Staff from the Alaska Department of Health & Social Services are recruiting young people, ages 14 to 21, for a state-run program focused on “youth health issues.”

A youth participates in a past Youth for a Healthier Alaska program which includes discussion about sexual identity, sexual preference, birth control and contraception.

While Youth Alliance for a Healthier Alaska (YAHA) may address issues surrounding disability, homelessness and other topics, it also has a specific interest in pushing a narrative that affirms LGBTQ and non-binary sexuality among Alaska’s teens (click here to view a past presentation that YAHA promoted on these topics).

A March 21 email from the state notes that YAHA is now recruiting 14 youth who have “lived experiences” that include being a young parent, having a disability, identifying as LGBT+ or non-binary and being homeless. Once the team is assembled youth will work with adult mentors to collaborate on various local outreach projects through the coming fall and winter. For the current school year, YAHA youth are focused on projects that specifically address sexual, reproductive and mental health.

Any youth willing to join YAHA is compensated with Amazon gift cards to the tune of $15/hour.

YAHA’s goal is to train youth to become peer teachers and then to advise the State of Alaska Adolescent Health Program. This, in turn, provides direction for state-funded “campaigns and projects that target youth,” the YAHA website states.

Participants will also design and implement their own “interventions” and programs tailored for their peers.

The program is being promoted by Alaska’s Adolescent Health Project Coordinator Jenny Baker. She works for the Alaska Division of Health.

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Alaska seeks ‘LGBT+’ & ‘non-binary’ teens to shape state health agenda

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Lobo says:

    No.. “Alaska” doesn’t want this.. The Alaska DHS wants this.. That doesn’t represent the “wants” of Alaska as a majority of it’s citizens.

  • Ruth Ewig says:

    The most aggressive “group” is in our faces at every turn. They change their name so as not to be recognized. They are directly against Western Values. This is not new. The Truth is that Bible history addresses this lifestyle behavior in different places that denounce it and kings have banished this LBGTQ because of their detriment to the people. Originally they were called “sodomites” because of the destruction they caused in Sodom and Gomorrah to the extent that God torched the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah because there were no good people left because of the obvious aggressive behavior. We know that this behavior is aggressive to all people whether they choose it or not. This needs to be confronted and stopped. Our youth will be assailed and not understand what’s happening. Ask yourself whether this HHS training will create better citizens? The values of this group is invented and not real. This infiltration is happening all over the states. How do we stop it? We want Western Civilization values that create good citizens and are part of the Boy Scouts of America codes. The power of prayer may be the strongest way to counter the sodomite alias, Gays alias homosexuals, alias LGBTQ what ever new names are invented…..

    • Bick Pentameter says:

      Why are Christians so interested in other people’s sex lives?

      • Lobo says:

        Why do “SOME” non-Christians seem to think all Christians are alike ? I am a Christian, and I have absolutely no interest in your personal sex life… I will, however, become interested in anyone who decides to push their “sex lives” ideologies on my minor children.

      • Laura Hamilton says:

        Because it is shoved in our faces…keep it to yourself and God and leave the rest of us out of it!

  • Steve P Peterson says:

    Dunleavy will not make a peep about this even though as honcho he sets the agenda, and even though the majority of the people who elected him hate this crap. He has been such a disappointment. I believe he is still taking orders form Zink who no doubt fully endorses this.

  • Arctic Blast says:

    Why is the Alaska DHSS wasting taxpayer money in such a frivolous manner ? If the LGBTQ++ non binary 14-21 year olds want to earn money then let them flip burgers at McD’s like every other young person

    • Proud Alaskan says:

      Arctic your so right, we all had to start at the bottom with jobs in high school.
      LGBTQ sickos

  • Ceak says:

    How about they send them to a real therapist who won’t play into their fantasy world.

  • Andy says:

    It would be great to have real leadership in place to put a stop to this trash, instead most of the elected officials capitulate to this perversion.

