It’s been more than a decade since Joe Miller gained national attention as a Tea Party candidate in his 2010 campaign against Sen. Lisa Murkowski. He shocked the political establishment by beating the incumbent Murkowski in the Republican primary before ultimately losing to her when she ran in the general election as a write in candidate.

Now the former state and federal judge has a something to announce regarding the 2022 Alaska governor’s race.

A one-sentence notice sent out on Nov. 27 simply states: “The announcement will be video streamed on the Joe Miller and Restoring Liberty Facebook pages at 9 a.m., Monday, November 29.”

Miller’s last foray into politics was 2016 when, with just eight weeks left in the general election campaign, he entered the race as a Libertarian candidate against Murkowski. Miller received nearly 30% of the vote and took second place in the four-way race. Before that, he lost to Sen. Dan Sullivan in the 2014 Republican primary race in which Sen. Mark Begich was the incumbent.

Miller has appeared on numerous national television programs including Fox, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, BBC and other networks. He also regularly appeared on national radio programs hosted by Mark Levin, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Savage, Lars Larson, Laura Ingraham, Fred Thompson, and Dennis Miller. He has spoken at Tea Party and conservative gatherings throughout the country.

For the past five years Miller has stayed clear of politics, returning to the practice of law. He has, however, remained somewhat active in the public square through his Restoring Liberty website.

Miller is a 1995 graduate of Yale Law School and a decorated combat veteran of the 1991 Gulf War. In 1989 he graduated in the top 1% of his class at the Military Academy at West Point.

Miller’s past policy positions include strong support for states’ rights and opposition to the federal government’s increasing control over education, minimum wage policy, unemployment benefits and health insurance. He is also firmly pro-life.

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Joe Miller to make big announcement about Alaska governor’s race

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Neil DeWitt says:

    When is this guy ever going to go away? He did things in the past that we the people of Alaska said we won’t put up with and got rid of him before. Does he really think we the people of Alaska forgive him or forgot about him? He needs to get a grip on reality.

  • Sally M Pollen says:

    Neil DeWitt, here’s a question for you: Have you ever done anything that you regret? Assuming you did, do you appreciate a 2nd chance, do you appreciate forgiveness? Not sure what you are referring to that you think is so unforgettable and unforgiveable about Joe Miller, but I would absolutely love to see that man as Alaska’s governor! If that will be his announcement, I can hardly wait to support him in every way possible. Many of us are sick of RINOs and know we desperately need a pro-active governor who has a back bone of steel to lead this great state. Time has almost run out on us.

  • Patrick Dalton says:

    As I remember he seemed to have more constitutional core values than any of the contenders since that time. America 1st, states rights, God, etc. The previous remark seems like a smear without any substance.

  • Shifra says:

    What the heck??? Are the dems paying him to run? He will take conservative votes from Kelly Tshibaka and assure a Merkowski or Democrat victory (pretty much the same thing. What a disaster.

    • Davidson Joel says:

      Miller is making an announcement about the Governor’s Race, not the U.S. Senate. If he runs for Governor, he won’t be running against Tshibaka. She’s running for U.S. Senate.

      • James says:

        Well, at least with RCV there’s room for more than 1 Republican to run without handing the election to the Dems. If he runs, Miller would be first choice, while Dunleavy would be second.

    • FJB says:

      You seem like a perfect Kelly voter. You didn’t even bother to read the story accurately. How much do you know about her actual background and real accomplishments? Go read her resume and ask yourself why she’s being pushed on us. I am not and never have been a supporter of Murkowski but Tshibaka stinks of being another Sullivan or worse. It’s time for us to wake up and start demanding constitutional candidates with a PROVEN history. Joe Miller is one of those candidates – Kelly Tshibaka is NOT.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    I’m not sure who to vote for.
    The worst of two evils

  • Charlotte says:

    I have wondered since the Nov 2020 election and news of widespread fraud came out in EVERY state, whether Joe Miller may actually have been cheated out of a win. We know now that the D’s don’t play fair.
    I remember being shocked that Murky won. I wasn’t alone…
    We had high hopes for Dun. Some compared his tenacity to Trump. Uh uh. Wet noodle. And he’s running again?! He’s in the D’s pocket more than he’s out of it. Does he know his job description? Against Walker, of course he wins. But against Joe Miller? We have to move forward from the Dun failures. Joe says the right things. Give him a chance IMHO. Let’s hear what he has to say.
    You GO, Joe!

  • Natural Alaskan says:

    Joe Miller speaks the truth like another politician who lost most of the elections he ran in, but remained determined to do the right thing for his country. His name was “Honest Abe,” Abraham Lincoln .

  • V Tolstrup says:

    Murkowski gets the bush vote ( they DO NOT vote like the rest of us ) One lever pulled by the AFN, No personal conviction allowed

  • Ryan Nelson says:

    All you stupid anti Dunleavy people are about to try to throw out a conservative incumbent for some idiot like Joe Miller who has never won a statewide race. Y’all are going to hand the race to Walker. I can’t believe how stupid you people are. You guys are going to get a tyrant elected governor cause Joe Miller is unelectable. My lord help Alaska. And that idiot on the morning show is going to be all over it.

  • NAV says:

    Murkowski stole the election by a corrupt judge who looked the other way and didn’t fallow the letter of the law. That’s why after the election the wording in the law was changed to intent!!!!

  • jh says:

    This is very funny! Can’t stop laughing!
    Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg could agree to run together in 2024 if Biden does not run again, giving the Democratic Party a very strong ticket that would seem like a natural continuation of Biden’s first term, writes

  • jack obrien says:

    Joe Miller makes stuff up… he throws shade without having evidence. He casts doubt without substantial information.
    Joe Miller is a carpetbagging hustler — self promoter — FROM KANSAS