With the recent, quick and dismissive ruling by the Alaska Supreme Court over the blatant unconstitutionality of Ranked Choice Voting, we have officially entered the next stage of public discourse, naked judicial tyranny. In the past, there was some semblance of decorum and the facade of judicial impartiality. Some.. semblance. Over the last season of COVID they have now realized that the facade is unnecessary and the mask can come off. No one is watching the watchers and they know it, and they know that WE KNOW that they know it… and they simply do not care.

The sad fact is, I believe the corruption of Alaska politics is complete. The fix is in, and while we had already planned to host a constitutional convention debate, we had no idea the Supreme Court would wantonly disregard the actual State Constitution so quickly, flippantly in fact, as to reinforce the need for Alaska to begin this conversation. Our constitution CLEARLY spells out how we must elect our governor, and it is the job of the supreme court to adjudicate laws as abiding with, or repugnant to, our state constitution and rule accordingly. The reality is they no longer have to even pretend they believe that the constitution means what we say it means.

On February 1st, 7PM, John Coghill of Fairbanks, former Republican Alaska Senate Majority Leader and multi-term senator will square off against Bob Bird of Kenai, Chairman of the Alaskan Independence Party and Radio Talk Show host, at Valley Performing Arts in Wasilla. Special thanks to VPA for allowing the event at their facility during their spring schedule.

The debate will be Lincoln-Douglas style for an hour of moderated longform point and then formal rejoinder from the opposition. This will be an exercise in statesmanship and a battle of ideas, not the embarrassing, childish bickering we were all subjected to at our most recent presidential debates. At the end of the hour, there will be a 30-minute Q&A for guests to question presenters.

Worthy of note, these two gentlemen both align on the conservative side of the aisle, which is important for a nuanced discussion because while Bird believes a CON CON is truly the only option left to Alaskans, Coghill believes the risks outweigh the potential rewards. There is a case to be made for both sides. Were this simply a debate between the political left and right, it would likely sway no one, as politics there have largely devolved into memes and team sports thanks to the quick dopamine hits of social media and society’s reluctance to read.

Imagine if the political left were to have the courage face its own cancel culture and meaningfully argue with its own side… be a bit like watching Bill Maher say things with which you are totally shocked to agree.

One thing is for certain, we cannot wait until summer or fall to start fleshing out the need, the considerations, and the mechanisms for conducting a constitutional convention. This discussion must begin in earnest, NOW, so the people of Alaska have ample time to look around at our state and decide for themselves whether the gears of politics in Alaska grind slowly but effectively, or whether the gears have now bound up in the rust of corruption and must finally be fixed. There is much to consider and this decision cannot be made lightly.

Tickets to this lively debate are available here. If you support us and our content please share this with friends and buy a ticket, it is costing us an arm and a leg to put this on, and we could use your help… but regardless, the conversation will be worth the cost.

Coghill v. Bird: Constitutional Convention Debate set for Feb. 1

Jake Libbey
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