  • jim says:

    What a total load of manure in its most fragrant state
    These so-called leaders are freaks dwelling on the biological fact there are only males and females which they refuse to accept.
    All this baloney is a smoke screen

  • Larry Wood says:

    Another reason why this governor should not be reelected. Dunleavy has gone woke. Golly. Homosexuals are made, not born, same with transexuals. Sexual abuse is part and parcel of creating ‘gays’. Gender dysphori is transitory adolescent delusions promoted as a permanent condition by the Left to destroy the family and to make the individual subordinate to the LGBTQ agenda. All about power and money in the end. That these machinations result in damage to the individual’s bone structure as the hormone treatments leach calcium from the bones and the surgery mutilation, both procedures being elective in the first place; the unhappiness resulting in a higher suicide rate. The Left doesn’t care. The LGBTQ crowd needs recruits and affirmation for their sick lifestyle by bringing kids into it. The state has no business sticking its nose into this mess.

  • Margie says:

    My response is focused on the responses here, which are so apparently fear based and a result of the programming you’ve received in the name of something else, and your wanting to attack something based on only a limited aspect of info provided about this program. Furthermore, you want to take a position as if you represent the all of everyone based on aspects of something you individually disagree with, to the point of feeling driven to try to squash or control it reactively. So what are you trying to reactively control? Teenagers and young adults who are attempting to get more information, to explore and validate their real life experiences, to determine how that impacts or supports them within their peer groups? To be able to identify for themselves (instead of being told or condemned) what a healthy relationship is? Empowering them as a fellow being, to know and define their own worth and who they are as a real human being? Why do adults think they’re serving a greater good by discrediting our beautiful and intelligent youth in such a way? Who here doesn’t have a family tree with someone that you would otherwise identify here as being abhorrent and immoral, do you really have that much fear and hate in your heart? It would be easy for me to say that you must, but I actually don’t believe that’s true. I think the majority of us are good, and actually want what’s good for everyone else, but somewhere along the way some of you have gotten lost. Probably in your own experiences with subject matters like this. Growing up, my generation was raised that it was wrong to ask questions about certain topics, to be more concerned with what others think of you (even if it was at your own expense), if someone raised a brow you were ‘wrong’, I was taught to be afraid, and to be careful what you ask your teachers, leaders, church or parents. Taught it was wrong to explore anything defined as taboo, and to consider first and always what kind of person you must be to exist outside of some pre-prescribed ‘norm’. Before I lose you, please know I won’t waste my time trying to change your opinion, but I will share mine in the hopes of challenging yours, and I will state the FACT that the YAHA program is so much more than you know about. Accept that fact and challenge your values and resulting viewpoint by getting more information. And after that if they remain unchanged, well then at least they were challenged and you can ethically allow them to remain for you while remembering that hardly any of us are entitled to speak for the ‘all’. Remember that what’s true for you is not necessarily true for everyone else, and your opinion of which doesn’t mean you get to withhold the opportunity for someone else to come to their own opinions and make decisions for their own lives, especially when none of those realities they may have (that may differ from yours) actually hurt you or anyone else. A good moral is only good if it’s ethical and is based in reality. Most morals are contrived from a basis of fear, old books, religion, governing bodies (with agendas to serve their ability to control) and lack good reason or reality. How is that “good”? I hope you’re willing to be honest and challenge your viewpoints here, and require more information (and reality) on something before you allow your fears to control your responses. Thank you.

    • Me says:

      People with genocidal fantasies are feeling empowered to openly express them these days unfortunately.

      I would like people to look up the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft. It was a sexology research facility in Berlin that had extensive research into what we would now call LGBT people, and was even staffed by them! Including trans men and women! It was also an early target of the Nazis. One famous book burning photo that you often see from that time was actually depicting a burning of books from the Institut. This kind of behavior is incredibly dangerous and a precursor to other, even darker things.

  • Me says:

    Kinda wild how I found out about all this cool stuff to get involved in primarily through Alaska Watchman. Thanks guys!

    • Me says:

      I’d also like to kindly not that the page says that it’s taking applications until April of 2021. So you might be just a bit behind on this one

      • Lobo says:

        Assuming that you clicked the second link in the second paragraph, it clearly says it’s “from the past”.. So, that suggests that you may have misread, and that it isn’t a bit behind.

  • Me says:

    My mistake, thanks

  • Tyler Henslee says:

    Patriots new radio station, stream my channel and pound some red,white and blue

  • Jen says:

    ‘Social programs’ without jesus are doomed to failure. More money wind blown after folly.

    • Jen says:

      These democrats should rethink about adding youth into the political world of adult politics where the sharks swim and eat the weaker.