Pfizer Vaccine Medical Director Tracy Foo

One of the most polarizing figures in the state, Alaska Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anne Zink, is set to participate in a virtual meeting with a leading Pfizer official to look at how to “deal” with Alaskans who decline to take experimental Covid jabs.

On Jan. 25, Zink will join Pfizer’s Vaccine Medical Director Tracy Foo and Elizabeth Ripley, chief executive officer of Mat-Su Health Foundation, for an online discussion called “5 Slides: Overcoming vaccine hesitancy.”

A notice for the event laments that Alaska is now among the lowest vaccinated states in the nation. As of Jan. 15, Alaska was the 17th least vaccinated state with roughly 56% of the state deemed “fully vaccinated.” Nationally, the CDC reports that 63% of Americans are fully vaxxed. This does not include “booster” shots.

Areas of Alaska where residents are less inclined submit to experimental jabs are the Fairbanks Borough (54% vaxxed), Kenai Borough (46% vaxxed), Mat-Su Borough (39% vaxxed), North Slope (37% vaxxed) and Southeast Fairbanks (34% vaxxed).

Alaska Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anne Zink

The event website says the aim of the conversation is to “figure out why, and how to address these low vaccination rates.” In particular, Zink, Ripley and the Pfizer official will discuss what they’ve learned about those who refuse the jab in different areas across the state and “how to overcome this reluctance.”

Zink’s fixation on pushing ever-more Alaskans to get the shot comes on the heels of a new online petition by Alaska Rep. Christopher Kurka asking Gov. Dunleavy to fire her for refusing to acknowledge the effectiveness of alternative COVID-19 preventions and therapy protocols while doggedly fixating on vaccines, including shots for pregnant women and young children.

The upcoming meeting also comes at a time when the vaccines are increasingly failing to stop the spread of the COVID, particularly the Omicron variant. According to a Jan. 14 email from the Alaska Dept. of Health and Social Services, in the first week of January Alaska experienced the “largest week-over-week increase recorded in Alaska in terms of the absolute number of cases.”

“The number of new COVID-19 cases has continued to increase rapidly in the most populous boroughs, with weekly case counts in the Municipality of Anchorage and the City and Borough of Juneau reaching record levels,” the email noted.

According to Alaska’s Covid dashboard, Juneau is among the most vaccinated regions of the state, at 74%.

Given the growing inability of vaccines to stop the virus, there is now rising sentiment in the medical field away from continually vaccinating people with the current shots. The World Health Organization issued a statement late last month noting a consistent decline in vaccine effectiveness.

Elizabeth Ripley, Mat-Su Health Foundation chief executive officer

Additionally, one of Israel’s leading health experts, Prof. Cyrille Cohen, recently stated that Covid vaccines are “not protecting us, are not providing what we call sterilizing immunity.”

Cohen is head of the Laboratory of Tumor Immunology and Faculty of Life Sciences at Israel’s Bar Ilan University, and serves on the vaccine advisory committee for the State of Israel, one of the most vaccinated nations in the world.

Cohen’s comments were published on Jan. 18 in which he observed that, with the rise of the omicron variant, “we don’t see virtually any difference – a very narrow gap – between people who are vaccinated and non-vaccinated, both get infected with the virus more or less at the same pace.”

Zink’s Jan. 25 discussion runs from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Register here to watch.

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Zink to talk with Pfizer official on how to ‘deal’ with unvaxxed Alaskans

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Jack Roberts says:

    Britain is moving towards removing all covid restrictions. Israel has seen that the jab is doing no good. There are many people who have been ‘fully’ vaccinated, (non-vaccine), who have become very ill and died. The data sets don’t support the narrative that these people keep pushing. Would Do-Nothing-Dunleavy please fire the good Witch doctor?

  • Ed Martin Jr says:


  • Neil DeWitt says:

    I think that Zink and the Biden administration need to give it up. If anything they dhould have Pfizer go back to the drawing board and start over looking fir an actual vaccine that would stop the virus. That’s what their real job is. Not this constant harassment we keep getting!

    • Yetitrax says:

      “That’s what their real job is.”
      Up until now, yes.
      Now? I’m thinking this is more about population control than combating a cold/flu.

