U.S. Senator Roger Marshall (R-Kansas) is leading a 15-member Republican coalition of Senators who have pledged to oppose any and all efforts to implement and enforce President Biden’s vaccine mandate on private employers who have more than 100 employees. In particular, the senators have signed a letter stating that they will refuse to vote to end debate on an upcoming spending bill now under consideration by the Senate.

Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kansas) is leading a 15-member Republican coalition that refuses to vote to end debate on an upcoming spending bill unless it defunds Biden’s vax mandate for private employers.

To date, the signers do not include Alaska Senators Dan Sullivan or Lisa Murkowski.

Those who have signed want to defund an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rule that requires private employers to force their workers into either getting the COVID shots or submit to weekly testing.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit has ordered a temporary stay of the OSHA vax mandate until the case is heard before 6th Circuit Court of Appeals later this month.

Sullivan praised the 5th Circuit ruling on Nov. 13, calling Biden’s mandate “unconstitutional” and a violation of personal liberties. He has even called on Alaska companies to refrain from firing employees until the litigation has been fully resolved. That said, Sullivan has not yet pledged to vote against the spending bill that will effectively fund Biden’s mandate if it ultimately succeeds in the courts.

By contrast, the co-signers of Marshall’s Nov. 3 letter have pledged to “use all means at our disposal to oppose — legislation that funds or in any way enables the enforcement of President Biden’s employer vaccine mandate.”

While the 15 senators are not enough to halt the spending bill, they are hoping to at least delay the vote. If they are successful, this would lead to a partial shutdown of nonessential elements of the government on Friday, Dec. 3.

In order to stop the spending bill from advancing in the Senate, Republicans need 41 “no” votes on cloture, which would prohibit Democrats from ending debate on the measure and thereby block their ability to pass it.


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Sullivan and Murkowski haven’t pledged to oppose funding Biden’s vax mandate

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Dean Bostwick says:

    Obviously Murkowski and Sullivan are not going to sign because they made a deal with the Devil (Biden, Schummer and Pelosi) when they voted for the infrastructure bill. While although it may have some good things for Alaska which I’m sure they will tell us is why we need to re-elect them but the reality is it’s very bad for us freedom loving patriots. Who cares if we have new roads and bridges if we don’t have the freedom to go where we want, when we want and also without being tracked. Anyways now they have to pay back the Devil for money they claim they fought for Alaskan’s when its really all about them staying in DC. Remember this quote that has so much truth; “WHEN YOU SHAKE HANDS WITH THE DEVIL IT IS HARD TO LET GO” Time to vote all our reps out!!!

  • John J Otness says:


  • Steve says:

    Do either of these two really represent conservative Alaskan’s? I’d say NO! I had high hope for Sullivan, but he has since gone the way of the pork barrel people in Washington. As for Lisa, I gave up on her a long time ago. Neither of these two would put any effort out to end public subsidies to NPR, or PBS. I use to think Alaska was a unique state, with unique people. The longer I’ve lived here to more I’ve seen the encroachment of the Pacific left mentality infect our local politics, schools, hospitals, and children. If we don’t weed out these RINO’s we’ll soon be just like California, Oregon, and Washington!

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Sullivan praised the 5th Circuit ruling on Nov. 13, calling Biden’s mandate “unconstitutional” and a violation of personal liberties.

    What don’t you get Dan it’s your words!
    Your a swamp creature just like Lisa
    Both of these scary swamp creatures have to go.
    We need to vote theses loser out

  • Andy says:

    Call or write their office, links are below the article.

    • Steven Chappell says:

      They don’t listen anyway. I wrote Sullivan and Murkowski about Interior Secretary Haaland and how I opposed her nomination and basically got the middle finger when they both voted to confirm. Know that has come back to byte Alaska in the preverbal ass with the reneged Oil leases.

    • Robert A Schenker says:

      Andy, I have ceased writing Lisa, she never answers anyway, meanwhile, Danny Boy will answer with a 43 page brief as to why he voted to screw you over. Yes, I’m pretty much done with our Senators.

  • John J Otness says:


  • Natural Alaskan says:

    I am sure Lisa is “agonizing” over how to vote on this issue, while desperately hoping it does not come to a vote. She likes to knife Alaskans in the back, not out in the open. Why didn’t this reporter ask Kelly to declare her stand on this?

  • Brandon says:

    Swamp Monsters..

  • Based Alaskan says:

    If I understand correctly, when we vote in the U.S. Senate race next year, we do NOT have to utilize the ranked choice voting structure. In other words only vote for the ONE choice that you prefer. Do not give Murkowski a second chance. Is this correct or a terrible suggestion?

    • Steven Chappell says:

      I’m not sure that is a true statement unless our Legislature comes back and has the rank choice voting removed.

  • John J Otness says:

    Hopefully by the next election the Durham Indictments will have arrested all in Govt that have Gitmo treason filed on their treasonous names
    Never forget that DOMINION is our enemy and must be destroyed or the Fraud will never end.

    • Doodle says:

      I used sharpie pen at my voting district for gen election. Anyone know if that was corrected? If Stacy Abrams is running for GA gov, the fix is already in place

  • Ed says:

    All three of our “so-called” GOP rogue representatives are totally ignoring their constituents. They are for the most part, not responding to Emails or letters.
    And when they do, the responses are much delayed generalized “canned” answers. The heck with constituents; they’ve got their own personal political agendas. Elections have consequences.

  • ML says:

    I think the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals nailed it with it’s Statement, ” It’s unconstitutional”, and a violation of our personal liberties. It would be hard to argue that fact that once you have no choice you have no freedom.

  • Thomas says:

    If anyone thought Sullivan and Murkowski gave a rats ass about Alaskans, you are mistaken

  • steve says:

    Don Young did it to us again. He vote YEA on a bill to track all of us on Covid vaccinations; H.R. 550: Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act of 2021. This jerk has to go!

  • jh says:

    The Biden administration is nothing more than a movie theater with horror movies!
    Mandates and restrictions on the American people?
    But NO restrictions for the 2 million people that are pouring into or country ILLEGALLY?
    Can’t wait to get rid of these lunatics!

  • Based Alaskan says:

    Think about what ranked choice voting destroys. It destroys your clear and knowing choices as a political consumer. Let us call it the supermarket contemplation. In reality, you are choosing one elected official o represent you, just like you might choose one type of steak sauce to buy when you are splurging for steaks. At the supermarket you ponder whether to buy A1, Heinz 57, HP, or the really cheap generic brand you have never tried.
    In the real world, you compare price, taste, mood, and maybe even the size of the bottle and then decide on your steak sauce. You know nothing about the generic brand, so you rank it last among your choices, while A1 is ranked a distant third. In your mind, it comes down to Heinz or HP, and you choose the Heinz. You buy that bottle and head home to the grill.
    Now imagine if, instead, you had to rank-order all the steak sauces-even the ones you dislike-and at checkout the cashier swaps out your bottle of Heinz 57 with the cheap generic you ranked dead last. Why? Well, the majority of shoppers also down-voted it, but there was no clear front-runner, so the generic snuck up from behind with enough down ballot picks to win. In fact, in this ranked choice supermarket, you might even have helped the lousy generic brand win.
    I have nothing against generics, but I certainly feel very strongly against giving Murkowski another chance. She is TRASH!
    This example is from I believe this to be an easily understandable example of why ranked choice is terrible. I feel like someone with some influence should advertise that just because it’s there, doesn’t mean that voters HAVE to use it. At least help Alaskans understand their deception.