U.S. Senator Roger Marshall (R-Kansas) is leading a 15-member Republican coalition of Senators who have pledged to oppose any and all efforts to implement and enforce President Biden’s vaccine mandate on private employers who have more than 100 employees. In particular, the senators have signed a letter stating that they will refuse to vote to end debate on an upcoming spending bill now under consideration by the Senate.

Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kansas) is leading a 15-member Republican coalition that refuses to vote to end debate on an upcoming spending bill unless it defunds Biden’s vax mandate for private employers.

To date, the signers do not include Alaska Senators Dan Sullivan or Lisa Murkowski.

Those who have signed want to defund an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rule that requires private employers to force their workers into either getting the COVID shots or submit to weekly testing.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit has ordered a temporary stay of the OSHA vax mandate until the case is heard before 6th Circuit Court of Appeals later this month.

Sullivan praised the 5th Circuit ruling on Nov. 13, calling Biden’s mandate “unconstitutional” and a violation of personal liberties. He has even called on Alaska companies to refrain from firing employees until the litigation has been fully resolved. That said, Sullivan has not yet pledged to vote against the spending bill that will effectively fund Biden’s mandate if it ultimately succeeds in the courts.

By contrast, the co-signers of Marshall’s Nov. 3 letter have pledged to “use all means at our disposal to oppose — legislation that funds or in any way enables the enforcement of President Biden’s employer vaccine mandate.”

While the 15 senators are not enough to halt the spending bill, they are hoping to at least delay the vote. If they are successful, this would lead to a partial shutdown of nonessential elements of the government on Friday, Dec. 3.

In order to stop the spending bill from advancing in the Senate, Republicans need 41 “no” votes on cloture, which would prohibit Democrats from ending debate on the measure and thereby block their ability to pass it.


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Sullivan and Murkowski haven’t pledged to oppose funding Biden’s vax mandate

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