    • DoneWithIt says:

      Average age of death by Covid is 76 yo (same as the overall death rate)
      Survivability rate is 99.997%.
      Average person that dues from covid has 4 or more co-morbidities – diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, etc.
      Where’s the crisis outside of the mass hysteria and propaganda?
      You don’t really think Big Pharma, the CDC & WHO, the Feds, Mengele Fauci, and SloJo care about your health?
      If you took the experimental gene therapy you got played – and at your core yiu are a misinformed, gullible coward.

  • Ekim P Kcidrub says:

    I only skimmed this so if I get this wrong I’m so’oo sorry. Ha! I guess that Anchorage is the only Borough that is full of sheepeople. So that being said I think that trying to get the rest of the state to vax up is a moot point. We have already said NO!! So what about
    “My Body my Choice “don’t you Understand.
    No means No right!
    Dr. @##€ €!#《 you can take my jab and stick it well you get the Point.

    • Michael S Totten says:

      She looks more like a demon everytime I see her pic

    • Terry Tiree says:

      There certainly is a disregard for common sense and the advice of experts at the Watchman comments. The vaccine is not perfect we’ve all seen that but it’s twenty times better than no vaccine. I don’t think it’s a commie plot Zink is representing the consensus of science which is good thing I think.

      • Me says:

        Wake up. Below are the people I know personally who have been crippled or killed by this shot. These are real people and are just immediate reaction cases – we have no idea of the long term consequences. This is disease that is easily treated with ivermectin, etc. This shot is NOT safe. Most of these people live in a community with less than 200 year round residents where we have had not had one death from COVID!
        *. My uncle died 2 days after the shot
        *. My sister in law died within 2 weeks of the shot
        *. A man in our community died 4 days after the shot
        *. Our neighbor contracted an aggressive cancer and died within 1 month of his shot
        *. We have a friend from our community in the Anchorage hospital right now who was forced to get the shot for work and had a massive stroke – we are waiting for news of his surgery.
        *. An elder in our community is suffering from massive short term memory loss immediately after getting the shot
        *. Another elder has been diagnosed with leukemia after the shot
        If you want to see science, watch Dr. McCoullough’s interview with Joe Rogan. Ask yourself why true doctors who are treating COVID are being silenced.

      • Tsamacuus says:

        Isn’t there a website for you idiot sheeple people to spread your foolish nonsense on? I doubt anyone here wants to hear it! Go get another booster please!

      • kris spencer says:

        Terry…that’s NOT the point. The POINT is, is that people have ALWAYS had freedom to decide on personal health matters. There have always been people who are pro vax and those who are anti-vax. So what? Each has always had the freedom to make their case. What really throws a wrench into it this time, is the fact that this is an experimental therapy. (not really a vax at all). People have the right NOT to participate in a medical experiment. That was why the Nuremberg Code was written. To ensure people are given the chance to make an informed choice. “Informed” means to know what’s in the drug, how it is supposed to work, and what the side effects are (as outlined in the code). Further, the fact that this experimental drug is being forced on people…being used to threaten and coerce people with jobs on the line or other things, only makes people MORE suspicious and un-trusting of the gov’t, the CDC, and people like Ms. Zink. People in Zink’s position are NOT supposed to be political and divisive. They are supposed to be “balanced” even if personally pro-vax. The state has always been pro-vax, but has been tolerant of other views and even agreed with other views from time to time…or at least have said there may b some merit. There have always been a number of different approaches people could take when it comes to a virus or other public health issue, and it is the role of Zink to get information out. That’s it!

      • Matthew Myers says:

        How gullible does one have to be to still think the the clot shot helps against the China virus at all?

      • DoneWithIt says:

        Terry go get another booster, please.
        The vaccines don’t stop you getting the virus or the transmission of it.
        Survival rate is 99.997%.
        When will you admit you for played by BigPharma, MSM propaganda, and SloJo?
        At your core you are a gullible misi formed coward.
        You fell prey to Mass Hysteria. This is why Hitler, Mao, Lenin, Stalin, and Musolini were successful- sheeple falling prey to a fear campaign and doing their rulers bidding – all under the guise of of “what’s best for society” and in the process attempt to censor all dissenting views and demonizing all who disagree with you.

    • EscapedAnchorage says:

      I think I saw a poll somewhere that asked unvaxxed what will it take for them to get a vax: 49% said NOTHING! Take the hint Zink, they don’t want it.

      • Terry Tiree says:

        Another takeaway from that poll (assuming you’ve reported it correctly) is that the anti-vaxxers are so ideologically rigid and unwilling to accept the conclusions of the scientific method that they act against their own health.

