A year ago, yesterday, the first shipment of experimental COVID injections landed in Anchorage on Dec. 14, 2020. To mark the occasion, Alaska’s Department of Health and Social Services created what was intended to be an inspiring slideshow video highlighting the efforts of Gov. Mike Dunleavy, Dr. Anne Zink and others in pushing the jab on Alaskans.

An accompanying email boasts that nearly 60% of Alaskans, five years of age and older, are “fully vaccinated,” including 19.2% of children between the ages of 5 to 11. “That wouldn’t have been possible without our state’s pediatricians and parents working together,” the email gushes.

Unsurprisingly, the state’s department of health fails to mention Alaska’s 2,095 adverse reactions to the jab, or the 32 deaths reported on the CDC’s VAERS website.

On the same day the state was celebrated its mass vaccination campaign, the globally renown inventor of mRNA technology warned parents to resist injecting their children with the jab. Dr. Robert Malone’s message, which we published here, describes the irreversible damage children can suffer from the shot, including bleeding from the brain, damage to the nervous system, heart, blood vessels, reproductive system and immune system and other serious side effects.

Dr. Malone adds that parents have been lied to by health officials who assert that children need to get jabbed in order to protect both themselves and others. Given the small risks that the virus poses to kids, and the known side effects of the vaccine, Malone said the shot provides “no benefit” for children or their families.

Who are you going to trust, an esteemed and highly respected giant in the mRNA scientific community, or Alaska’s Chief Medical Officer Anne Zink who simply parrots the ever-changing messages that spew from both sides of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s mouth?

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State of Alaska celebrates 1 year of experimental jabs

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • John J Otness says:

    THE WELFARE OF HUMANITY HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE ALIBI OF THE TYRANT… And just look at these domesticated what used to be
    Human Beings toasting one year of something they know nothing of… From Obama phones to MRNA toxic jabs.. Look how far we have regressed .. My GOD in Heaven,,, please open their eyes….

  • Ed Martin Jr says:

    There is nothing to celebrate but Government’s ” disinformation ” in real time ! How arrogant they are! Dr. Malone’s latest : “ ” his Identification of the “Political Correctness” not Real Scientific Evidence! Great Global Covid Summit !

  • Tom Nanook says:

    Dr. Robert Malone claims to have invented MRNA vaccines when he was 28. He is now 61.
    With one of the lowest death rates of COVID in the US and thus the world I will defer to Dunleavy and Zink.

    • Theresa says:

      For decades (between Malone’s 28-61 years of age), ethicists said to never use mRNA technology in human beings. Those producing the “vaccines” would never have gotten away with it without using without Emergency Use Authorization.

  • kris spencer says:

    My elderly friend always takes the seasonal flu shot, so she was inclined to take the 1st of the 2-shot injection last spring when it was first being distributed. She broke out in such an irritating, itchy rash that she was taking an anti-hystamine to ease the discomfort. But that condition lasted for 2 weeks. She would absolutely NOT take the 2nd shot. Experts in this field say the m-rna shots use a certain molecule that causes inflammation…hence the skin rashes, blood clots and heart issues. Your body will expel the substance if you’ve only taken 1 or 2 jabs….but donn’t take anymore or it will bring about permanently change.

  • kris spencer says:

    It’s been pointed out by those who have read the Nuremburg Code…that the shot is NOT at all considered “Consent” if the side effects and how the drug is supposed to work is not disclosed. When the drug was first being distributed, there was talk of this information being available, and that all 3 drug makers indicated it was NOT for pregnant or nursing mothers nor for children under 17. Those administering the shot were supposed to be asking young women if they were pregnant prior to giving the shot, OR giving handouts to folks so they could determine if they were good candidates for the shot. (People with heart conditions were also on the list of who should not take it) But I had my doubts that any of this was actually occurring as I never heard anyone mention it. Finally I asked someone who got the shot what the protocol was and if anyone provided them with information or asked questions and they said, “No.” And then suddenly it’s OK for teens???? What changed????? Nothing, I tell you. And then the high cases of peri and myocarditis! This drug has too many adverse events and should be pulled off the market. I have heard of other newly introduced medications that were pulled off the market with less than 100 severe reactions reported. When Dr Zink and the State’s CDC withhold information from people…it’s the same as lying…especially when they claim it’s been tested and shown to be “safe and effective” when neither is true. They lose our trust and it will be very difficult to regain it.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Trust Zink via Malone.
    Trust Malone, your doctor or just what you think is best for Your body.
    Wait the left said right, it’s my body too.

