker repeatedly emphasizes that this drug “does not cause an abortion.”

According to the product label attached to Plan B, it can, in fact serve as an abortifacient by preventing “attachment of a fertilized egg to the uterus (womb).” Since a “fertilized egg” is in fact the earliest stage of human life, Plan B can kill this life by blocking access to the womb, which is necessary for nutrition and continued development.

In order for these materials to be taught in Fairbanks schools, Alaska law requires the material first be approved by the school board.


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Fairbanks teachers want 12-year-olds exposed to explicit sex-ed videos

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 20 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Burt says:

    Commie Perverts grooming children for them to abuse.

  • Buford Pusser says:

    You get what you accept Fairbanks

  • G Aleutian says:

    This is abusive to youngsters. These people are crazy.

  • Andy says:

    Unbelievable. We’re about to see what Fairbanks folks are made of.

  • Carrie+Harris says:

    Our test scores are the lowest in the nation. Teaching sex should be a low priority. Parents should remember that the national School board association wants them deemed to be terrorist, because a father whose daughter was raped by a transgender male and a girl’s bathroom spoke out at a school board meeting. That kid was transferred to another school and did it again. Schools don’t need to be teaching sex unless they’re teaching girls and boys how to defend themselves against rapist.

  • Egg Nog Rising says:

    I am so glad I am not a classroom teacher. I could not present this curriculum without getting ill.

  • James says:

    Public schools need to be abolished.

  • Amanda Christensen says:

    So… this article dated Tuesday is informing us about a meeting the same day!? Not helpful. I an VERY opposed.

  • cleverclover says:

    be a parent, protect your child(ren) and pull your kids out of these indoctrination camps. it isn’t going to get any better. the schools will continue to push all the left leaning, LGBTQ+, commie, satanistic teachings they can.

  • Steve+Peterson says:

    This started with Dewey and his public education agenda, has progressed with teachers’ unions and their respective agendas, was furthered by Jimmie Carter and his creation of the DOE, and is now culminating with what we have today. Parents, lulled by the promise of the schools providing full responsibility for transporting, feeding, socializing and even clothing their children have allowed this to happen. For convenience sake they refused to pay attention, and now it is too late. If you still have your children in public school, I have news for you: it will not get better! Get your kids out of public schools! There are tons of resources out there to home-school and various private schools which will support the culture of your home. Please, before your children are totally taken from you.

  • Renee says:

    This is child abuse, all those involved should be prosecuted!

  • DoneWithIt says:

    Johnny and Sally won’t have even remedial math and English skills – but they will at least know how to put a banana on a condom and what gay anal sex is.

  • JH says:

    IS BEING WOKE A “Mental illness is at its core a disconnection from reality?” 99% OF PEOPLE THINK SO!!

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Take your kids out of these woke schools before it’s to late.
    And your kids start being disrespectful you.

  • Janine Baird says:

    First off as a parent who is just hearing about this the same day as the meeting greatly bothers me and I feel it was planned that way so we didn’t have time to respond. This is totally wrong at every level and taking the morality out of how I am teaching my children. I urge Fairbanks parents to rise up and take a stand. Leaving your child in this type of environment is simply insane. If we don’t have a plan to train up our children then somebody else will and the child you once had you will no longer have.

  • A B says:

    Fairbanks, we need prayers, lots of prayers! Satan is walking on our land. Sodomites and their lord are trying to convert our future into hell. We have to be strong against these school teachers, university professors and other garbage with low IQ. This is all part of the message our Greatest Lord Jesus Christ is trying to send us. Stay alert! His coming is close. Armageddon is right behind your door. Are you ready? Will you fight for your Lord and your beliefs? I hope you will.
    Oh dear Lord, please send us your blessings and show all the stupid and blind your greatest power! Please show all of those who call themself “intellectuals” the real power of Yours! Amen!

  • jh says:


  • Ruth Ewig says:

    In Fairbanks concerns were brought by the curriculum committee which contains three conservatives out of 17, I think. They seemed concerned. She presented a better alternative: A pamphlet given to the girls titled Sense and Sensuality by Center for Conservative Women. Fairbanks cannot seem to elect conservatives on the school board as the town is “owned” by hosptital monopoly, the labor and teacher unions and university where this perversion spreads from. Not enough Christians are willing to push back and vote, but instead are removing their kids. Smear campaigns are successful with the media being leftist and ads are cheap. The leftists do not reveal their real agenda like “managing the police” while running. Deception is a value of the left. , We had a line up of Conservatives and either Dominion was the problem that we could not get them elected, or the leftists like “Journalist” Dermot Cole are better at digging up dirt or making it up. We suspect Dominion is a problem but the Lt. Governor needs to believe that it is a problem.

  • David says:

    My sincere advice
    1 Take a breath
    2 Evaluate what is more important, your standard of living or your child, then act on that
    3 coordinate with those in your “circle “ maybe start your own very small school etc
    4 pray
    5 take another breath clear your head, you have more control than you think

  • Crys says:

    When 60-70% of Alaskan kids are failing Math and Reading this is not a priority!

  • S A says:

    The “woke” lunatic fringe is at it again. The school board needs to shut down this lunacy at once and deal appropriately with anyone suggesting the use of such materials.

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