  • AKY says:

    And in Canada truckers are going on strike to shut down the country in protest of the vaccine. Perhaps there is hope against the totalitarians.

    • Dave says:

      Bull, the truckers in Canada can’t drive in less they hav Vax cards. I’ve made 4 Al-can runs this winter and you can’t go anywhere in Canada without your vax!

      • jh says:

        That is why we have a food shortage and a shortage of hospital staff! Thank the radical President for trying to destroy us!

  • Debi says:

    I don’t understand their mentality at all. They don’t get what no means and they never have. They are like spoiled kids that will do whatever it takes to get their way. What I would like to know is why is this such a major thing for them? If the shots work, get one and be safe or not.

  • Steve Peterson says:

    I didn’t think I could disdain this woman any more than I already did.

  • John J Otness says:

    Take your Zinc Alaskans and be healthy…Satan take your Zink and be gone… GET BEHIND ME!!!!

  • Theresa says:

    “Hesitancy” connotes indecision or vacillation.
    You’re barking up the wrong tree, ladies.
    Take the kid gloves off, stop playing cute, and just tell us what you really want.

  • dave cuddy says:

    What we really need is a meet up to understand why people are pushing the vaccine. What is the hesitancy to living our lives in freedom and safety? What we also need is to ask Dr. Zinc to defend the vaccine and all of the deaths it has caused.

    • A. N. Gottschalk says:

      Is this “the” David Warren “Dave” Cuddy, former bank executive and once member of the Alaska House of Representatives? If so, what brings you out to sniff around the piles of sweet ordure?

    • jh says:

      Hospitals, government, politicians Corporations (doctors that belong to) receive big incentives and payouts from Big Pharmaceutical Companies. Big Pharma does not make any money on human Ivermectin, a very versatile, inexpensive drug. FOLLOW THE MONEY…..

  • Jeff says:

    Dunleavy just nominated this $!?@& for AMA Outstanding Government Service award. Now you know what Dunleavy thinks about you. He will not be anywhere on my ranked choice ballot selection.

  • Sally Pollen says:

    Our very weak Governor Dunleavy chooses to keep Dr Zinc on the payroll and in the spotlight in her high position in spite of residents’ growing outcry against her. He won’t even tell us WHY he won’t fire her but honors her instead. The gov and his inner circle are the ones I target for this continuing covid mandate chaos because they could do something about it. This will continue until thousands of us put enough pressure on him that he feels HIS position is at stake.

  • Herman Nelson says:

    This is on-par with Zink communicating with Jim Jones over Ouija board to get ideas on how to get Alaskans to drink the koolaid.

  • CD says:

    I registered to watch it. I would like to know what their plans are for me, an unvaxxed.

  • A. N. Gottschalk says:

    That’s a fair question, CD. Regardless, you and I are already in line to meet St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. As such, one thing we want to remember is this, if he greets us with a wry smile we’ll know that we are standing a top a trap door to hell. I, for one, am in no hurry to meet “Smiling Pete!”

  • Lucy Klebesadel says:

    Tatitlek, an Alaska native village in South East Alaska is supposedly 100% vaccinated.. They now report that they are having a large surge in the Covid Virus.. go figure, more proof that the vaccine(s) don’t work as originally advertised. Plus more proof, that Sheep (people) do exist. Follow the money! Provide more antibody treatment centers!!

  • jh says:

    A Minnesota woman whose husband, Scott Quiner was near death from COVID, appealed to the courts to force his hospital in Minnesota, to halt their plans to pull the plug on the man’s ventilator, that would end her husband’s life.
    Mr. Quiner has now been transferred to a hospital in Texas, said their Attorney.
    The doctor in Texas said Scott Quiner was the most undernourished patient he has ever seen. He is currently receiving necessary nutrition, and hydration and is improving.
    These treatments were requested, but the treatments were NOT provided by the Minnesota hospital.
    Mr. Quiner’s “care of plan” called for the end of ventilator support on Jan. 13. “Family would be able to be present at the bedside,” the chart read.
    Attorney Holsten said the world is watching what is going on with Mr. Quiner, and the protocols that should be used in hospitals.
    The family said there have been a lot of tweets wishing and hoping her husband dies because he was not vaccinated.
    Wishing you die because you are not vaccinated? This concludes that leftists do suffer more from mental issues.