    • Sharon+Kay says:

      This shot, which is not a vaccine, it is a gene therapy, has now been out for a year. It’s in the experimental stages. It was never even supposed to be released until the trials were over in 2023. Now that it’s been out for a year, we’ve seen the effects of what it has on people. You’ve got people out there now that have myocarditis, Periocarditis, AIDS, cancer, guillan barres syndrom, thrombosis, blood clots, neurological problems, and many more adverse reactions to even skin peeling off. There are several sites you can go to like 1000 Covid Go to the CDC database called VARES and look at all the adverse reactions or deaths. Over 1 million of them now. And that’s just what they’re reporting. And doctors are saying that that is only about 1% of what is actually reported. A lot of the doctors are being paid off to give you the wrong treatment like ventilators and remdesevere. Iverrmectin in many countries along with HCQ, is highly effective in treating virus. I myself have seen my two coworkers and what happened to them after they got the shot. One of them we didn’t think was going to live. And he was perfectly fine before he got the shot. If you have not got the shot yet, I would say do extreme diligence and research and check out Doctors like Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, (which by the way with his partner has seen over 10,000 patients with maybe one death using HCQ and ivermectin). Dr. Ryan Cole, who can tell you what he is seeing in the autopsies of those who got the shot and then died, and go to DuckDuckGo and research what was found in the body after autopsies done on injected people. World renowned pathologist Dr. Peter Schirmacher in Germany has been investigating the deaths of 40 people who died two weeks after getting the shot. 30 to 40% of those could be directly attributed to the vaccine. But you won’t hear this in news anywhere. That is not their agenda. Children have a chemical in their body called glutathione. Everyone has it but when you get older and you’re 60 or so, is your body does not have as much as when you were younger. That’s what’s keeping the kids from getting sick. The glutathione prohibits the virus. Now you’re going to start seeing children with heart problems. Look at all the athletes who are dying on the fields. It’s from the spike protein. They have just discovered there was also little type of razor blades that are in the vials. The faster your blood pumps the quicker these little razor blades cut your arteries tissue anything in sight. Many doctors are trying to get this into the news media. But it is being held back. 109 pilots this year alone have died. It’s everyone’s right to put what they want into their body. It just helps if you know what you’re putting in your body.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Trust Zink via Malone.
    Trust Malone, your doctor or just what you think is best for Your body.
    Wait the left said that right, it’s my body too.

  • Michael Kelsay says:

    If you believe Malone that’s your problem,

  • Bryce says:

    I was won of the first jab victims. I have had vertigo, tinnitus, short term memory loss and vision problems for a year now. At least the brain fog and headaches have gone. Gaslighting is really happening to the vaccine injured.

  • Matt says:

    Joel Davidson, you’re one of the main reasons why so many Alaskans have died of COVID by publishing misleading and needlessly skeptical material. Like stating numbers of vaccine complications without putting them into context, in a way that gets people to reject vaccines. Example, documented vaccine complications in some cases are at 0.0022% of those receiving the shot, while deaths from Covid are on the order of 1% of those who get it. And severe Long Covid damage is on the order of 30% of those who get it. With vaccines, your chances are up to 1,000 times better. Which is the better wager to take? There are no risk free approaches. Only those that do result in more death and physical maiming. Please write about the concept of no risk free choices, and the order of magnitude better risk of going with vaccines.

    • Andy says:

      It’s called freedom of speech, it’s part of the constitution, tyranny isn’t.

