The annual Alaska Statewide Homeschool Convention is slated for April 8-9. Hosted by Alaska Private and Home Educators Association (APHEA), the event is the state’s largest gathering of independent homeschoolers – families that choose to forgo state programs to maximize educational freedoms.

The Ladies & Mother-Daughter Tea is a popular pre-convention tradition.

APHEA is a coalition of parents and others who work to further educational excellence through alternatives to state-operated public schools. The group actively resists any attempt by the government to infringe on the freedom to exercise parental rights in education.

For more than 30 years the non-profit group has worked to empower parents who wish to educate their children in accord with their faith and core values without any state interference.

This year’s event takes place in Big Lake at Faith Bible Fellowship. It includes a lineup of national and local speakers who will give keynotes and breakout workshops related to myriad aspects of homeschooling.

“Come learn about curriculums, teaching tools, youth organizations, and even camps and colleges,” a statement for the event notes. “We’ll also have a Silent Auction with dozens of items available for all ages.”

Headline speakers for this year include Dr. Kathy Koch, Tricia Goyer, and Melissa Hannigan from Celebrate Kids. There will also be talks by representatives from the Home School Legal Defense Association, a group that partners with 100,000 families, donors, homeschool leaders, legislators, and others across the nation to protect homeschool freedoms in the courts, legislatures and the court of public opinion.

The event includes a vendor hall featuring a wide variety of businesses and organizations – both local and national. They will provide vendor workshops, educational demonstrations and special events.

There will be a nursery and play area for younger children and a nursing mother’s room. Childcare is not provided, and parents are responsible for their children at all times, but childcare helpers are welcome to attend as part of a family’s registration.

All pastors, widows/widowers, and grandparents can attend the convention for free, and there are sponsorships for families in financial need.

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Fiercely independent Alaska homeschoolers to hold annual convention

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Me says:

    Good. Stay at home and leave the rest of the world alone.

    • Homeschool Graduate/Homeschooling Mom says:

      But…they’re not staying at home…they’re crawling out from under their rocks to convene. Watch out, world!

    • Proud Alaskan says:

      Me, your so right, you need to stay out of our children’s life with your brain washing woke bull crap.
      Go back to where you came from we don’t want you here.

    • SL says:

      Contrary to your idiocy, most homeschool families do more out in the world than public or private school kids do. I’m talking about good, wholesome, interesting, captivating activities that make a difference. Did you know that homeschooled kids know how to tie their shoes and don’t have to rely on Velcro or slip-ons to get through life? They also don’t jam up the postal line because they have their stuff together, already packaged, taped and addressed. Homeschooled kids also know how to count back change, unlike the plastic card swipers of public school. Typically speaking, homeschooled kids are taught by more clever, resourceful parents who actually know their children. They can tell you all the strengths and weaknesses of any kid in their homeschool class. They can tell you exactly what chapter they are on, what curricula they teach out of and why they chose it. Homeschooled kids recognize why they don’t need to waste a ton of time standing around in lines in the public school system. Homeschooled kids end up having jobs sooner than those other kids, they don’t waste money on liberal school systems that don’t work, and they have this unique thing that most other kids in the public school system do not:
      A moral compass.

    • Richard Corbeil says:

      Why is that? Are you afraid they might let your son know he’s not a girl?

  • Former Homeschooling Mom says:

    I am counting on the thousands of intelligent home schooled children to save us from the coming dystopian future that is currently being designed and implemented on us. (Sorry kids, you have a great task ahead of you.) Home schooled kids test higher on all subject levels and are typically raised with good morals. I’m encouraged by the growing numbers of parents pulling their kids out of the public systems of indoctrination. For parents who want to follow suit, but think they don’t have the authority or confidence to teach, there are huge support groups out there, in addition to pre-made lesson plans for you to follow.

    • Proud Alaskan says:

      Yes keep or take your kids out of these woke sick schools before it’s to late.
      There a big support for your children and parents

  • Jen says:

    As long as parents and children learn to love God with their whole heart and mind, and second love their neighbors like they love themselves. Children who been given a better education than the crowd, as an adult much will be required of them. Hopefully homeschoolers and private schoolers learn how to love, cause their generation and older adults require a lot of help lacking what they didn’t recieve including lacking learning about jesus. While american-born families leave public schools, what if the missing kids are replaced with refugee or bordercrossing kids? The schools will never be held accountable for failures until ineffective teachers and bad administrators a
    And board members are replaced. The democrats are probably just waiting to have the missing kids replaced with border crossing kids and refugees of other nations to rise the enrollment numbers, then they can replenish what expense was temporaily lost.

  • KC says:

    Will there be another convention more closer to Anchorage..??..This one is way out beyond the public transportation system.

    • Elizabeth Henry says:

      KC – maybe try contacting APHEA ( and see if they might help you find someone to carpool with. They have a list of local homeschool groups on their website and maybe someone from one of those groups might have room in their vehicle. We have been done homeschooling for several years now – our youngest is now getting her masters degree, but I always enjoyed the conference. It os worth going and if you can only go one day then make it Saturday.