  • jh says:

    -Mandating an experimental shot that is not licensed?
    -Mandating an experimental shot, when the safety data has not been released by FDA to the public?
    -Why would you take an experimental shot when Big Pharma is released from all liability? You cannot sue them for dangerous side effects…. but lawsuits are brewing, and attorneys ARE salivating….
    -Waiting 75 years for covid shot safety data to be released to the public, when we will all be dead?
    Does Zink receive the big payouts from Big Pharma?
    I really think Zink should concentrate on the “thems”, “theirs”, “themselves”, the ones that wear lots of different costumes, the ones that wake up in the morning and decide to be a tomato plant…

  • jh says:

    MEDICAL FREEDOM has been hijacked by hospitals, big pharma, insurance companies, and the federal agencies.” Big Pharmacy companies remain a political powerhouse. They continue to flex their political muscles in Washington D.C. to protect their huge profits.
    The truth is, when the RADICAL leftists label Doctors and label you as “Spreading Misinformation” is ONLY another way for the Leftist to control the official narrative, by keeping alternate information from you. An example is denying the doctor and denying the patient the use of Rx human Ivermectin, a very inexpensive drug that is proven to save lives from the Chinese covid virus.
    The Marxist Leftist receive big profits and monetary incentives from Big Pharma when they use their clot shots (that do not prevent you from getting covid) and their unproven treatment for covid. (Money, is the leftists God)
    The doctors/hospitals who receive profits from Big Pharma are more interested in the MONEY and less interested in PROVEN alternative EARLY treatments to save your life. There are no BIG PHARMA profits for prescribing Rx Ivermectin.
    The leftist hospitals, leftist doctors, leftist medical boards, leftist RADICAL school boards, leftist governments, leftist Corporations, leftist politicians, and anything Marxist leftist, all receive huge incentive money payouts from Big Pharma. They are all in BED with Big Pharma.
    For the past two years now, the Marxist leftist have been prohibiting and restricting our free speech and dictating medical treatments to Doctors and to patients. The leftist democrats are threatening a doctor’s medical license, using their bullying tactics to prohibit a doctor’s right to use Rx Ivermectin, along with prohibiting the patient’s moral right to use Rx Ivermectin, to save their life from the Chinese covid virus.
    The Marxist leftist’s tactic is very DANGEROUS in labeling Doctors and people who they disagree with, the people who share an alternate viewpoint are ACCUSED OF “spreading misinformation.”
    The lying RADICAL leftist Marxist democrats who label people with “spreading misinformation” is only a way for the Marxist leftists to control you, to destroy you, by censoring your beliefs, censoring your free speech, censoring your morals, and censoring the truth, only to protect their BIG profits, that they ALL receive from Big Pharma.

  • jh says:


  • jh says:

    Whose (honest) science to follow?? America’s Front Line Doctors!!!! (online website)
    They also provide online appointment video consultations for covid and Rx.
    They plan on opening up their OWN medical clinics and pharmacies.
    Please do not pay any attention to the lying INCOMPETENT leftist media, that don’t report NEWS!

  • NC says:

    I’m sure Zink (not the good Zinc) has some stock in all these emergency Vac’s companies and mask companies, and etc….
    She’s lined her pockets…..Take your coffer and hit your high road!!!

  • Steven Chappell says:

    Dunleavy best fire her or he is done as Governor.

    • jh says:


  • jh says:


  • jh says:


  • A. N. Gottschalk says:

    Dunleavy, these here are your best constituents. The irony is that you’ve been trying to protect their health! Dr. Zink has been the only bright star in your political constellation, and the yahoos are to get you for being a such a “good guy!” Yahoo! Mat-Su! I must admit, “more-than-honest” Ben Stevens knows your folk better than you do! Look alive! Kurka, the “less-than-nice” joker, is at your back!

  • jh says:

    Let’s remind Zink,
    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration first authorized the emergency use of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine on Dec. 11, 2020. Now, almost a year later, files from the FDA that were released following a Freedom of Information lawsuit revealed that in just 10 weeks, the agency recorded 158,893 adverse events from the Pfizer jab, including 25,957 incidents of “nervous system disorders,” all of these occurring between the time the EUA was given until Feb. 28 this year.
    The lawsuit was filed by the coalition Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency (PHMPT), which is made up of over 30 professors and scientists from Yale, Harvard, UCLA, and Brown Universities.

  • jh says:

    I just read an article that Yurts are good for mental illness

  • Jennifer says:

    There are now over 1000 published studies showing the covid vaccines are dangerous to health. Look some up.