    • Theresa says:

      Are we citizens not free to read various sources of information and make up our own minds about their content? Are we not free to choose whether or not we take a recommended vaccine? Are we not free to make our own healthcare decisions?
      If someone incentivizes a medical treatment (free beer, free weed, $49k for college, etc), and then coerces through the threat of losing my job, I’m far less likely to trust the parties incentivizing and coercing, and far less likely to believe I’m being offered something that’s actually good for me.
      If the facts bear out that these rapidly-developed, under-tested, technology-never-before-used-in-humans shots are truly safe and effective, then let their success speak for themselves. Don’t force them on people who do not assess their risks to be worth the benefits claimed.
      Next year, a pharmaceutical company might invent a shot that claims to prevent or lessen the effects of diabetes. Should businesses, corporations, and governments then be allowed to coerce and force every person with diabetes to be subjected to that treatment, with FDA and CDC and WHO approval? What about cancer? Here’s a new drug! Force it upon everyone diagnosed with cancer! Can you imagine such a thing?

      • Wayne D Coogan says:

        Theresa, yours is an excellent comment founded upon a fundamental respect for our constitution. However, as you know, diabetes and cancer are not contagious diseases. Also, your comment overlooked the fact that COVID19 is a product of “gain of function” research funded by CDC under Fauci and undertaken by the Chinese Communist Party. Its release in our country can legitimately be described as an act of war. A counter-strike would be justified. These points are pertinent and should be included in the discussion.

  • Greg in Homer says:

    As the protection offered by the Covid-19 vaccinations wanes, Ann Zink continues to double down on stupid and advises us to get vaccinated. To illustrate how absurd this advice is, consider if there was a contraceptive vaccine, but after taking it you could still get pregnant and you still had to wear a condom. Would you still take it? It really is just that stupid. I can understand the urge to get the shot a year ago in the middle of the pandemic when we knew little about the disease, but getting the clot shot now is foolishness.

  • John J Otness says:

    Seems there is pay in misinformation and bs numbers on this page. Thank you Joel and the Watchman for your Truth
    in this evil dark world. Matt I hope you wake up. Health in a toxic slurry made up of ground up babies and monkey spleento be injected .
    The delusion is real. GOD makes our immune systems just fine.

  • Justin says:

    How odd it is that there are so many deviant leftist trolls who gladly come to AKW or MRA to give their opinions. Is this perhaps because none of the Marxist communist websites do not offer a place to comment? Imagine that, woke leftists RELY on conservative websites to attempt to spread their opinions. Can anyone else see the irony in this?
    Most everyone reading this is not anti-vaccine. As a point of fact, most of us would have been considered fully vaxed prior to this experimental gene therapy shot rebranded as a vaccine. We are all deeply concerned about our health. Changing the definition of what a vaccine is while ignoring the experiments of the past are what we skeptics are against. Changing the “science” and scientific methods trusted for decades in developing vaccines is dangerous. Ask any virologist or doctor if using the pre-2019 vaccine testing methods for development if ANY of them would have been released to the public. The answer is simply no. The dangers and adverse reactions are too great. Thats why they were pushed out using the EUA. This, however, does not change the fact that this is experimental and dangerous in ways unknown.
    Thus, the choice.
    The deviant woke leftists have chosen to simply ignore the past as if it never happened. In this, society is doomed to repeat the very mistakes which made the world better. They are not progressives, they are not progressing. Their approach has become – RULE OR RUIN. If I can’t have my way, I will force it. If I can’t force it, I will destroy it. This is what evil is.

  • John K Powers says:

    Don’t trust Zink, dunleavy, cdc, etc!

  • NC says:

    I guess? we all need participations awards. ( NOT) Like in school, when we wasn’t good at something!
    Specially, when you lose and can’t take it! Have fun with participation of the Jab! Give your freedoms up!

  • Mike W. says:

    LOL, you guys crack me up. site is driven articles by an AI engine using democratic “fact checking”. Drink the cool-aid, get the jab and roll the dice. At the end of the day it is a win win. Bio weapons that are self used are cheeper than deploying them. I am fourth generation military that has protected this country and fought the good fight so that you lovely’s can say what ever you want. When they AI systems come to control your life and you let them, don’t look to me or my kind for help. Eyes wide open while you stare at your phone.

    • Wayne D Coogan says:

      Mike W, I am a taxpayer, without whom our military would not exist. Let me repeat, military would not exist without taxpayers; the inverse is not true. Taxpayers’ work product gives birth to military–not vice-versa. I keep paying my taxes “so that you lovely’s can say whatever you want.”