  • Ann Zink gotta go says:

    Mat Su Hospital refused treatment to my friends. I will not take the killer jab, and not wear a mask

  • Matthew Myers says:


    • Matthew Myers says:

      No campaign donations or support of any kind until you do. Quit being two faced. (And firing her last minute won’t do it either. That will just be more two faced crap. We aren’t as stupid as you treat us.)

  • Virgil says:

    All politics aside, lets look at this. A government official is meeting with a corporate official to ask “what can we do to get more consumers of your product?” This seems to be SUCH a conflict of interest. If she were meeting with a CDC official, i wouldnt have thought twice about it.

  • jh says:

    Remember to find a Doctor in private practice and ask if he/she treats early symptoms of covid with Ivermectin.
    Ask for a prescription of Ivermectin to be faxed to a Pharmacy in Florida, where they can compound Ivermectin (make it). They will mail it to you.
    It is what I did, since the pharmacies are under siege in Alaska. by Marxists.
    You also can contact America’s Frontline Doctors for a video appointment and Ivermectin.

  • Hold My Beer says:

    What part of “NO” do these idiots not understand.

  • Di says:

    If you don’t know, take look and read from the earlies history of “5 Stages of Reform, (Medical health and insurance).” It is the site where you will recognize the Communist China Plan, former Pres. Obama Plan called Obamacare, which doesn’t exist any longer due to the supreme court wiping it out. Then read the stages and the membership of Providence hospital CEO, other hospitals and include DHHS Adam Crumb and Dr. Zinke She has a drastic and radical background so remember that the “fruit does not fall far from the tree” and her family values. Not good and pretty sick. Remember Hitler’s take on medical issues and people when you read the 5 Stages of Reform. That is Zinke and Gov. Dunleavy take on what you have to bear because he said so.

  • jh says:

    We need to keep fighting until the radical leftist democratic party, the house of cards come tumbling down.

  • jh says:

    I heard Roseanne Barr had an explosion after a taco Tuesday when the tsunami hit last week.
    We need to contact the radical leftist Democrats for damage control. Is segregation needed?

  • Andy says:

    Alaska’s health director is taking points from a Phizer schill??? Rich, real rich!

  • jh says:

    Currently the FBI is investigating The Center for Covid Control’s Covid-19 Pop up Sites in various states. The COVID-19 pop-up testing chain is under FEDERAL investigation following multiple complaints of FRAUDULENT activity and compromised tests.
    The Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul announced Thursday that the center would indefinitely cease all operations in the state.
    The Center for Covid Control is a NATIONAL chain with more than 300 testing sites, with 30 across Chicago. The testing chain allegedly delivered individuals wrong or false test results. Some patients also reported never receiving their test results from the company’s lab, Doctors Clinical Laboratory. The Center for Covid Control has already collected $124 million from the federal government’s COVID-19 uninsured program.
    The Center for Covid Control testing sites located in Grand Rapids Michigan and in Wyoming are now empty.
    The Illinois, Colorado, Minnesota, and Oregon attorney generals have all announced investigations into the company.
    The Attorney General’s office encourages people to contact them who believe they’ve been treated unfairly or unlawfully by any COVID-19 testing operation.

  • Jon and Ruth Ewig says:

    We have not had success reaching the Governor by email. There is no response from him and we suspect he does not necessarily even see the emails. At the AMAC meeting someone suggested talking with the Interior governor’s office who is Tammy Wilson. Maybe we can reach it through Tammy here in Fairbanks.
    The Governor should use his power instead of being so fair that he does not control his “swamp.” He could exercise his authority but has not. Which country does Ann Zink live in? We live in America, the “land of the free” the home of the brave. We are brave to stand up to this and other unconstitutional orders.

  • jh says:

    Whistleblowers are sharing the Department of Defense medical data that blows the covid-19 vaccine safety debate wide open!
    Attorney Thomas Renz is revealing what multiple Department of Defense whistle blowers have provided him on the safety of the covid 19 vaccines. Ohio attorney Thomas Renz, who has been representing clients suing the vaccine mandates, presented the Department of Defense medical billing data, from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED). It paints a shockingly disturbing picture of the health of our service members in 2021.
    The numbers are mind blowing!

  • jh says:

    A new song by Kid Rock “We the People” (google you tube) is Awesome!!! A tour coming soon….
    Warning- harsh language, profanity……

  • Lied says:

    It’s not a Vaccine